A Game Sport

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A Game Sport




The 15 male adult class of intermediate level Asian students sent by a government college for people living and working in Saudi Arabia to a language school there to improve their English language usage, so that they have a common means of communication to use in their mutual dealings, are now to look at a video after completing a comprehension based on the video transcript, which appeared alongside an article, `The row over what counts as sport`, on the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Newsround webpage, , on September 22, 2015. They`ve said that they`d like to see the images that go with the text, and English sport is a favorite with them. To cater to the class interest in the subject, after watching the video together, `The row over what counts as sport`, there`s going to be a class discussion (Harmer, 2007, p. 358). Because it`s a Saudi group, there`s a co-teacher with this class because `collaborative teaching` (Abdallah, 2009) is felt to be useful in `second language acquisition`, where meaning is often a process of negotiation, rather than a given,  so the students have another video and audio with the collaborating teacher. `The row over what counts as sport` url is given to the students on a handout, so they can watch it again at home, `Or if you`ve brought your own smart `phones, and laptops, etc., it`s been sent by e-mail.` After this announcement, the video is watched with its imagery relating to the problems associated with defining card games like bridge, or games such as chess, as sports.




 The students are advised that there`ll be a task on the material and they should prepare by carefully attending to the audio and video component of the news item with the object of discussing some aspect of what they`ve seen and heard. Afterwards, the discussion is initiated by posing to the students the question: `Is flying model aircraft a sport?` If so, `What other activities are there that you would consider to be a sport, while others mightn`t think so?`  Adhering to `simple and clear` principles (Nation, 2005, p. 47), it`s explained to the students that there`re important vocabulary words and especial phrases they`ll need to know for the task. The teacher reintroduces some lexis, which is revision, and so begins to employ the communicative language teaching (CLT) method, which is based on the teacher`s knowledge (Al-Issa, 2005, p. 104) and appreciation of the level of English arrived at by the class. The teacher deploys what the students need to learn in order to advance in `communicative competence` (Kasper, 1997, p. 345), which is what the Saudi employers want, `I think that ...`, `In my opinion ...`, `I disagree with ...`, `I agree with ...`, and the importance of the linking word, `but`, that is, `problem`, so that the students can make sentences like: `I think that .... so I disagree with .... but I agree with ... and so, in my opinion, flying model aircraft is a sport.` The teacher uses Smart Board technology, or whatever is available to write something on for the students, so that they can refer to the lexis introduced in their discussion, and elicits understanding from the students by means of Q and A (Usher, R. L. 2012), for example, `Is it your opinion that horse riding is a sport?` and `Would you agree that hunting is a sport?`




 After checking the students` understanding of the lexis, the teacher affords the students the opportunity to engage in a structured discussion of what constitutes a sport. A student is chosen to explain why it is that they believe their activity is a sport. Guided by the teacher, the students are encouraged to agree or disagree, and say why they do. After all the students have submitted their activity as a sport and the reasons have been given, the criteria for what constitutes a sport are reexamined to assist the students with an upcoming `creative writing` task (Harmer, 2007, p. 325), that is, `sport` isn`t `game` in the sense of hunting, and activities that are only games aren`t sports, so what is the essence of sport? The teacher offers `skill` as the solution to how to distinguish between sports and games, while killing isn`t understood as `sport`, because for hunters the terminology `sport` and `game` are transposable, that is, `sport` means `game` (Usher, R. L. 2013), which is a way of saying that killing is a game, whereas it isn`t, and the skill employed in killing isn`t that of a sports` personality, although movies like The Deer Hunter (1978) starring actor, Robert De Niro, for example, about a hunter in the United States of America, who becomes a sniper in wartime, present killing as a skill, which tempts the audience to perceive it as a game and a sport.





 Using this definition, the students are asked to build a `word family table` (Nation, 2005, p. 51) with the following headings; Sports, Games, and Sport, Game, which affords them the opportunity of distinguishing between competitive activities that are physical and mental, that is, Sports and Games, and also distinguish between the activity of hunting and the hunted. What hunters label `Sport` and `Game` is the degree of difficulty posed by the `kill`, which receives the appellation `Sport` from the hunter, while the hunted is called `Game` by the hunter. Consequently, the students are asked to observe the difference between computer `Games`, and killing, which isn`t a game or a sport, and neither is PC gaming. The teacher writes some words under the headings on the board to help the students write their own words. Under `Sports` the teacher writes, `football`, and `hockey` with a brief explanation of the kicking a ball into a net activity engaged in by two teams of twenty two players, and the same idea using a `hockey stick`. Under Games the teacher writes `Snakes and Ladders` with the explanation that a player goes up ladders and down snakes in the board game requiring a positional marker to indicate the number of squares travelled based on the throwing of a dice and consulting the number on the uppermost square of the cube to guide each player`s steps. Under `Snakes and Ladders` the teacher writes `Super Mario` and explains that the once very popular `PC computer game` requires the player to use skill with the computer controls to help the character overcome obstacles to win the game. Those are the legitimate human activities.




Under `Sport` the teacher writes, `Bear Baiting`, and explains it as an activity in which bears are tormented, and then killed for being vicious, and `Pit Bull`, which is an activity in which terrier dogs are bred to be baited like bears; until they fight each other and sometimes die from their injuries, while people bet on which pit bull terrier will win. Under `Game` the teacher writes `Deer` and `Rabbit` with the explanation that people eat them, that is, the distinction between a `game` animal, and an animal as `sport`, is torture. Although sometimes an individual who is repeatedly attacked, because they refuse to submit to the tormentative criminal is defined as `being game`, that is, unable to escape but unwilling to give up. Although hunters might argue that the term `game` means an animal that inspires the skill of the killer, animals that are a food resource for humans are most often bred by farmers, while `game` animals are the hunters` excuse for killing, while pretending it`s a `game of skill` equivalent to cards or chess in which they have an opponent. However, `Bear Baiting` and `Pit Bull` are more indicative of the truth, which is that killers like to torture their victims. Hunting humans is all the same to the killer, which is what the Robert De Niro movie, The Deer Hunter, is about, in which he has the role of Mike Vronsky, a soldier in Vietnam killing `gooks`, that is, Vietnamese, during the US` Vietnam war before the fall of Saigon in 1975. The teacher explains that `gooks` is a dehumanizing term, that is, a way of making the humans seem like animals to the killers, because that`s what killers do, so they should be careful of the usage of the terms `game` and `sport` when speaking with people, because not everyone is a good person.




 Using the principles associated with `guided writing` (Scrivener, p. 236), the teacher asks the students to write a letter of protest as a `lobbyist` and explains;  approach `lobby` as a group of people that are against something, rather than supportive of it. They can work in groups or alone and write a short protest letter saying that they believe that `blood sports`, for example, `Bear Baiting`, `Deer Hunting`, and `Pit Bull` fighting are cruel. Either a single `blood sport`, or `blood sports` (pl.) should be the subject of their letter, which of course requires special lexis, that is, it begins with `Dear ..,` while the address of the sender is in the top right corner, above the introductory indented sentence, with the name and title of the person to whom its addressed following `Dear` .., and the letter ends with `Yours Faithfully`, rather than `Yours Sincerely`, which is for personal letters to people you known well. A single paragraph is sufficient, although students are encouraged to write two or three. The teacher writes the template for the letter on the board or gives it to them as a handout and a `gap fill exercise` in which some parts of the letter have to be completed by the students; for example, the name and address of the addressee, and the address of the sender.



The suggested vocabulary to be used is, think/don`t think, and like/don`t like; for example, `I don`t think that bear baiting is a sport, and it is cruel to make a game out of killing a bear, because so-called `game` animals are humanely killed by hungry people, so the idea of `sport` being killing as a `game` is a perversion based on other people`s hunger, who would see bear baiting as a mockery of their condition.` Having got the students thinking, the teacher leaves them alone to `brainstorm` ideas and write their letters. When they have a `plan`, the letters can be written from the `ideas generated`. The teacher encourages the students to demand answers to the questions they raise in their letters, as a part of the `process writing` (White R & V Arndt, 1991) task, and gives some personal help with the editing. The teacher collects the letters to read (Scrivener, 2007, p. 236, fig. 9) and correct, and then leads the class on a discussion of human and animal rights. Although `rights` can refer to ownership, that is, farmers` `rights`, rights can also be used to mean what people are allowed; for example, they don`t have the right to kill their neighbor. Although they do have the right to buy food, because it`s a basic `human right`, it`s a human right not to be associated with torture, because humans don`t like it. On that note, the teacher concludes the lesson.




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The teenage class is a general International English Language Testing System group of upper intermediate level students who want to achieve 6.5 band IELTS to get into a European University, where they`ll study English literature, and so they need to be prepared for the IELTS examination. They`ve said that they`d like to study English literature, and the series of novels and movie franchise featuring the hero, a wizard at Hogwarts` school in the popular stories authored by the woman, J. K. Rowling, has been a favorite with them. To cater to the class interest in the subject, material has to be prepared in a special way to suit their purpose. Consequently, it`s an ESP (English for Special Purposes) lesson with a view to helping the six students` IELTS preparation course, and the news story of August 12, 2015, featuring the British Broadcasting Corporation`s (BBC`s) online video, `Harry Potter: The man who discovered a publishing phenomenon`, has been chosen subsequent to surfing the net.




First the class is invited to assist the teacher to use the schoolroom`s computer, through the smart board screen, while the teacher applies the mouse and cursor to find an appropriate theme from the world wide web. Fortuitously, the subject matter appears in the menu, after the search engine has been programed to find subjects relating to the BBC and Potter amongst the plethora of url related hypertext. The subject material, a Witness broadcast by the BBC World Service primarily for radio listeners, is selected by the teacher as being the most appropriate. The teacher has an already prepared explanation supporting their choice, which they`ve prepared; quoting from the BBC news magazine website: `The Harry Potter series has sold 450 million copies worldwide to date. But before the first book was published, numerous publishers had turned the first book down. Barry Cunningham was the man who decided to take a gamble on J.K. Rowling after he and his daughter became enchanted by the story. The quote is from the BBC news magazine website of August 12, 2015, and it`s interesting because it provides some explanation of the workings of the publishing industry and why one book is chosen over another for publication, so it`s going to be the subject of this day`s lesson.`




`I`d like you to watch the video `Harry Potter: The man who discovered a publishing phenomenon` at this url; if you`ve brought your own smart `phones, and laptops, etc.` After this announcement, the teacher hands a sheet of paper with the url written on it for the students, so that they can continue their research at home, or in the school library, and through their smart `phones now, or on their laptops etc., that is, whatever they have to help them; such as the more affordable internet cafes, . They`re then provided with the following basic information, which is that the first Potter novel, The Philosopher`s Stone, a movie they might enjoy, was written by Rowling and published in 1997. The actor in the bespectacled role of schoolboy wizard, Harry, was 11 years old Daniel Radcliffe, and his sometime would-be girlfriend, 11 years old enchantress, Hermione Granger, that is, actress Emma Watson, who was in the role over the eight fantasy genre productions of the British-American series of movies distributed by Warner Bros., which began with Harry Potter and The Philosopher`s Stone (2001), and ostensibly culminated with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011), although revivals and remakes are always possible in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the capital city of the filmworld. Giving the students the task of watching the video attached to the BBC news magazine report on the novel`s publishing and the franchise`s progress, the teacher advises them that there`ll be a task on the material and they should prepare using the audio and video component of the news item.





Adhering to `simple and clear` principles (Nation, 2005, p. 47), it`s explained to the students that there`re important vocabulary words and especial phrases they`ll need to know for the task, which is about the publishing and movie industry following their review of the audio and video material. The words are: manuscript, gripped, haggled, significant, purchase, ringing, agent, editorial, sequel, feedback, critical, phenomenon, rights, and Beatlemania. The teacher explains that `manuscript` is a text that a writer has written, and in this context it`s the J. K. Rowling novel, Harry Potter and The Philosopher`s Stone, and that the movie script for the making of the film was also a manuscript. Although the word `gripped` relates to holding something firmly in the hand, here it derives from the horror genre in which audiences are described as gripped with fear, that is, too terrified to move from their seats, or held in their seats by interest in the action because it is suspenseful, that is, they don`t want to leave their seats because of how interesting things are on screen. The word `haggled` means to determine the value of goods, that is, the `purchase` price, by discussion, and a `significant purchase` means an important buy. The teacher uses the smart board, or whatever is available to describe the meaning of the new vocabulary words, and elicits understanding from the students by means of Q and A (Usher, R. L. 2012), for example, `Have you ever been gripped by a film, so you can`t leave your seat?`


The teacher goes on to explain that old `phones had bells inside them which rang, and so `ringing` is used sometimes to indicate a `phone call, although the name of the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, is another reason. An `agent` is someone who represents someone else`s interests, and is used in the filmworld to indicate the person who represents the interests of the manuscript writer, or actor, for example, and `editorial` derives from `editor` and is used to describe the activities that are within the editor`s purview, although `editorial` is sometimes used to denote a text written by the editor to set the tone for a publication in which there are many contributors and contributions to the theme of the published work. Subsequent Potter novels and movies are `sequels`, and the popular Star Wars franchise, which began paradoxically with Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977), is an instance of `sequels`.




Response to a work is `feedback` and `critical` is the word often used mistakenly for `crucial`, whereas it means interpretation of the content, usually by professionals, which is why critics and criticism are valued, because the aim is to assist the several producers of the product to improve. A `phenomenon` is anything that is apparent, that is, it`s phenomenologically present to the senses of the perceiver, although it`s often used erroneously with `phenomenal`, that is, an astonishing phenomenon, for example, the `Potter phenomenon` with its phenomenal success. Although `rights` refer to ownership, that is, of the Potter `brand` or product, `rights` can also be used to mean what people are allowed, for example, they don`t have the right to kill their neighbor, although they do have the right to buy food, because it`s a basic `human right`. `Beatlemania` was used to describe the phenomenon associated with the appearances of the 1960s pop group, The Beatles, when girls screamed and fainted at pop music concert venues as well as at airports and outside hotels, where the singing stars, who were guitarists John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr, the drummer, were reportedly staying.



‘The `special phrases`, which have particular meanings in English are explained to the students as follows; `the story started` means the events that are being related began, `turned down` means to reject or simply say `no`, and is often used to mean a girl or woman`s rejecting a boy or man`s appeal. If someone is `moved`, they`re emotional, so `moved me` means that Barry Cunningham, the publisher, was emotionally impressed by the friendship between the children at Hogwarts in the Rowling novel, Harry Potter and The Philosopher`s Stone. To `tear it off` means to take away from with rude force. If someone uses the phrase, `never would have guessed` it means that they wouldn`t have known if it hadn`t happened to them personally. When Barry `rang her up`, it`s a bell-ringing association, that is, old `phones had bells, but church bells were rung with ropes and called congregations to church on Sundays, so the people were `rung up`, and the phrase became idiomatic, that is, useful, but not understandable to children outside of the framework of common usage (Usher, R. L. 2012); unless they`re taught the original meaning.


Those who`re `lost for words` are astonished, so unable to speak, and `invited her down` relates to the fact that London is the capital city in England of which Soho is a part and, because it`s in the Southernmost part, London is `down` from everything above it, which is `up North`. The idea of the idiomatic term `gold mine` is anything that produces success, which is what J.K. Rowling was for Barry. `Don`t give up your day job,` is a common derision applied to budding writers, that is, if you don`t have a proper job, you`ll starve, because you`re a poor writer. Presentations are often met with the observation that it`s `going down very well`, which is English idiom associable with swallowing, that is, the people are believing the presenter, so the presentation is like food and drink to them. A `fairy tale` is a Western genre associated with mythical and fabulous creatures, and it`s distinguishable from Eastern traditions, for example, the 8th century collection of stories, 1001 Nights, in which there are genies, which don`t usually feature in Western tales.





 The teacher asks the students to present a critique of something of their own choice, and they can discuss the topic of their criticism with the others as well as the teacher if required, who will elicit from them the subject of their critique. The teacher reads what the students have written at the end of the class and offers constructive criticism of their use of English vocabulary and idiom with the aim of improving their usage. Of course the terms `critique` and `constructive criticism` are pre-taught before the students write.




Nation, Paul, I. S. (2005) `Teaching Vocabulary`, EFL Asian Journal, September, Vol. 7, 3, pp. 47-54.

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Metaphors in a Selection of Course Books

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Metaphors in a Selection of Course Books


To improve teacher-student approaches towards their course book selection, students can be asked to participate in a survey with a questionnaire to be completed, and a focus group selected to take part in an in-depth probe into understanding the relations between students` metaphors and the course books they study, which could mean teacher-student interviews. Such a survey could centre upon a single main question, `A course book is like a library because ... ` (Dündar and Şimşek, p. 591) The students would then be asked to write as much as they can using their own choice of metaphor to effect `stem-completion` (Marchant, G. 1992) of the imagery that suggests itself to them. After analysis by the teacher-researcher, a number of students could then be asked to participate in an investigative focus group, where it is hoped that more will be discovered on the subject of student metaphors and how they `may express the meaning more concisely` (Cortazi and Jin, p. 161) to impact and have an influence upon how teachers choose coursebooks: `What metaphorical images do students have of their course books? Do these metaphors have an influence/impact on their attitudes to learning; and, if so, how?



 Literature reviews reveal the main findings in this area, which as Dündar and Şimşek succinctly observe, relate to `content, design and learner expectations` (p. 586). In his article, `Teachers’ And Learners’ Images For Coursebooks` (2006), Ian McGrath examines teachers` and students` metaphors and similes in relation to the choosing of course books, and recommends that teachers should develop professionally from a comparison of learners` attitudes through metaphor with the teachers` own metaphors. Gregory Marchant`s survey of 102 undergraduate students and 104 experienced teachers (p. 34), on a teacher preparation program at an unnamed Midwestern University in the United States of America, discovered that similes for teachers were `animal trainers`, and for students, `wild animals`, while classrooms were `jungles`. Scott Thornbury suggests that such ‘persistent and persuasive metaphors’ with a ‘degenerate effect on conceptualizing, inhibiting the development of fresh insights’ (p. 195) should be `surfaced and examined` to prevent their `influence`.


 Ian McGrath`s study, which involved a survey of 75 mainly secondary school teachers in Hong Kong, China, and several hundred schoolchildren, subdivided metaphors into four kinds, roughly indicative of a separation between teachers` perception of course books and students`; support, guidance, constraint and resource (Dündar and Şimşek`s `library` metaphor; for example). Apart from the quaintness of the culturally-specific, for example; the need for a `sauce to make chickens’ feet more palatable` (guidance), and the use of `bamboo in scaffolding` (support) as metaphors for the desirability of course book improvement (p. 178), McGrath`s study makes it evident that there`s room for an analysis of the metaphors used by users for textbook designers too.


 Esin Dündar and Meliha R. Şimşek`s study of 119 seventh graders in Mersin, Turkey, elicited the students` metaphorical opinion of the Sunshine 7 course book used there since 2014-15, and the negative response to it (52%) suggests that the optimistic title constellated an adverse reaction in the learners commensurate with their perception that, if it`s titled Sunshine 7, it should`ve been much better in terms of accessibility and knowledge affording. S73, for example, `drew a parallel between the dimness of the light radiating from a bulb and the poor performance of the local coursebook in managing the guiding process.` (Dündar and Şimşek, p. 591) A more neutral metaphor for the title, Sunshine 7, might have helped the course book designers` objective in avoiding such negative reactions, although the study of metaphors revealed a language content in Sunshine 7 beyond the learners` proficiency, which reduced the teacher to the role of `curriculum explainer` (p. 593), while demonstrating the use and efficacy of metaphor based research.


Aynur Kesen`s article, `Turkish EFL Learners’ Metaphors With Respect To English Language Coursebooks` (2010), found that, amongst 150 EFL learners studying at Cyprus International University, `language coursebooks are perceived as a planet, foreign country, secret garden, and space`, which is indicative of the `... uncertainty and enigma experienced by the learners.` (p. 108) Her survey was taken within an educational framework in which English language learning is compulsory and where an aim of such research is to ameliorate the burden upon those students for whom second language acquisition isn`t a major ambition, so that they can learn something while others develop a more serious approach to the subject material. Understanding the metaphors students use can be a step towards providing a teaching program that affords an education to everyone participating.


 An open worded questionnaire, with a main open question aimed at getting students to use metaphor to describe coursebooks, affords an economical opportunity for the researcher to analyse the imagery in a way fit for the purpose of gleaning information useful to textbook designers while, as Ian McGrath suggests (p. 171), it would allow for `easy comparison of responses too`. A good questionnaire obtains personal details, i.e., age, background, gender, etc., before eliciting a response to the main question, that is, `A coursebook is like a library because ...` Prior to the students` completion of the questionnaire, the concept `metaphor` should be be explained to them. They should be asked to give examples of metaphor from their own understanding of the concept, so as to check comprehension before the survey commences. Concept checking questions could be, after Dündar and Şimşek`s purposed rubric, `My mother is like a flower, because ..,` or `My teacher is like an angel, because ..,` etc. (p. 589), to establish conceptualization. Focus groups of students should explore their metaphors in more depth to gauge their feelings, and probe how these influence/impact on learning. Yıldırım and Şimşek (2011) recommend that qualitative data be quantified so reliability of interpretation will increase.


 A content analysis method should be applied to the metaphors uncovered by the teacher-researcher, and a three-step approach after the model of Esin Dündar and Meliha R. Şimşek in their article, `Metaphorical Representations Of A Locally-Produced English Coursebook: Uncovering Learner Beliefs` (2015), is recommendable. 1) All metaphors should be considered (Dündar and Şimşek, p. 590), but those which do not fit into an easily identified category, or are self-evident, should be excluded. 2) Metaphors should be categorized according to McGrath`s four categories; support, guidance, constraint, and resource. 3) Does gender influence metaphor use? Differences in age/nationality/gender should be analysed and compared. In this way a basis for coursebook selection/design is establishable.




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Bored Game

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Bored Game

Invited to Azerbaijan as a teacher trainer with KASPI Liseyi for a month, discovering a simple way of enthusing any class containing students preparing for Cambridge KET, PET or FCE examinations, the method is applicable for any group of learners with an ELT professional to assist. All that`s required is a theme. Usually teachers have a book to work from, so assuming a students` book and/or workbook, which contains some thematic material; for example, `Things In The Bathroom`, ask the class to take a sheet of blank paper, or find an empty page in their notebook, then draw a square somewhere on the board and write START in the center. Join the first square to another and that to a third and so on until you have as many squares connected as you can reasonably allow yourself in the space available. From START you must write in each square that follows therefrom some instruction or rule that affords the students an opportunity to practice their English as they role play, which can be facilitated between two students by each deciding what side of a coin they represent themselves by and tossing it to decide whose turn it is to move, or something resembling a dice, which is in fact available as a `tool` with certain Smart Board software. If a dice is available it facilitates a board game between two and more, otherwise two approaches the maximum that can play with a coin. Explain to the students that they`ll also need a token of some sort to represent themselves as they move about the board, or give them something you`ve already prepared that they can use as a symbol of their personality, before inviting the students to devise their own role play game from whatever material they`re working on from their books, for example, `Things In The Kitchen`.





Shanghai Surprised

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Shanghai Surprised


Imagine my surprise when the normally parsimonious Chinese agreed to pay my airfare to Shanghai and guarantee to return me to pasture when the juice had been squeezed from the orange of my teaching capacities. A rurally idyllic perspective quite in keeping with traditional imagery associated with China, thought I, emboldened by remembered scenes of pop music diva Madonna and erstwhile beau, actor Sean Penn, careering through the streets there inside a rickshaw, while he tried to make sure that the locals didn`t get any mud on her in the film, Shanghai Surprise (1986), and crowds of onlookers held chopsticks and rice bowls romantically against a vast backdrop of grey skies and endless paddy fields receding off into a distance immeasurably quaint.



 Arriving at Shanghai airport meant the usual routine in which Mr Johnny English Teacher was assured he`d be picked up at the airport by someone holding a piece of paper with his name written on it, and somewhat overburdened, Johnny English, arrived to discover no one there. As usual, Mr Johnny Teacher`s phone was choc-a-bloc with messages from the local `phone company, China Mobile, advertising the huge benefits of purchasing a new sim card so that the Chinese network would be available to those `foreign devils` desirous of communicating verbally with the communist sponsors` generous tones. Anticipating being collected by the person nominated by the contact, who`d professionally located the operations` center in Buttapes, that is, the converted cupboard with WC installation, proudly called `Bide A Wee`, the ‘phone battery went flat.



 Johnny needed a `phone to make overtures to his Chinese captors. Battery flat, how will his flat mate heat water for her shower without electricity? He floundered, drowning in fear at being stuck in Shanghai at a major Chinese airport, without any possibility of speaking with the flat Chinese girls, whether battery powered or not, who`d been the `phones that had invited him to be there. Paralyzed by the `uncertainty principle`, much beloved of physicists like the quantum mechanic Schrödinger, who wanted to establish that a cat could be simultaneously both dead and alive in a box exposed to lethal radiation, the English Johnny went over to the door with the universal sign for `trousered` in order to do some technical research on the existence of electrical sockets from which flat battery `phones could be replenished so that they would give life-giving succor to the auditory system of data processing commonly known as human beings.



 Standing inside the convenience, English John observed that the plugs weren`t compatible with the `phone recharging equipment brought from Europe to Asia, and opted for a walk around the Shanghai airport environs outside the plane arrivals` area to locate a charger facility acceptable to the Europhone. Approaching a conveniently positioned `China Mobile` retail area, with the `phone battery recharger, it quickly became established that the `foreign devil`, that is, the John from England, would have to pay for a sim card, and a new `phone with a battery charger compatible with the Europhone communications` technology. Or, could John `Knee` Eng use the plug adaptor inside the unwieldy luggage he was perforce shouldering around the airport like a plumber with a few toilets in his native speaker`s ELT portfolio?



 Having discovered that the ATM machines were all in Chinese and so it was impossible to obtain cash to buy a sim card at an airport in China, John Neen `Glish opted to `go native` and, burrowing deeply into his conspicuously black holdall with the Hungriun flag neatly emblazoned strategically at unattractive angles, found a plug adaptor that might conceivably fit the holes in the WC and afford the Europhone an electric boost so that Chaw Ning Lish could `phone his employment opportunity. Soon fully adopted inside the WC with his newly Orientalized face looking back at himself from the mirror above the washbasins while the `phone recharged from the adapted socket and the busyness of the lavatory went on behind his back undisturbed, Shaw Nee Ing Lish `phoned his contact and was assured that he`d be met almost instantly by those who presumably were giggling behind their hands somewhere in the great Shanghai airport concourse.



 Standing and moving from place to place by turn, and with no cash for purchasing coffee and donuts, after an hour or so I received a call on the recharged Hungriun `phone ostensibly from Zou, who`d invited me to be there to be picked up by a representative of her company, and who hadn`t materialized when I arrived. Accepting, against my better judgement, that this was in fact Zou, I agreed to go with her to the accommodation supposedly expecting me after a two hour or so journey by Shanghai metro. I was assured that the room was close to a medical center, where I would be established as a non-AIDS carrier. When I looked from the window, I could see another airport. In the morning I passed muster, instead of mustard, and was on my way to a teaching assignment.



 Wondering who`d gotten the genuine accommodation that, presumably, had been arranged for the English PhD., and Certificated ELT professional, I travelled from Shanghai by train with a certain degree of trepidation and uneasiness; calmed only by the soothing tones of the MP3 player l always utilized during my excursions in foreign parts. The music invariably carried me along effortlessly ignoring a landscape teeming with muggers, and any murderers who`d seek to waylay the unwary traveler for a pair of headphones and some tunes, and so it was that I was able to journey on unintimidated by those who`d seek to take an Englishman `on the hoof`, as it were, by distracting him with fictional concerns.



 Observing from my seat, the huge skyscrapers characterizing the housing estates and, in Chinese terms, small conurbations, before the truly humungous Chinese cities appeared along the route of the train, I understood that the Great Wall of China was the product of a people used to success on a scale more than great. However, when I reached the skull I was to teach at, the water was undrinkable, and the basement apartment was covered in damp, green mold, which began to appear on my clothes, and would remain there until I was able to find a laundry in Turkey’s Istanbul that could remove the fungus from my shirts.



 The skull was, of course, the usual internment camp for suspected political dissidents, and espionage agents sent from the United States of America, and the United Kongdome and elsewhere, to speak to Chinese infants, and perhaps uncover secrets relating to the aims and ambitions of `red` China; insofar as those capitalist nations had concerns over these commonests` apparent desire for much bigger and more powerful aircraft carriers than the West. Labeling itself Commonest, `red` China remained true to the concept that `workers control the means of production`, which is what the German classical economist and Marx Brother, Karl Marx, argued in his comical work, Das Kapital, (1867), although China`s initial commonest leader, Mouse Tzedong (Satan), was a proponent of agrarianism, that is, the work of sociaslime began with rural peasantry, while urban conurbations represented the wage slavery of capitalist economics, rather than `ownership of the means of production by the workers`, which was Marxist Commonest, `Say Dong!`



 Mouseism was the perception that capitalism was slavery, so the So Feared Commonest of Rusher, which began with the October 1917 Revolution against Rusher`s involvement in the First World War (1914-18) against Imperial Germany`s attempt to enslave Europe and the world, was industrially centered, which resulted in revisionism and the reestablishment of slave economics by dictator, Josie Stalin, for example, before the Second World War to liberate Europe and the world from German Imperialism. However, the desire of the Chinese to build bigger aircraft carriers than the United States of America suggests a revisionist industrial centered Commonest based on host womb slavery in parasitism for war and death. Because the `workers` who `control the means of production` should be women, as civilization, culture and art emerges from their wombs, despite men`s parasitical depredations, which means that the production of huge aircraft carriers from the human species` futanarian womb is subversion by a capitalist revisionism that seeks the extinction of the human race in a form of alien racism imposed upon her by men of the `serpent`s seed` in Satanism.



 Naturally, it was difficult to obtain dialectical teaching materials in China, or even adequate directions to the classrooms, where the children were; lest some esoteric Oriental knowledge pertaining to international global security might be placed at risk. Consequently, smart chalk and a blackboard was the advanced technological mode available to the ELT pro, and a wet cloth, which though it wasn`t wet to begin with, could be made damper by recourse to a rusty tap. Pootering along to the WC, which was rapidly becoming the favored port of call for Johnny In Glish, who was by now used to being kept in a state of terror as the technology afforded to the teacher by the locals dwindled to non-existence in their desire to strangle the teacher`s voice, Mr Glish moistened the chalk mark removal equipment.



 The teachers` enclave was on the third floor of a three storey building with an `OUT OF ORDER` lift, in Chinese of course, 失灵, to ensure that the educators maintained regime fitness. Although China couldn`t be considered hot, it could be murderously humid, and the providers of liberal Western values, through the medium of New Intochains, perspired enough to fill Liza`s bucket with the hole in it. In Pseudi Yarubeer boxes of tissues are thoughtfully provided by the administrators of the hothouse flowers, but in China the sweaty oik with the TESOL Cert. has to buy their own or drown. Later I`d marvel at the Turks, who`d have me live in Asia and take a ship to Europe where I had to cross a footbridge and climb a mountain in order to locate the language skull of the company I was to ply my trade at each morning around 9.00 am in Istanbul. `Thank God for the old ladies on the footbridge,` I`d chuff, as they proffered cellophane wrapped packs of five or six tissues for less than a Turkish lira (TL) in admiration at the passing of this, their Odysseus:


`To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the Western stars, until I die.` 1



 `Least said, soonest mended,` I chuffed on, hoping not to expire before my IELTS one to one, and `A stitch in time saves nine billion,` I quoted American science fiction writer, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), from his short story `- All You Zombies -` (1959), in the hope that some of the zombies might sew a button on for me. After leaving Buttapes with a 1960s TV 21 magazine Supercar pin holding my suit jacket together, because the plazzy button had shattered into a squizillion pieces at the last instant for no explicable reason, as I switched off the light to put the key in the door to leave my wretched abode, I`d walked the length and breadth of a Qatar airport mall asking for a needle and thread to no avail, and finally after arriving in Dammam I`d taken the buttons off the inside pocket of the suit to sew on as jacket buttons, before the Pseudi passport authorities and the Turkish airline contrived to steal suit and buttons by misappropriating the bag in which they`d been ensconced for my return journey Westward:


`Some work of noble note, may yet be done,

Not unbecoming men that strove with gods.` 2



 I taught TOEFL to a group of Turkish residents, straight from Midnight Express (1978), although there were several toe fulls to avoid the morning I endeavored to make it to the ferry at Kidikok in Asian Turkey for the crossing to Bikakok in Turkey, Europe. Despite the labyrinthine expeditiousness of the devil`s toenails, as their eyes snaked along in the paths God had ordained for the Fiat since the outbreak of the First World War, and the invention of Fry`s Turkish Delight (1914), which Michael Jackson and the Jehovah`s Witnesses believe signaled the end of the world, and God`s judgement upon it, the toe fulls weren`t sanguine enough about the safety of their souls at sea with John Knee Inglish, to offer Yours Truly a tow aboard ship:


`A life on the ocean wave,

A-home on the rolling deep!` 3



 In China it was metros and trains after Shanghai airport. Being told I`d be picked up followed by the usual rigmarole attending the arrival of the pick up after flying from Buttapes and making it to the coast of Asia opposite California, Los Angeles, I was taken on a three hour metro excursion with the promise of a medical the next day for work visa processing purposes and a train journey of similar duration to Wenjou city in Zheijang province where I`d be picked up. At Harley Street a doctor, doubtless working for Quinn of Marvel`s Suicide Squad, had raised a quibble over a supposed hiatus hernia that cost me a return flight ticket to Buttapes, and my employers in Pseudi Yarubeer close on 1000 GBP, so I was grateful to discover in Paychink, after another nightmare train journey across Asia, and a visit to the local medical center there for more work visa processing, that I was in fact healthy.



 I`d had my own medical supplies for nervous exhaustion and blood oxygenation stolen from me at Dammam airport along with the suit, that is, Ferrous Phosphate # 4 and Kali Phosphate # 6 homoeopathic remedies, which cost me upwards of 200 GBP to take with me. They`d been manufactured by Newer Uh laboratories at Marvel Fleet in Kong`s Town Upon ‘Ull, Yorkshire, but the factory had been shut down by David Cameron`s UK government, presumably on the grounds that St Peter thought they were `too good` for humans, who were waking up to what was being done. Having sacked half a million civil servants, whose families like as not were looking to be able to function in some way or other to the probable detriment of the Conservative government that had made them destitute (at least to their eyes), Tory policy seemed to have reverted to maintaining a population in extremis. A sick public is unlikely to give a ruling Party any opposition, which is what God told Eve in the Boble, after the serpent gave her the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, which is death. Ephemeral humans die as slaves in `enmity` with the enslaver who`s poisoned them, because it doesn`t want healthy development and immortality for humanity born from host wombs without parasites:


`When Britain first, at Heaven's command

Arose from out the azure main;

This was the charter of the land,

And guardian angels sang this strain:

`Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:

Britons never will be slaves.` 4



 Satan, the angel, was turned into the serpent in Eden, because God`s plan was for the human host to be greater than the angelic, and Satan disagreed. Similarly, the human host at his `Last Supper`, She`sis, offered `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`, that is, acceptance of the human host, but his disciple Chewedass (Satan) betrayed She`sis to the Rumuns who took him to the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem and nailed him to a cross of wood where he died. She`sis` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven was a sign that the human host will not be damned by a parasite it perforce shares a womb with.



 In Dammam my sunglasses and a spare pair of spectacles, made in Buttapes` Józsefváros (Joe`s Castle) - look, if you will, for the statue of 19th century staunch ‘Coholic, Count Zichy Nándor - were stolen after Turkish airlines found it impossible to put a luggage ticket on my bag, so imagine my surprise when one of my Turkish TOEFL stud`nts in Istanbul working for Ronair said that he could give me a pair of reactolite spectacles; because his relatives were opticians! As a science fiction writer, my suspicions were that the readers were trying to write my life as a script for a commedia not unlike that of Alighieri Dante (d. 1321), who described circles in hell for ‘Coholicism at the beginning of the 14th century. If the criminals stole enough of my life, I guessed the theory went, I`d never escape their circle: `Thou shalt not kill!` (Ex: 20. 13)



 Theft is murder, as God probably intended his prohibition should be interpreted, which is why the prohibition against theft is equal with the law against murder, `Thou shalt not steal.` (Ex: 20. 15) If the criminals steal enough of your life, it`s murder by degrees, and I have enough degrees as a PhD English `major` to understand that; although the murderers don`t seem to be able to: even if they`re Masons and know they`ve 360 degrees to their circle. An individual`s life isn`t a comedy for the illiterate, or `fair game` for the killer, which is why God`s Boble contains the story of the first murderer, who killed his human `brother`, because he`d invented cooking, and was Abel.



 Unconsciousness of being murdered as a disabled individual is still murder by degrees in order to maintain human slavery. The automobile hasn`t improved in a hundred years, since the first mass produced Ford model T came off the Detroit, Michigan, production line in the United States of America in 1908, because motorists are still using their feet on a Mason`s treadmill for the enslaved host wombs of the human race. Women without testes won’t pass the MOT of the cars’ traitors. Homosexuals don’t want women to have a penis, and any pedestrian observing the highway can see that they’re still after her, man.



 In the 8th century collection of folktales, 1001 Nights, Aladdin’s  flying car’s headlamps appear when his genius awakes, but the hero`s wife succumbs to a pedlar`s blandishments, `New lamps for old!` The genie doesn’t awake from Aladdin’s new lamp. The flying car isn`t in the future, but in the past, because the slavers of the race want its feet on the treadmill. Now the traffic jams are the carpets, and they don’t fly, while in Pseudi Yarubeer four wives are permitted, so the slaver has pets in its car.



 Bob Guccioni, the owner of Penthouse (1965-) magazine for adult males, which featured nude pictures of women, died in 2010, but the Penthouse Pets live on, that is, the car Pets. Although the USA claim to have won the Crazy Golf war with the help of Rusher`s `Vlad` Puttin’, the fiction maintained by misogyny is that women only put out, that is, they don`t put in, which Guccioni`s Penthouse Pets maintain, because its pages don`t feature women`s cocks. Consequently, the USA lost the Crazy Golf war to Rusher’s Puttin’, because still no one knows what goes on in the Moslem families with four wives, whereas if Penthouse featured car Pets that fucked each other, everyone would know, and the USA would be victorious for the human race. The fact that they don`t want women to be seen with their cocks in women is a sign of the aliens` defeat of the human species. They`d rather B1.



 The car looks like a snake that`s been beheaded as it wends its way along what pop singer, Chris Rea, called `The Road To Hell` (1989), which again suggests that the Golf war for oil to put in the tanks, was won by the Yarubeans, that is, the Konks of the Muddle East have persuaded the West, and Rusher`s `Vlad` Puttin’, to put their noses on wheels, rather than sexually reproduce brainpower from the `seed` of women. The Yarubs ahead in their 4WDs and four wives were rich in oil, so could afford to hide the truth about `woman`s seed` from the West, beneath the burkhas of their women, while the West degenerated into `TV` transvestism, wherein men and women reproduce as `the beast` of She`sis` disciple John`s apocalyptic Revelation, a vision of the future of a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes for `TV wars` transvestite `action`: `The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth to devour her child the moment it was born.` (Rev: 13. 8) Eventually, human reproduction will be so poor that it won`t be discernible, and hell`s wars will have been found at the end of the road for the race of the West, while the Yarubeans yet still prepare to unveil their humanity:


`On your journey cross the wilderness;
From the desert to the well:
You have strayed upon the motorway to hell.`5



 Pedestrians are what slavers like to see amongst their circles in hell`s tradmills, which is why Oedipus` name means `swollen foot`. The ancient Greek dramatist, Sophocles, wrote Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.) about a man who inadvertently kills his father, Laius, and then unknowingly marries his mother, Jocasta. Oedipus blinds himself after feeling horrified because he`s broken the incest taboo. The drama ends with Antigone, Oedipus` daughter, guiding his footsteps away from the city of Thebes. Oedipus` fate represents unconsciousness, according to `the father of psychoanalysis`, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), because Oedipus isn`t within the family circle, that is, he doesn`t accept that host womb slavery in parasitism is what men are for, which is why he`s pedestrian: `What goes on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening.` 6



 In answer to the riddle in Sophocles` play, Oedipus` answer is, `Man.` Having answered correctly he is afforded the opportunity to go on into Thebes and marry the widowed queen, Jocasta, and as a blind man with a cane, he`s a prototype of murdered humanity, that is, he`s a disabled pedestrian enslaved in unconsciousness by a writer`s tradition, which is that the characters aren`t conscious of the author`s intentions. Antigone is Jocasta`s daughter denied the possibility of sexual reproduction with a woman, because she`s been taught to have mercy and so guide her self-blinded father`s footsteps onward. In fact, Oedipus` self-blinding isn`t a tragedy, because the women can then see each other. However, Oedipus` tragic nature is that his self-blinding is a last desperate act to keep the women apart through Antigone`s mercy upon him, which is women`s nature. Men`s nature is to host womb slave the species of human futanarian `woman`s seed`, so the incest taboo isn`t to prevent men from having sex with their daughters, mothers, and sisters, but to prevent the single race of women from reproducing, which would leave men without a host womb. Humanism is the perception that women can bear men, but from their own `seed`, whereas men want slaves.



 Faced with a writers` collective seeking to prevent Yours Truly from progressing unhindered, the ELT Facing It 2 Gether Pre-Intermediate book loomed larger at the Istanbul Language Centre in Kidikok than otherwise it might have done. Were these people the faceless writers` collective seeking to write themselves over the writer`s meanderings and so make a palimpsest of the traveler`s travelogue? In the movie, Face/Off (1997), the Asian killer had transformed himself to look like Nick Cage`s character, Caster Troy, who`d then taken John Travolta`s face and given Travolta`s character, Sean Archer, Nick`s, which meant that, because the good guy looked like the bad guy, it was only possible to get a good look from the killer. When Mr Wriggly Ugly Boobs invited me to go to Europe from Asia every day by boarding a ship in Istanbul, Turkey, I knew I`d been Shanghaied in China. I was being accused of being Cage, GB, that is, Face/Off`s Asian was suspected of being a former KGB agent retrained for the Crazy Golf war by `Vlad` Puttin`, and the Asian was me, which effectively meant I was John Travolta dancing with the uneducated:


`Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'

And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.`7



 Language skulls are notoriously tight fisted, and penny pinching institutions that don`t want their equipment to be used, because it costs money that they don`t want to spend; as it`s a busyness for them, rather than a head chuck occasional establishment run by a government administration that wants a head chuck occasion for its citizens. Consequently, teachers who seek to employ the paucity of technology, and the scarce materials they find for what they need, are accused of being spies, because the authorities don`t actually want the skulls to educate, but rather provide a cheap unofficial program for slaving internationals, who`re exterminated without recourse to local technology and medical science, which their home nations also denied to them in order to slave. English language teachers aren`t really expected to teach, they`re pressed to perform wonders illustrative of their nation`s cultural excellence, while the fiction is that the management are appreciative of the efforts made despite the financial constraints under which everyone camply concentrates.



 The term `camp` is often used of homosexuals to describe the over exaggerated behavior of `TV` that disguises human sexual reproduction between women and her own `woman`s seed`. Masquerading as concern over children`s head chuck occasions, camp `TV` explains to the viewer that everyone dies of decrepitude, whereas any medical scientist would observe that immortality and youthfulness is well within the scope of human endeavor. Consequently, camp `TV` is for pederasts and paedophiles, who ghoulishly applaud death, because then they can have children. Exaggeratedly, the `death camp` guards display the busyness concern of homosexuals, while the pederasts and paedophiles wait to prey on the kids after the teachers have died in the attempt to educate adults.



 The instantaneous transmission of CVs by e-mail across the globe means that an individual`s entire cultural heritage is placed under scrutiny by Ministry`s of the Interior as diverse as those of Paychink and Triple ‘E’. While I was in Istanbul, the Turks were bombing the Kids into submission, which is the nation Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2003, for allegedly using poison gas against, and Kidis extends into Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, which has the largest population and land mass of that international people:


`Whether you`re a brother or whether you`re a mother

You`re stayin` alive, stayin` alive.`



 As petitioners to join the European Union, Turkey is perceived as an ally of the West, but Saddam Hussein was executed for warring on the Kids, whereas ELT professionals are encouraged to perceive the wagers for war on the Kids, that is, the Turks, as friendly towards Western Europeans, which doesn`t seem obvious. Any casual listener to Turkish pop music`s Yildiz Tilbe, `Anma Arkadaş` (Do Not Make Mention Of She), can`t help but conclude correctly that its singers ghoulishly mourn the death of the women whose lives they were responsible for, `You thought the one who left will come back.`8 Nor does it appear likely that an ELT professional`s CV in the hands of a Turkish language skull manager is a security asset from the point of view of the human family. Bombing the Kids into unconscious submission is a figure of what happens to populations with national governments. ELT professionals and their families are thus a type of Kid, who represent intelligence rather than unconsciousness, which national and international governments seek to suppress. Hence the camply concentrated international language skull pogrom manager`s role as a local bomber of liberal insurgents.



 The teacher is of course pimped by the language skull. In preparation for China, I had to work out for a month or so in order to fill a T-shirt respectfully, and flex my abs and biceps in a laptop Skype interview for a `position`. Naturally there was more to it, and I had to be able to juggle, while playing the saxophone, and using my toes to conjugate verbs with chalk on a blackboard. Qualifications are of less use than chopsticks in Ireland when it`s China. Although I was intimidated but gently when I attempted a bowl of meat and potatoes without chopsticks when I arrived in Wenjou city. For the Chinese, Skype interrogations are pornography, much like the ancient practice of `foot binding` has been replaced by ELT selection procedures as a form of Chopherknees torture in post Bridge Over The River Kwai (1957) settings in Chopann, where the cartoon form of Hentai manga celebrates misogyny’s triumph over ‘futanari’ women with balls of their own to be sadistically tortured as the Chopherknees used to symbolically bind the futanarian women’s feet to prevent them from escaping the alien rapists of their species. For Chinese ‘woman’s seed’, Skype suggests Steve McQueen fruitlessly trying to get his motorcycle to jump over the Nazi guards on the hillside in the movie, The Great Escape (1963), and it`s the Red Guard’s role to make sure that they can`t. Airfare is reimbursed after six months or a year, which means a period of hard labor in order to remain long enough to earn enough to leave by cheap plane ticket after being caught attempting to escape international pogroming through Skype.



 Turning my ELT credentials towards Asia seemed logical, and although Feared Name and parts Far Eastern seem explorable in financial terms, who`d want to work for Campodium`s Pol Pot language ghouls. Pol was the Indo-Chinese leader that decided to kill all of the people with brainpower in his nation, a feat comparable to those of Mouse Satan in China, Stalin in Rusher, and numerous other minor dictators, whose penchant was to potter about muttering about the dangers of international language skulls. President Dick Nikon kept on carpet bombing during the Indo-China war (1946-89) as well as with the `agent orange` defoliation pogrom delivered by US adapted crop spraying aircraft, which removed all of the vegetation from that region so that the people would starve, because there`d be no food either for them or livestock. It was business as usual for the US as Hollywood Westerns nostalgically celebrated the killing of almost all of the 60, 000, 000 buffalo in the 1880s to starve the North American Plains` Indians to death. Decide who was the bigger criminal, Pol or Dick, or whether Saddam Hussein, strangled Iraqi bomber of the Kids, or Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkey`s President during the September 2015 bombing of the Kids, was more deserving of our lack of respect:


`Kidis independence in Iraq could lead to Kidis independence in Syria, which could lead to Kidis independence in Iran, which could lead to Kidis independence in Turkey. Every time a new independent Kidis entity pops up in the Muddle East, the likelihood that Turkey will lose an enormous swath of its territory increases.`9



 The pattern is of a parasite behind in technology. The creature discovers a civilization or culture, etc., including human reproduction between women, which interferes with its host womb slaving of the species it’s parasitically devouring, and gets behind it with its technology, that is guns, and kills it up to the point where it's enslaved. The host race has to be brain dead, so the parasite is a cock-eater, which is why women's capacity for sexually reproducing human brain power has been truncated. The parasite spreads its brain-eating plague by mixing, blood, shit and semen in the anuses of humans to kill the brain with HIV/AIDS, a virus that collapses the organs of the body before killing the brain as an aspect of the cock-eater parasite's teleology, which is to enslave the species of 'woman's seed' and watch it kill itself as a 'TV'. Men and women constitute 'the beast' of Revelation manufacturing themselves as a single male brained creature wearing each others' clothes as a transvestite 'TV' killed for it’s alien entertainment by a cock-eater watching a brain damaged monster die in the throes of its madness. The sight of the cars of humanity behind itself in technology is symptomatic of the evil curse of the demon driven seeking to put a bullet in the ass of the more advanced dead ahead.



 If there aren`t any Kids, a large swath of territory necessarily devolves upon Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey, because Kidis is a very large nation with a population that wasn`t territorial until the nearby national heads began stealing the Kids` territory. Kidis was a truly international nation, which is the supposed ideological reasoning for the existence of the European Union super state, where people belong without reference to borders. Where borders aren`t perceived there aren`t any borders, which mightn`t be perceived as true if you come from Manhattan, and you`re on your way to the Bronx. Although the borders are invisible, they`re real enough to street gangs. As Rita Moreno`s character, Anita, in the film of the 1957 Broadway musical, West Side Story (1961), with music by Leonard Bernstein, and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, sings in `A Boy Like That`, for a mixed audience of `Jets` and `Sharks`, who`re Potti Ricans and Polished immigrants off to the United States of America descended from families processed after arriving at Ellis Island at the mouth of the Hudson river between the states of New Jersey and New York:


`A boy like that who'd kill your brother;

Forget that boy and find another.

One of your own kind, stick to your own kind.

A boy like that will give you sorrow;

You'll meet another boy tomorrow.`10



 Between 1965 and 1999, the British Broadcasting Corporation`s BBC 1 televised Jeux Sans Frontières, that is, Games Without Borders, as a jokily competitive Europe-wide television show, because the ideological perspective of Europe was of a super state that didn`t have enemies within. As an ELT professional engaged in working in Europe, and in nations seeking entry as member states of the European Union, hoodlums make it difficult for an individual to leave the district they live in and travel to the next; irrespective of destinations arrived at from international airports more resembling abattoirs, with damned animals collecting meat stamps to avoid being condemned, than humans in transit before visiting relatives and friends.


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The TEFL`s Crew`s Aid

07/05/2015 07:04

The TEFL`s Crew`s Aid


The `Promised Land` for the TEFL`s Crew is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where salaries are Western, and the cost of living isn`t. Of course, the Westerner has to get used to the cultural differences and evince a degree of unwonted sensitivity as the burger restaurant, MacDonald`s, refuses to allow you to sit with the Moslem families, or indeed any other families, if you`re single, and the sight of single youths and men being turned away from the giant shopping malls, because they`re not with a family, is a common ritual within a social system that puts single boys and men in a category apart; as though they are pariahs within society. The Moslem women in the religious framework that is Islam wear the one-piece coverall of the burka in public from which only their eyes can be seen, and four wives are permissible to Moslem families. Although the HIV/AIDS test for the English language teaching professional seems defensible as a means of preventing the spread of the incurable killer disease known to proliferate through homosexual men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anus during sterile mockeries of human sexual intercourse, the segregation between men and families in Arabia seems more likely to encourage homosexuality in pederasty, which makes of the HIV/AIDS test a `gay` filter for a society that wants its homosexual sex to be unthreatening.



 Although the widespread implementation of the HIV/AIDS test for English language teachers and others seems protective of women, in fact it`s designed to indicate to the homosexuals within the community that the ELT teacher isn`t yet infected. Cultural differences, and the demand for sensitivity towards the burka babe environment, in cities like Jeddah or Riyadh, mask a dangerously visible homosexuality, which allows itself to be seen everywhere and conditions the visitor to accept it as the face of humanity, which is what homosexual pederasts do with their `chosen` victims. Rather than test the students` competence in English through examination, the ELT professional`s blood is examined by the medical establishment, in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, to see if he passes the victimizers` test to see if the teacher can be persuaded to `accept` Islam, which is the latest form of the `gay` terror.



 Each time an ELT professional applies for employment they`re required to give name, address, nearest of kin to contact in an emergency, and previous location, which could be difficult if the local Dr Who, with his tardis, decided that he hadn`t wanted you as his teacher. Giving one`s emergency passport page to a language school in the European Union, for example, Hungary, might seem innocuous, but your address and the name of an emergency friend or relative in the hands of the Libyan Jumhūriyyah, or Bashar Assad`s Syria, is something that most people wouldn`t want to contemplate. Having worked in Deir Ezzor, in Syria, and in Tripoli, Libya before the 2011 revolution, it`s discomforting to know that the ISIS rebels from Syria and Iraq, and Colonel Gadaffi`s opponents, know who was working there and keep records. Although the inevitable Skype interview for ELT teachers looking for work seems innocuous, it`s a method of selection for employment based on ID-ing the applicant, which has nothing to do with qualified personnel or proven ability to teach. While on the surface Skyping looks like a very `gay` activity, for those vetting applicants looks after they`ve passed an HIV/AIDS blood test, and who`re looking to visit Moslem societies, where the women are hidden beneath the one-piece coverall of their  burkas from which only their eyes can be seen, and the men are often brazen, ID-ing people by Skype is a way of hunting for those who were useful to a former regime, for example, in Egypt, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, etc., and of finding ways of abusing favorites, who`re now out of favor with the new rulers, while Skype affords an opportunity to target them. Essentially Skype ID-ing is used to make employment decisions based on what the police call `mug shots`, and what the criminals call `mugging`, that is, who or what you may look like, rather than whichever degree, diploma, or certificate you hold, and the length and quality of your teaching experience and proven ability`s success, which makes a mug of anyone who`s prepared to sit still for a shadowy figure on camera at the other end of a laptop video connection in a bedsit in Cairo where an ELT `pro` is looking to escape his policed `probation` and another mafia family is looking for another ellipsoidal Skype `lemon` under their desktop to squeeze the juice out of:


`I'm gonna leave my children down on this killin' floor.` 1



 Obviously the ELT professional has no intention of placing their loved ones at risk, although the lyric from Led Zeppelin`s `The Lemon Song` might appeal to the lemons at the other end of the Skype connection who profess Satanism along with the band members of Led Zeppelin (1969-). Lemons usually make tea, and although the ELT professional mightn`t see themselves as the `tea boy`, represented by the ellipsoidal green `lemon` of the Skype icon under their laptop beneath the desktop, `Tea For One` isn`t possible without money`s conferring independence on the victims of old pederasts and their perpetual enmity for humanity:


`There was a time that I stood tall, In the eyes of other men.`2



 On September 11, 2001, terrorists crashed civil airliners into the World Trade Center of New York city to precipitate global `rough trade`, that is, the `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality in pederasty. The ancient Greeks institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty, and the enslavement of women`s host wombs for war, and thereafter Greece was held as the model of democracy for Western civilization, culture and art. When the United States of America responded to 9/11 by toppling the Afghan Taliban regime that had supplied bases to Al Qaeda, and the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, who offered bases to Al Qaeda, that `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality and pederasty was what the Gulf war terrorists had aimed for, because that`s `gay terror`.



 Women are not homosexual, which explains the monotheme. Futanarian women have penis` semen of their own, which is why Moslem families have four wives so that women can sexually reproduce with each other. Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, in fact prefigures Islam, because Jesus was tortured to death by the Roman Empire as a `dissident` against male braining and war, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Nailed to a cross of wood upon the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem, Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigured the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen, and so able to rise through her own brains` powers for labor saving and escape from host womb parasitism to slavery and death to her human species in men`s wars upon her Earth against her race. Because women aren`t homosexual, men`s monotheme of homosexuality in pederasty and war is explainable as women`s extinction by an alien that has inveigled itself into women`s host wombs to steal her penis` semen, before emerging as a classic instance of parasitology to devour its host.



 Men aren`t monotheists so much as monothemists, that is, their theme is that homosexuality is normal because women are lesbians, whereas women are lesbians, because that`s normal for the human futanarian species. By removing the human competition, men practice homosexuality. Women are made schizophrenic in rejecting what they see in the mirror as sexually desirable for themselves, and are made to schizophrenically accept an alien that isn`t of their species through a mass media propaganda tool that includes Hollywood`s city of the angels, Los Angeles, on the West coast of the United States of America, and the entire movie, news and entertainment industry of the planet Earth, because that`s how the alien enslaves. The World Trade Center (2007) movie, and the movie about a US marine in the Gulf war, Jarhead (2005), were simply normative aspects of a universally accepted media of `gay` terror, and Al Qaeda was but a usual part of that normative pattern of homosexuality in pederasty and war for the alien enslaver. By defining the human species of futanarian women with their own penis` semen as abnormal, the alien redefined homosexuality in pederasty and war as normative and proceeded to extinguish the human race in war against it. Homosexuality is the monotheme of the alien, because that`s its monotheism, and the extinction of the human species is what it worships. Having observed to the women that it isn`t homosexual, because they perforce are, after it`s stolen their penis, the alien proceeds to their extermination as a monotheistic worshipper of a single, homosexual, God.



 Men have replaced sex with war, and the humans are on the wrong end of it. Adult movies should have women`s penis in the picture as a matter of course, but the `Hays code` (1930-67) imposed by the President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, forbad women from raising their `foot` from the floor in bedroom scenes, because God`s promise to Eve was, `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen fulfilled God`s promise that `woman`s seed` would produce her own stronger brains than men`s and she`d triumph. Hollywood, Babylon, through the `Hays code` sought to prevent `woman`s seed` from being known about by cinema audiences, so that slavery to homosexuality in pederasty and war could be established. Because there are no adult movies in which women`s penis is accepted as being present as a basic component of the film, all Hollywood, Babylon product is aimed at pederasty and keeping humans occluded and ignorant in an uneducated system promoting homosexual `action` and war. Consequently, 9/11 and the Gulf war was the movie they were planning to make in the United States of America, because the penis of the women beneath the burka of the human species of futanarian Moslems in Islam might conceivably emerge onto the world`s stage as a threat to the false democracy of societies based on the male braining of women in a 50% split with themselves as men in a transvestite `TV` democracy where all the characters are the same and just wear different clothes for the `small screening` in which the aliens, represented by the incurable killer disease of their `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS` terror weapon that maintained fearful faithfulness to men`s ownership of women in monogamy`s ring slavery, distinguished themselves from their human victims. Without autocratic rule by men common in Moslem nations, the 80% to 20% split between women and men in Moslem families would be generously democratic given the fact that the alien enslaver is homosexual and the women aren`t.



 The TEFL`s crew`s aid to nations that want to learn English language as a means of global communication is tempered by the knowledge that the word is used to spread the lies and propaganda of the alien enslaver of the futanarian human species of `woman`s seed`, which Resurrection and ultimate Ascension to heaven as God`s `chosen people` of the Bible, was heralded by the birth of Jesus Christ uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, and prefigured in his death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. The serpent is known as the `father of lies` and the split between Judaism, Christianity and Islam derives from Abraham`s wife, Sara, who gave Hajer, her maid, to Abraham, after birthing Isaac, whose lineage founded Judaism, and Sara found herself barren. Hajer produced her son, Ishmael, whose lineage founded Islam, because the Moslem faith derives from the perception that more than one wife is permissible. In Judaism it is only possible to be born a Jew from a woman, because women are Jews, that is, women are the `chosen people`, and Jesus born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, was a Jew, because he was `woman`s seed`. Even so, Christianity is unable to preach the Redemption, Resurrection, and Ascension of women as the futanarian human race, along with special men like Jesus, who can accept women as the human race, because homosexuality in pederasty is at war against all of civilization, culture and art that women`s host wombs are still able to produce, despite the parasite`s depredations, and so the Christian preacher doesn`t teach that Judaism, Islam and Christianity are but aspects of a single female species` faith in God, because he isn`t strong enough for Jesus` brand of burka at MacDonald`s.



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2 Page, Jimmy, Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin, `Tea For One`, Presence, Swan Song, 1976.

To The TEFL A Teacher

15/02/2015 09:13

To The TEFL A Teacher


A favorite movie is Bedazzled (1967), starring Hollywood ‘Babylon’ sex symbol and actress, Raquel Welch, as ‘Lust` among the `seven deadly sins` which, according to the established churches, result in the individual`s going to perdition, that is, ‘eternal unendurable pain’, if willfully embraced. The personified `sins` were wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony, which George Spiggott, the devil in Bedazzled, plagues Stanley Moon, who has been granted seven wishes, with. In the 1967 version, actor-comedian Peter Cook, in the role of Spiggott, is in competition with God for one billion souls. Although God doesn`t allow the devil back into heaven, at movie`s end Spiggott’s won. Peter Cook`s comedy partner, Dudley Moore, in the role of Stanley Moon, is restored to his old life, rather than doomed, because Spiggott had his billionth soul before Moon’s appearance in the film.



 As a comedy, written by Cook and Moore, the film is neatly explanatory, and was again so in the 2000 remake starring actor Brendan Fraser as Eliot Richards, and beautiful actress Elizabeth Hurley in the role of Satan. Eliot’s bedeviled by what she calls his ‘mistakes’; for example, in one of his wishes to be with actress Frances O`Connor in the ‘love interest’ role of Alison Gardner, he`s homosexual, and so can`t consummate his desire. Finally, he asks Satan to cancel the contract, and uses his final wish to escape hell. In the ’67 movie, Moon’s conversion from being `bedazzled` by the light from a ‘fallen star' represents the course of Redemption, which is why actress Raquel Welch is in the position of the Earth`s star, that is, the sun, to Stanley, who is beneath her. Moon is redeemed, because he's ignorant of the machinery of Redemption, which says that acceptance of 'woman's seed' is dependent on knowledge of it, so Stanley is redeemed after the style of the woman of Revelation, `… a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet ... about to give birth.’ (Rev: 12. 1-2). As ‘Lust’, Raquel is ‘adultery’. However, as women are a single separate species, so incapable of adultery, though helpless to prevent being adulterated by men, paedophiles for host womb slavery, and pederasty in war against ‘woman’s seed’, are her adulterate boy sons, that is, poisons, and that’s how men crush resistance to adultery in their children, who remain ignorant of women. Conditioned to ignore each other's penis in pederasty, men remain blind to the attraction of the race of futanarian 'woman's seed', and slaves to homosexuality's war against humanity. Unable to be born from women’s human mode of sexual reproduction between themselves, children are damned, ‘The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12.4) Relying on perceived threats to children producing outrage shifts focus away from advanced science’s goal of immortality. Preaching about slaving wars occurring during Palestine’s period of desert existence in tents encourages ephemerals’ belief in low technology, so that humanity becomes pederasty's cannon fodder in its alien wars upon 'woman's seed'. In Bedazzled, Stanley Moon lusts for Raquel Welch, which is symbolic of race war. In host womb parasitism for slavery in pederasty's war against her species, Moon is a parasite adulterate. However, sex per se is good, which is what Raquel represents. Stanley could be born in heaven from 'woman's seed', though Raquel remains a symbol of lust in parasitism, because of mass media censorship in favor of homosexual ‘action’. Faith in Resurrection, that is, Ascension to heaven through women’s brainpower, is needed, so that neither Stanley Moon, nor anyone else, can be in heaven without being born of ‘woman’s seed’.



 In the 1967 version of Bedazzled, `Envy` is Australian actor-comedian, and female impersonator, Barry Humphries, who was famous for the `wisteria hue` hair of his character, Dame Edna Everage, with the horn rimmed spectacles he/she called `face furniture`, and a catchphrase based on the perception that everyone who watched ‘her’ teevee show, The Dame Edna Experience (1987-9), was a native Australian rodent, `Hello, Possums!` When the UK in 1986 began to introduce training programs for the National Vocational Qualification (NVQ),1 aimed at assessing and determining those tasks that remained identical throughout employment, so that an individual could be trained to perform competently across a wide range of paid occupations,  it was obviously a criminal gang being prepared to assist a gangster to ‘move up’ through the envy queues. As ‘Envy’, Edna represented slavery, that is, utility, rather than beauty, which isn’t the essence of that business, although the female form obviously had its use. Rather lusting after Raquel Welch, whose charms were familiar from the film, One Million Years B.C. (1966), as a cavewoman in a bikini, Loana, she’s the type of child that slaving regimes foster. Forced to sublimate my own libido, a TEASESOUL English language teacher’s Certificate, combined with an NVQ 5, made me an actor. Way back in the ‘penis envy’ queue,2 without even the knowledge that Raquel’s penis should have been enviable, Edna’s look was evidently intended to appeal more to the criminal mind.



 Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was the founder of the skull of Vienna psychology who decided, after an analysis of a young girl that she was typical of a condition he termed `penis envy`, which was clinically diagnosable as envy of men who had penis. However, the `seven deadly sins` are defined as `... a form of idolatry-of-self wherein the subjective reigns over the objective.`3 Consequently, Raquel Welch as `Lust` represents that form of self-idolatry in which the subjective penis seeks to reign over the objective sex symbol, that is, the male penis envies the woman`s, and supplants her. As comedian Barry Humphries promoted Dame Edna Everage as Australia`s woman, penis’ supplantation was the unspoken theme. In sterile anal sex between homosexual men, the woman's penis is supplanted in favor of the anus, which means that violent surprise attacks from the rear are symptomatic of men in the absence of a universal system of defending woman as the Earth's race, for example, Japan's unannounced attack on the US’ Pacific fleet at Hawaii's Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, illustrate the absence of a species’ defense, and the omnipresent threat of homosexual attack from behind. HIV/AIDS is similarly symptomatic of the desire to attack 'woman's seed', and deliberately devised 'bad machine code', which is  based on the 'incurable killer virus' AIDS,  and that kills computer brains, is a further symptom of men’s unspoken aim of killing women’s futanarian human species for host womb parasitism in pederasty’s war against the human race. As women have their own penis as `futanarian` women, that means Raquel, or Liz Hurley, etc., are false ‘sex objects' for a parasite’s penis, which should be women`s only, and so having only human women as its object. Consequently, Raquel as `Lust`, and Liz as `Satan`, represent truth, which is that men envied women's penis, so lust and Satan were what women represented for men, because women were separate, single, and independent of ring slavery. As Dame Edna Everage, Barry Humphries represents the `envy queue`, that is, the male penis fits all employment situations, although it’s an exterminator's.



 In terms of `Business Administration`,4  an NVQ Level 1 could be awarded a skull leaver for something as simple as knowing how to operate a photocopier, which is a `work-related task` representing a level of intellectual achievement comparable to England’s Grade 5 Certificate of Secondary Head Chuck Occasions (CSHCO),5 that is, the least level of attainment in the UK`s education system, between 1965 and 1987, indicative of a recordable failure in academic work, for example, Physics or History, whereas a CSE 1 was equivalent to a GCE `O` Ordinary Level pass at `C` Grade from the 1950s, and before the introduction of GSCEs in the 1980s, which afforded stud`nts of different levels of attainment the possibility of sitting the same exam.7 In simple terms, NVQs are associated with `envy`, because vocational trainees aspire at a level of intellectual freedom at, or lower than, CSE 5, which represents a higher possibility for being envied by those with genuine freedom outside wage slavery. The NVQ represents the problem of the individual who must replace those who’ve queued before in order to ‘move up’ in society, that is, it encourages the killer. Consequently, those sent overseas as English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals were a priori death row’s convicted killers.



 Criminals don`t develop the brain. For a criminal, the brain is an electric light bulb. They don`t develop it. They switch it on and off, which is why the Briti television drama series, Callan (1967-72), starring Edward Woodward,8 always featured a light bulb being switched off in the opening credits. The ‘Callan Method’ is a well-known approach towards English language teaching,9 which requires the educator to elicit at high speed from stud`nts, who must learn to react quickly and respond. Like actor Edward Woodward's secret agent, and sometime killer protagonist, David Callan. Only 66% of the human species are accountably present on the planet Earth, if `futanarian` women with their own penis are absent, that is, killers, after the David Callan ‘method', have switched the light off, while the ELT pros are trying to switch it back on, which is why the Boble describes two beasts in Revelation, `This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.` (Rev: 13. 18) 33.3% of humanity is missing, because of the TV 'beasts' that pederasty and penisless women have become, `… no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.` (Rev: 13. 17) No human women’s ‘seed’ can live with the beast’, which is the business perspective of the parasite. Because women are at least 33% of the human race, men and women are male brained, because they refuse to accept that `woman`s seed`, that is `futanarian` women`s penis` semen, is valid. Men are taught hatred for the feminine, so Eliot is `gay` in Bedazzled, and Barry Humphries wears women`s clothes as TV's Dame Edna Everage. Their sterile culture is based on killing the feminine, that is, ‘TV’ Edna is ‘wrong', although laughable, because Edna isn’t a woman with a man’s penis, which means he’s ‘in drag’. Or, in other words, men who’ve usurped women’s penis are the dragon, Satan, while homosexual Eliot laughably can't get erect with Alison, because pederasty's for war and plague, that is, the HIV/AIDS virus. As women are male brained through eons of male semen, their subjectivity is trained to `object defy` women`s sexual desirability to women. Consequently, the English ‘system’ is for men who thwart women`s penis, because men are ‘penis envy’, that is, envious of women’s penis. Consequently, NVQ trainees are trained to value practical, rather than intellectual brainpower, which would manifest for the benefit of the emancipated human race from 'woman's seed', and that would end the parasites' enslavement of the human species, whereas the envy queue sustains it. If women bred with each other, they'd have a democratically controlling demographic, which would end the alien’s host womb slaving in parasitism for pederasty’s wars against ‘woman’s seed’.



 The model for Western society is derived from ancient Egypt John religion and its mythology, that is, the `Ka` or spirit, and `Ba` or soul, which are conjoined after bodily death as the `Akh` or `magical personality`.10 The Ka’ Ba, that is, the ‘square’ in Pseudi Yarubeer’s city of Me car, is where the Muzzlems are taught to go anti-clockwise, and then park for a Muttawah, or more. It was Henry Ford that manufactured the first mass produced car, the Model-T Ford,11 in 1908 at a plant in Detroit, Michigan, USA, which replaced the Yarubean camel as a means of transportation. Although alcohol is ‘haraam’, that is, forbidden in Muzzlem nations, in western societies that’s what it’s for. After the car (Ka) is driven to the car park (Ka-Ba-Akh), the driver gets out of the car (Ka). Goes to the bar (Ba) where he abjures his ‘magical personality’ to become the Everyman hero, Beer Man, unless he’s rescued by the yellow cab company, that is, the Al Uqab, with the flag of the Brafit M’mumhad, there’s the Qerash to worry about, who’re the ‘war tribe’. Although the idea of the yellow cab’s flag dropping to obviate a car crash seem only allegorically representative of the Al Uqab and the Qerash, for a western driver to crash a car when drunk on alcohol, or to take a cab to avoid a crash, isn’t.



 In the west, alcohol is ‘the demon drink’, while Al Gol is in fact a demon amongst the Yarubeans, that is, a ghoul. Approximately 2 billion television sets tuned in to watch the hijacked civil airliners being crashed into the World Trade Center in New York city on September 11, 2001, by the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, because TVs are the Yarubean ghoul’s eyes. In symbolic terms, the Egyptian `Akh` is the `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen, who is absent from the picture presented by western society, though not absent from the possible picture of the `Slammeric society in which four women within a marriage afford the possibility of sexual reproduction between women, which God seems to promise to the ‘seed’ of Amaninabra, `I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. (Gen: 22. 17) Western society is an allegory of the Chews` attempt to escape from slavery to the Egypt Johns, that is, the car (Ka) to the car park (Ka-Ba-Akh) and on to the bar (Ba), in anticipation of the crash for the ghoul’s following, isn`t the conjoining of woman with 'woman's seed', but a demand that the unbelievers follow the flag of the Brafit M’Mumhad, that is, the Al Uqab, which is the flag of the yellow cab company, in allegorical terms, because ghouls don’t avoid crashes.



 When Britney Spears was kissed at the Music Television (MTV) Video Music Awards (VMA) by pop singer, Madonna, their duet on the track, 'Me Against The Music’, from Spears’ 2003 album, In The Zone, suggested sexual intercourse between them was on the agenda, ‘My hips are movin' at a rapid pace. Can you feel it burn?’12 With dancers ‘the zone’ is that place where they’re moving fluently without noticeable effort, and the treadmill is where they exercise. However, treadmills were for slaves. Usually, the treadmill was connected to production, for example, grinding flour, but treadmills were also used simply as a means of torment. Consequently, Britney’s ‘ Me Against The Music’ duet with Madonna is actually an anti-slavery song:


‘It's whippin' my hair, it's pullin' my waist;

To hell with stares.

The sweat is drippin' all over my face,

And no one's there.’



 The unnoticed treadmill of the 20th century was the automobile television, which transmitted its ‘pictures’ after being pedaled. The gear stick, for example, telling the driver when to move his feet, is what slavers did. If you’re told when to move your feet, it’s limiting, that is, disabling, because able people would escape. Consequently, basic car design hasn’t changed since the first of Henry Ford’s Model-Ts that rolled off the production line in Detroit on October 1st, 1908, because it’s designed to disable and enslave for the ‘TV’ treadmill of pedaled pictures. As Ka-Ba-Akh (car park) transmissions, Madonna’s (Ka) sexual desire for Britney Spears (Ba) denotes the activity of the ‘magical personality’ (Akh), that is, the developmental archetype of futanarian ‘woman’s seed’, whose ‘pictures’ from the unconscious aren’t received amongst the people of Earth, because women are treadmilled as the slaves of men.



 Madonna’s exponence of Chewedic mysticism, ‘Kabbala’, which contains the phonemic elements of Ka, Ba, and Al Uqab, suggests that the ancient religion of the Egypt Johns was transmitted to the Chews before their escape from slavery during the rule of Thutmose II. The Chews took the tablets of the law given to Moses by God atop Mt Hebron in the Ark (Akh) of the Covenant, which contained the ‘female spirit of God’, ‘Shekinah’ (Ex: 25. 8). The Ark (Akh) had angels upon it, with their wings stretched forward, touching the tips of each other’s wings, so suggesting the future angelic host of women in heaven as the product of sexual union between women’s `Ka` spirit, and `Ba` soul, that is, as the `Akh` or `magical personality`, which is the Al Uqab in the Ka-Ba-Akh (car park) of Yarubeer’s Me car.



 The first parasitical male in Eden was Satan, the angel cast down from heaven by God for refusing to accept that the human host would be better than the angelic, and turned into the serpent by God as a punishment. Satan offered Eve, the first woman created by God, and the first man, Adam, the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which was death, although Satan promised, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) In accepting, Eve and Adam forfeited the `tree of life`, that is, immortality, although God told them they`d have Redemption, if Adam labored, and Eve accepted her own labor pains, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot.’ (Gen: 3. 15) Eve’s descendant, the Virgin Mary, birthed women’s savior, She’sus, uncontaminated by male semen, that is, he was ‘woman’s seed`. However, immediately after God’s expulsion of Eve and Adam from Eden, men enslaved the host wombs of women, and suppressed their daughters` penis’ semen, so that the Everyman hero, Beer Man, could pedal the human race on an alien treadmill, that is, women’s ‘foot’ was her futanarian species, which was being pedaled. Moreover, ‘woman’s seed’ wouldn’t be able to escape pedaling, because it wasn’t able to produce brainpower enough to give itself the permanent memory capacity God promised through medical science’s conferring of immortality, so that its people always had understanding.



 In Jesus’ disciple John’s apocalyptic vision of the future, Revelation, the child who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter` is She’sus come again to the Earth, while the dragon, Satan, grown in size since Eden, is the `serpent`s seed` of men`s devouring wars: `The dragon stood in front of the woman who was about to give birth, so that it might devour her child the moment he was born.` (Rev: 12. 4) Emerging from women’s species’ host womb, men’s ‘penis envy’ is the cause of their extermination of her `futanarian` race. She’sus` teaching was that God’s law was, `Love your neighbor as you love yourself,` (Mk: 12. 31) Although he was `woman`s seed`, women were taboo, so She’sus was killed. Actually, he was caught. Chewedass found him with a woman, who was anointing She’sus with the expensive perfume ‘spikenard’. Chewedass’ spy canard was that it should be sold to raise money, and She’sus told him, ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6) Chewedass gave She’sus over to the Rumuns for crucifixion as a ‘dissident’, because freedom for ‘woman’s seed’ might interfere with the slavers’ enjoyment of the perfume in their nostrils from the genitals they’d stolen from the humans.



 The TEFL and NVQ program for vocational training in English Language Teaching (ELT) is a devil and `envy queue` in the Rope Of New Onions’ superstate, where women are pedaled and kept on the treadmill, rather than She’sus` footrace should produce brains enough to run. In Hungry, ‘fut’ and ‘tanar’ mean ‘run’ and ‘teacher’,13 that is, She’sus was a ‘futanar’, or species’ trainer. Although `futanari`14 is the Japanese term for women with penis in Japan`s culture of `foot binding` for women to prevent their moving quickly,15 it isn`t the last place on Earth where ELT is able to assist understanding. The Brafit M’mumhad founded the `Slammer from the Gran (6. 10-30 am/pm) after She’sus` Ascension, who is Isa, in the Gran (19), which was dictated by the angels, according to Muzzlem tradition. As there are four wives in the `Slammeric marriages, the tradition of the Chewish `chosen people` and the Muzzlem marriage are compatible, if `futanarian` women are conceived as the `chosen people` of the human race. As it`s not possible for a man to be a Chew unless born from a woman, women are Chews. Born from his mother, the Virgin Mary/Maryam, uncontaminated by male semen, isa (She’sus) represents ‘woman`s seed`, that is, the Crushteen paedophile belief in Redemption is a development of Chewedaism and/or the `Slammer, which means ‘acceptance’. Although in practice it’s a prison for ‘woman’s seed`, She’sus’ teaching isn’t: ‘I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ (John: 10. 9-10)



  The Muddle East`s penchant for thumb print ID machines to give the TEFL`s teacher egress and ingress is an `envy queue` adjunct. Consequently, arriving at the place of employment early enough to thumb print the ID machine before a queue forms, and employing the same method after the queuers have left the workplace, is advisable. Although it means paying taxis, rather than making use of the company bus, it’s worth it to avoid standing in the queue. What had been learned was more than had been taught, which was that the human race had been disabled to train it as an animal to stumble over the cliff and into the river and drown, like the pigs in the New Mendedtoaster narrative of She’sus who, near the town of Gadarene, cast evil spirits from men he met, `The spirits came out, and entered into some pigs, which rushed down to the sea and drowned.` (Mk: 5. 13) If you don’t stand in the queue, you won’t be persuaded to run off the cliff and drown in the sea.



 The demons’ aim to possess humans and drive them off the cliff and into the sea, ‘If the Jewish state becomes a fact, and this is realized by the Arab peoples, they will drive the Jews who live in their midst into the sea.’16 As women aren`t told that they can sexually reproduce with each other as `futanarian` humans, the Earth is possessed by demons driving the brainless human race off a precipice. Those in the envy queue wouldn`t be envious if they weren`t behind. Consequently, NVQ is shorthand for ‘brain damage’. The victim of men`s refusal to educate the human race of women that they could sexually reproduce with each other in order to enable the human species’ brainpower, rather than that the race be driven over the precipice to its doom, is an indication that men and women couldn’t count to three.



 Removing the woman`s penis disabled the three-legged race, so its hobbling to Armageddon, which is a plain in Northern Israel near the port of Haifa, and represented in the Boble as the place of the final conflict between God and evil, could be filmed as ‘Hollywood’ entertainment, `God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.` (Rev: 16. 19) The battle on the plain of Armageddon is before God`s judgment upon the evil of perdition, that is, ‘eternal unendurable pain’, and the good’s receiving of a new heaven and Earth from God. Men are the worm that has enslaved women’s species’ host womb for devouring warfare, `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Extinction is the parasite`s teleology, and the human species is its worm`s hole.



 After the serpent, Satan, determined Eve would be a suitable host, he`d have to remove the penis of Eve`s daughters, which demanded pogromers. Germany`s National Socialist (Nazi) Party was elected to govern Germany, and Adolf Hitler became Chancellor in 1933. He attempted to eradicate the `chosen people`, that is, Eve`s `futanarian` host wombs for the sexual reproduction of human brainpower. During WWII (1939-45), Hitler’s ‘Nazis’ built ‘death camps’ in which upwards of 20, 000, 000 Jews were exterminated before Germany’s defeat. During the Yucanslavere war in Bosnia (1992-5),17 Serbian militia set up ‘rape camps’ to male brain a generation of Muzzlems. By the 21st century, ‘sex checks’ of women athletes at competitions were aspects of the continuing campaign, ‘Santhi Soundarajan from India ran in the 800 meter race at the Asian Games in Qatar. Competing against athletes from 45 countries, she won a silver medal. The next day, however, Soundarajan was called in for a blood test and asked to undress. A few days later, it was announced on Indian national television that Soundarajan had been stripped of her medal because she had failed a sex test.’18 Airport strip searches of Muzzlem women wearing their traditional burkha, that is, the black one piece coverall that prevents their being exposed in public, emphasized the escalating racial discrimination, ‘You are not safe.’19 The United States’ detention center at Cuba`s Guantanamo Bay, after September 11, was a further step towards war with women.



 If `rough trade` is preferred, that is, homosexual `brutality and violence`,20 women`s `seed` will be at the back of the `envy queue` until it`s extinct. Ideologically, NVQs perpetuate perceptions inferiority. Stalin (1936-40) and Cambodia’s Pol Pot (1976-9) depopulated their nations, because they disagreed that intellectuals were superior. As women`s sexual reproduction between themselves is denied by men, through their mass media propaganda, and `entertainment` systems, attacks on intellectuality wars against women`s brainpower, which is `penis envy`.



 The 'envy queue' is a sign of the anti-intellectuality of `the beast`, `…  a mark on their right hand, or upon their forehead; and that no man should be able to buy or to sell, save he that hath the mark.’ (Rev: 13. 16-17) Intelligence isn’t advantageous, because ‘woman’s seed` is the slave of the ‘beast’, so ignorance is superior. The `beast` makes the ‘envy queue’ longer. The socio-economy of the UK since the introduction of the NVQ was characterized by a desire to make others race. The phrase `rat race` had been used to describe those who work, because employers and educators perpetuate racism, that is, the race of `woman`s seed` are always going to be last in the `envy queue` of ‘the beast’, because humanity can’t run.


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International English Language Testing System

10/02/2015 10:37

International English Language Testing System



Most children in primary education in the United Kingdom have been exposed to the IQ Test phenomenon, which requires them to complete a few simple questions to ascertain what intelligence quotient the test preparers have decided to apportion to what they conceive of as the correct answer. After the passing of the British Nationality Act in 1948, which made any citizen of the former colonies of the British Empire, and its more liberal incarnation as the British Commonwealth of politically and socio-economically co-operating nations, eligible to receive citizenship of the United Kingdom. When West Indies` immigrants arrived as cheap labor to work in public service jobs that no one wanted, their children were required to take IQ Tests. Their intelligent quotient was assessed as being at a lower level than native English speakers because they checked the box marked `tomato` when invited to select the odd word out in a question that also included `ugly` and `orange`. When required to explain the curious phenomenon, the West Indian children explained that `ugly` in the West Indies was a hybrid fruit created from oranges, grapefruit and tangerines. The native English speakers believed that they had a higher level of education because they knew that tomatoes were vegetables while oranges were fruit whereas `ugly` was an adjective. Consequently, for the English the knowledge that oranges and tomatoes were fruit and vegetables was the deciding factor, whereas for the West Indians the deciding factor was that oranges and ugly were fruits while tomatoes were vegetables, which meant that their IQ was higher because they`d know that ugly fruits were an oranges, grapefruit and tangerine hybrid. As a result the primary education IQ Test system experienced a hiatus in which the basis for testing was examined. The conclusion was that, although the examination couldn`t be viewed as racist, the questions were culture bound and so a faultless score was indicative of cultural understanding rather than higher intelligence.



 English Language Teaching (ELT) was the response of the United Kingdom`s education system to the European Union where French and English were adopted as the two `official` languages of the EU, which was founded as the European Economic Community (EEC) by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and West Germany. The EU, which the UK joined in 1973, had developed from an economic co-operative into a geo-political bloc by the early 21st century and the beginnings of the inclusion of those newly independent states in Eastern Europe that had endured socio-economic control under the auspices of the former Soviet Union, which had been invaded by an elected National Socialist (Nazi) Germany that fought the Second World War (1939-45) to impose slavery on Eastern Europe. When WWII was over the Russians refused to leave the nations they`d passed through to get to Germany and Germany itself was partitioned into East, that is, Russian, and West, which was British, American and French, because the Western allies had invaded Germany from Western Europe. Consequently, 2004 saw the inclusion of many of the nations of Eastern Europe that had been a part of the Soviet Union before Mikhail Gorbachev`s (1985-91) policy of `glasnost`, that is, Russian `openness`, resulted in the creation of the Russian Federation and the cessation from the former Russian Union of those states that preferred independence, that is, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia, while Romania and Bulgaria joined in 2007, and Croatia in 2013. Providing English Language Teaching (ELT) employment for professional educators was a business opportunity for the UK and so passing the ELT tests devised by the examiners was a new intelligence standard where employment in the EU depended on employees being able to speak either English or French.



 Because West Indians coming to the UK in the 1950s had challenged the IQ Test devised by Western culture, the onus on ELT was to provide testing that wasn`t culturally biased, otherwise allegations of racism would surface as a response to intelligent individuals being downgraded for being unable to comprehend English propaganda rather than English language. Most English tests are standard from the point of view of Grammar, that is, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Examiners can mark comprehension; hearing, speech and the written word: but interpretation remains the bugbear. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) was established in 1989 as an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers jointly managed by Cambridge English Language Assessment; the British Council; and Australia`s IDP Education. IELTS is a system designed to test the student`s English language proficiency and consists of 0 to 9 bands, where 0 is represented as `No accessible information provided`, that is, the student couldn`t or didn`t take the test, while 9 is `Expert user`. Although IELTS is `banded` so that students can be assessed and graded to fulfil the IELTS band requirements of the University or College to which they seek admittance; for example, Essex University in the United Kingdom requires that students achieve a 5.5 (18-22) IELTS banding for admittance, while Oxford University requires 7.0 (30-1/40). The IELTS examination is based largely on comprehension questions; for which it is often impossible for the students to select the correct answer: because there seem to be several acceptable answers where only one is admissible.




`Most economists in the United states seem captivated by spell of the free market. Consequently, nothing seems good or normal that does not accord with the requirements of the free market. A price that is determined by the seller or for that matter, established by anyone other than the aggregate of consumers seems pernicious, Accordingly, it requires a major act of will to think of price – fixing (the determination of prices by the seller) as both `normal` and having a valuable economic function. In fact, price-fixing is normal in all industrialized societies because the industrial system itself provides, as an effortless consequence of its own development, the price-fixing that requires, Modern industrial planning requires and rewards great size. Hence a comparatively small number of large firms will be competing for the same group of consumers. That each large firm will act with consideration of its own needs and thus avoid selling its products for more than its competitors charge is commonly recognized by advocates of free-markets economic theories. But each large firms will also act with full consideration of the needs that it has in common with the other large firms competing for the same customers. Each large firm will thus avoid significant price cutting, because price cutting would be prejudicial to the common interest in a stable demand for products. Most economists do not see price-fixing when it occurs because they expect it to be brought about by a number of explicit agreements among large firms; it is not. More over those economists who argue that allowing the free market to operate without interference is the most efficient method of establishing prices have not considered the economies of non-socialist countries other than the United States. These economies employ intentional price-fixing usually in an overt fashion. Formal price fixing by cartel and informal price fixing by agreements covering the members of an industry are common place. Were there something peculiarly efficient about the free market and inefficient about price fixing, the countries that have avoided the first and used the second would have suffered drastically in their economic development. There is no indication that they have. Socialist industry also works within a frame work of controlled prices. In early 1970’s, the Soviet Union began to give firms and industries some of the flexibility in adjusting prices that a more informal evolution has accorded the capitalist system. Economists in the United States have hailed the change as a return to the free market. But Soviet firms are no more subject to prices established by free market over which they exercise little influenced than are capitalist firms.`


The primary purpose of the passage is to:


1 refute the theory that the free market plays a useful role in the development of industrialized societies.

2 suggest methods by which economist and members of the government of the United States can recognize and combat price-fixing by large firms.

3 explain the various ways in which industrialized societies can fix in order to stabilized the free market

4 argue that price-fixing, in one form or another, is an inevitable part of and benefit to the economy of any industrialized society.

5 Analysis of free markets in different economies


Correct Answer E



 Ignoring the obvious grammatically incomprehensible device of constructing sentences without capital letters apart from the final sentence, which doesn`t have a full stop, the average person reading the text would suppose any or all of the answers offered as possible solutions were correct, because it depends on the opinion of the person or persons who wrote the test. Examiners have no power to do anything other than indicate whether the answer is correct or incorrect on the examination paper, that is, they know nothing at all except what the answers are according to the rubric, for example, `Correct Answer E`1 is all the examiner possesses in terms of the ability to grade the paper because that`s all they need. No understanding of English language is required to mark IELTS comprehension questions. Spanish or Italian speakers, or any speaker of any other language could, without knowledge of English at all. Consequently, students` lives are in the hands of examiners who don`t have to know English and, because the questions are impossible to understand, the students can`t pass unless they`re given the correct answers before the IELTS exam takes place; or they guess correctly. Just as the IQ Test of the 1950s was criticized for latent racism, because West Indies` students were marked down for indicating that `ugly` was a fruit along with oranges, while tomato was a vegetable, and the native English speakers indicated that `ugly` was an adjective, which the devisers of the IQ Test wrongly identified as `correct`, so IELTS students have become the victims of that latent racism.



 IELTS` teaching is a preparation system, which means that the teachers prepare the students for the exam rather than teach them English. Consequently, the English Language Teaching (ELT) profession isn`t served well by IELTS either. The teacher is blamed by the students for not preparing them for an examination that it isn`t possible to understand because the deviser of the examination is targeting the competent professional English language teacher also. The teacher is doomed as incompetent, and the student is doomed to failure, because the deviser of the examination is a racist, which is definable as everybody races to the finish line, and no prize for guessing who`s the winner. The theory is that the expert knows the answer, but there`s no evidence to suggest that the teacher or the student are capable of answering the questions based on expertise. The teacher may know the answer from the rubric provided in the teacher`s answer book, or may be able to communicate to the student enough information about the text for the student to gain enough expertise to be able to answer the question correctly. But the teacher isn`t being asked to take the examination. Consequently, although IELTS isn`t a test of the teacher`s inadequate knowledge, rather than his/her ability to teach, the students` ability to answer is tested. In other words, IELTS is devised to assassinate the teacher, who may or may not have enough expertise to pass the IELTS exam as an expert, that is, he/she isn`t required to be, because IELTS` teaching is an exam preparation system that doesn`t require the teacher to have enough knowledge to pass the exam, even though the teacher is required to prepare the students to take the exam. In short, the teacher isn`t required to be expert enough to pass the exam, because he/she doesn`t have to take it:


`I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!`2



 The students can either guess or answer correctly, according to their understanding of the text, which the teacher may or may not understand, although he/she is able to prepare the students for the IELTS exam. The IELTS test seems designed to stymie both teachers and students, that is, teachers don`t know the answers from their understanding of the text, while students have to rely on their own expertise or otherwise when taking the test, but the system is perfectly adequate. Teachers are required to prepare the students for the test with the answer book to help them, while the students must take the test with the knowledge they`ve gleaned from English Language Teaching (ELT) professionals prior to the IELTS` preparation program, which may or may not be administered and carried out by ELT professionals. Consequently, the IELTS test is designed to be fair to the students. Teachers may or may not be experts, but ELT professionals can be trained to provide IELTS` test preparation. What IELTS means is that teachers prepare students to take exams for experts to pass if the student is expert, not the teacher, who doesn`t have to take the exam, although the students` preparation isn`t handicapped by the IELTS` professional. However, the answers to the IELTS exam remain unanswerable to a large portion of teachers and students, and the test can be manipulated by those with better guesswork than advanced English skills. What IELTS tells ELT is that the teachers can`t teach, and the students have to guess, because it`s unlikely that either of them will know. It`s the opinion of the test devisers that they`re the experts, because they can run the race.



 Although the student has to be an expert to attain the IELTS band 9, the ELT professional doesn`t have to be an expert at either ELT or IELTS preparation, that is, it`s the students` responsibility to learn in order to become an expert, which it isn`t the responsibility of the ELT professional to achieve. In short, teacher and student correspond to the slave stereotype in which one is bound to the other, while each tries to master the other with the whip of Righteous Consequence, because it`s a racist system in which the human is the runner but not the winner. The teacher is taxed by the student, who taxes the teacher, and the harder tax are the heart attacks that follow from teacher and student whipping each other on to ever more Herculean efforts, which is unreasoning, because the teacher only has to be an expert to teach in the classroom, while the student has to do a lot more work outside of the classroom in order to be an expert, that is, if the student wants expertise at the `Advanced` level, following success at `Upper-Intermediate`, the student has to learn independently of the teacher, which is what University students are required to do. In simple terms, ELT professionals need to teach what is required for the level of the students, but the students are required to submit material to be graded as classwork and perform homework tasks commensurate with their purported desire to learn. If they don`t learn, there`s very little the teacher can do to improve the student; although the onus is always on the teacher to improve beyond all recognition.



 Unfortunately, the all singing, all dancing, juggling and saxophone playing teacher, with his toes on the computer console, and his fingers alive at the Smart Board, won`t learn for the student, who needs to read the designated preparatory book, for example, Cambridge English, and answer the prepared questions in order to prepare for the exam level, which the book is preparing the student for. The teacher`s responsibility is to direct the student as to what they need to study, whereas supposed ELT experts, administrators, etc., perceive it as the teacher`s role to learn, which is false. It`s the teacher`s task to direct the students as to what they must learn in order to pass the exam. The students` objective is to train the teacher to give the answers to the exam or test, rather than learn to pass, while the teacher`s task is conceived by almost everyone concerned as a learner`s, and the teacher believes so, because they`re educated in wage slavery, which calculates that the teacher can never run fast enough to win the race for the human students, whereas it`s obvious to any ELT teacher that they can win for the students everyday if the enriched learners want to learn, rather than whip the poor teacher on with the threat of a decrease in salary as a deterrent to the teacher`s refusing to give them the answers to the exam and make it easier. ELT isn`t like the average Comprehensive School in England, where students have to be there. Students of English language must learn English for their career, or they want to, which leaves them no excuse as learners. They`re not in the ELT professional`s classroom as `deadweight`, which means that they`re there to embrace the teacher`s directing them to study what they need to pass the exam. If they don`t, they`ll fail, and it isn`t the teacher`s responsibility to do other than direct them to what they need to learn, and correct their guided efforts so that they can rectify their mistakes. That there are very few failures is a measure of the students` performance and not the teacher`s, although the teacher is blamed for the failures, whereas the directed student, who fails amongst those who pass after the same direction, is blameable to themselves, unless the teacher is accused of the students` ability to learn.



1 .


2 Finch, Peter as Howard Beale in Network, MGM, 1976.

Our Man In Dammam

04/02/2015 11:34

Our Man In Dammam


Writing science fiction stories, while travelling the world as an English language teacher, was fraught. Aliens appeared everywhere in the guise of peepers trying to see what it was that the budding `sci fi` genius was engaged in, while preparing to condemn him as another Salman Rushdie. Rushdie, born a Muzzlem in Bombay, India, but become an atheist, wrote the novel, The Satanic Verses (1988), in praise of the Yarubean goddesses, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat, who`re mentioned in the Gran (6. 10-30 am/pm), dictated by the angels, according to tradition, to the Brafit M’mumhad, who founded the Muzzlem faith of the `Slammer, although the passages about the goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat were disparaged by `Slammeric fundamentalist commentators, `Have you then considered Al-Lat and Al-Uzza? And Manat, the other third? Is it for you the males and for God the females? That indeed is a division most unfair!`1



 In the New Toastermend of the Boble, `… the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six.` (Rev: 13. 18) Men and women are two thirds of the human race, although `futanarian` human `seed` from women with penis` semen are the `other third`, represented by the Yarubean goddesses, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat, from An-Najm , `The Star`, 53rd Sura (chapter) of their Gran. A `fatwah`, which is a death sentence that can be carried out by anyone, and declared by the ‘Slammer on Rushdie, indicated why men and women are `the beast`, because they can’t disagree. In male braining, there`s no `woman`s seed`, that is, humans are absent from the written word. Consequently, the two thirds (66.6%) of the people of `the beast` that accepted the `fatwah`, that is, `the mark of the beast` (666), were the men and women of the Earth that were the beast`s own brain damage deferring to its own wounded head, `One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast.` (Rev: 13. 4)



 Salman Rushdie was attempting to explain that men and women were two thirds `beast`, because their taboos prevented `woman`s seed` from sexually reproducing human brains, `... they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.` (Rev: 13. 18) People derived from humans aren’t, so their genitalia bears the ‘mark’ of mutilation. Revolutionary `Slammeric fundamentalist religious leader, Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran, was responsible for the deposing of Shah Pahlavi on February 11, 1979, and placed a `fatwah` upon Rushdie in 1989 for breaking taboo. The verses from `The Star` are known by Muzzlems as `the satanic verses`, so Khomeini, who died on June 3 that year, gave permission for anyone to kill Rushdie for explaining that `Allah`s daughters`, were `futanarian` women with penis` semen.



 At a diner in Bqaiq, Al Hasa, near Dammam, burgers were advertised as `Ourobyin`, which caused concern amongst the local Robys that they might be the focus of a `fatwah` if they were in buns. Bqaiq is so named for the bumps in the road slowing traffic to the pace of a penguin, `If you feel a little p-peckish, p-p-p-pick up a Penguin.`2 A chocolate `sandwich` biscuit, manufactured by McVitie`s food company, Muzzlem women in their burkhas are whimsically associated with it. However, although picking up a penguin is likely to result in backache, truckers can’t avoid the humps.



 Women in burkhas aren’t cannibal bred. Although they don’t want to be men’s seed buns, they shouldn’t want their daughters to be burgered either. An iqama is a work permit, which is the armor needed when the oil industry’s constant thirst for drilling is applied to the ELT professional’s brain. The discovery that there weren`t taxis, meant that Bqaiq was paid for with compacted vertebrae as company transportation hit the humps, so accusing the passengers of having been spine, which implied brains. The misogynist ideological perspective of the cannibals was that the muzzled women in their burkhas weren’t spine, because they were meet, that is, brainless, while the Muttawahs counted the hours that were left to the young women before they put on their burkha wrappings in preparation for bared canines.



 News came that the UK branch of the euthanasia EXIT society had persuaded the British government to have the population accept what it called ‘Brexit’, which meant having what was left of Ireland, and England, Scotland and Wales, suicidally leave the European Onions, without even a tear. Was it meet to deny MacDonald’s the Gremlins’ onioned homes?  It was a sign of the ‘last days’ prophesied by She’sus: ‘… false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.’ (Matt: 24. 24) Having ordered from e-bay, for £17.14 (incl. p & p), a TV Century 21 `Supercar` pin, I wore it as ‘a sign’. TV21 was a weekly comic, published from January 23, 1965, by City Magazines, which promoted SF television series, developed from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson`s Century 21 Productions company. Written in the style of a newspaper of the future, its front page was dedicated to fictional news stories set in the worlds of Supercar, Thunderbirds, which was made into a 2004 Hollywood movie, Fireball XL5, Stingray, and Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, etc. Brexit was evidently TV 21  news. The Century 21 Productions` Supercar (1961-62) pin was bought to replace a Busynessmen`s Gosh Hell Fellowship (BGHF) badge that had been discovered in the luggage broken as ‘a further sign’ after passing through Egypt`s Cairo airport.



 Although Supercar was a flying car that traveled into space, like USSF writer, Robert A. Heinlein`s `Gay Deciever` (IE because it's Microsoft), Supercar travels through time too, although it`s not especially known for accessing alternative worlds created in fiction as well as reality, which is why Heinlein`s car from his novel, The Number Of The Beast (1980), was famed. While `gay` is a term applied to homosexuals, Robert A. Heinlein`s car is comprehendible as an escapee’s, that is, it`s necessary to deceive (correct spelling) paedophiles and pederasts, or you can`t. Heinlein’s novel is ostensibly about a ‘black beast’ that pursues married characters, Jake, Hilda, Zeb and Hilda as they explore alternative realities with their Microsoft IE. However, it’s actually concerned with the burkha, which conceals women’s alternative future reality. Consequently, Heinlein’s ‘black beast’, which disturbs the travelers, is hermaphroditic and enslaved, ‘The men carried whips; vermin were muzzled. This one vermin - well, "wog" - this wog had managed to pull its muzzle aside and was stuffing this weedy plant into its mouth ... when a whip cracked across its naked back. It cried.’3 The men are Muzzlems and the ‘wogs’ are burkha women.



 The Supercar pin had been instantaneously useful when the buttoning button on the suit jacket dropped off, while leaving Buttapes to see more of the apes’ planet. For the cognoscenti, the lowest button of a suit jacket is buttoned, while the two above remain unbuttoned, according to the supposed rules governing sartorial elegance. Discovering that two had been lost, including the bottommost, fortunately the Supercar pin, which had been attached to the lapel as ‘a sign’, couldn’t be made to serve as an emergency suit buttoning button. Airport security in Dammam had been was tight as usual, but not as tight as the suit. Braving the slaughterhouse ambience of people moving slowly in lines, the militarized personnel kept their Glock automatic pistols handily visible as psychologically stimulative `cattle prods`, which kept the despised animals from another nation racing forward in the racist `game` of `beat the Glock` and, with least fuss, on to their next experience of terminal boredom.



 Emptying one`s pockets of loose change into the airport charity tray for foreign coins from foreign … ers, it isn’t so bad as packing a Madonna video, which could hand you a death sentence, if the meat packers have seen her wobblers on the cover of the CD for ‘Like A Virgin’ (1984), for example, followed by an appearance as spam in the supermarket tins, ‘Hey! Touched for the very first time.’4 The e-mail on my laptop in the plane contained a jpeg of Britney Spears, `caught up skirt` by the paparazzi, as she got out of Supercar's tin, a penis product that oughtn’t to be topped.



 Sent from terminal to terminal, while you have another terminal experience, but which doesn`t quite leave you dead enough not to make it to Spam Am’s seatin’, is what `international flight` means. Although it`s perfectly possible to take flight from Buttapes to Riyald, the travel arrangers look to have  a 12 hour `stopover` in Turkey or Cairo, so that there’s an opportunity for some terror. Losing a valuable antique silver tie pin in Qatar, Doha, which was purchased in Buttapes for £ 50. 00 or so, going through the security check, the metal attracted the detector, so it was placed in the tray passing along the conveyor belt with the luggage to be scanned for dangerous, and/or illegal, items. The hallmarked solid silver didn’t make it through to the other side, because airport terminals are for stealing  from the mortal, whose time on Earth is finite, so terminaled.



  Doubtless there were piles of Chews, because the airport shoe retailers, looking to again `pin the tail on the donkey`, need them for the soles in transit. Through the skies to another airline heaven modeled in the Bauhaus abattoir style. Dubai, in fact, means, ‘Shoe buy.’ Because there’s still time before the dearly depart to take off their belts and shoes, and buy some more. As ghosts in old clothes, the passing shoes aren`t mourned in Abu Dhabi any more than the silver tie pin, which went with the shoes and belt. Prominent in their army uniforms at airports throughout the Muddled East, as local heads of state seek to reassure terminaled arrivals, the bespangled military units, with their Glocks and berets, beat a measure of time as the quaking and trembling are herd passing away. Satanically reminding the terminaled of the time, the Glock guards drive on to the lavatory those who`re still perspiring to reach for the stars, while they wet their pants in fear.



 Dammam`s Konk Fart airport terminal for those passing through the slaughterhouse ambience as favored animals still able to walk and talk in English enough to be allowed through as `walkie talkies` for the kids, who need an English language teaching (ELT) professional for just that reason, saw Our Man in Dammam weaving like a snake, or a worm in segments, which is how the passengers appear after a flight. They’ve been de-segmented, that is, cut off from the human family over the eons that have passed since the original Abba tour. At one point a burger woman bent in front of me to tend her child, Emil, and was roundly abused by a ghostly apparition clad in the traditional white `thob` until, abandoning a more direct route, the worm bits were made to resume the path of the winding snake to the passport counter, who counted the visibility of the Holy Ghost(s) he could detect by means of CCTV, or other recording equipment, while deferring as to the possibility of the ghostliness of the human worm`s being tangible.



 Perceiving the thob story as that of a maudlin psychopath slaying the human race in revenge for some imagined misdemeanor, Our Man in Dammam wove his way out of the terminal, and into the car waiting to take him alive into Bqaiq. The Supercar pin, though not sterling silver, was performing sterling service as a temporary suit jacket button, which was pridefully announced to the pogromer at the Trafficking Industry's Notional Institute (TINI), who catalogued it amongst the visible effects. Demonstrating ingenuity and independence as a Universe City graduate able to work alone under adverse circumstances, after it was rapidly outlined by the pogrom administration that classrooms had locks on the doors on the inside, which could be locked on the outside, so there was presumably central locking in case of riots by the spam inside the TINI, referring to my extensive knowledge of bore stalls, the bores were locked in during lessons. However, some of the hefty forty-five year old employees of the world`s largest oil field, Gowar, sentenced to industry training by Oahumco, looked past me in the corridor objecting. Teaching the world`s industrious has its hardships. The stud`nts could lock each other out of the classrooms, and lock the teacher in, while also locking the teacher out if they had an electronic key, or inside help from one of the screws.



 The flaw in the system was that the stud`nts could use `the bathroom`, which was the path of those wearing the obligatory white full length shirt, or `thob`, that is, thob bathroom. However, the absence of a bath in the lavatory suggested that it was the ‘path room’ that they were requesting and, though totally unversed in air force terminology, it seemed clear that the stud’nts were asking for ‘the bomb path room’ where they could dump on the teacher for trying to make the bored interesting. As a pastor with The Monastery, the stud`nts could be baptized in the washbasin, which was where they washed their feet. However, the administration’s rejection of the bath, and preference for the dump, meant the bore stalled inmates couldn`t escape to heaven on a plane to the West through conversion. Moreover, told not to preach to Muzzlems, the teacher’s official role was to open and close the door. It was a quandary. The thob was a dressing gown, and they were wearing a towel on their heads, so the absence of a bath meant they were a joke. Al Qaeda, `the base`, would require a lot of washing to get rid of their sins. No matter the size of the washbasin, they’d put their right foot in it. Indeed, the entire foot of the hole of the ‘Slammer’s.



 In Dalek on September 11, 2001, with the hospital nurses of the North West Legged Forces Hospital, Al Qaeda’s terrorist attack upon the World Trade Centre, when Al Qaeda, `the base`, after hijacking planes at Boston, Logan airport, crashed them into the Twin Towers of New York, profoundly affected my teaching. In William F. Nolan’s science fiction novel, Logan’s Run (1967), a society had been detailed in which people were killed when they reached 21 years, because of scarce resources. Logan was the name of a ‘runner’ who was hunted by ‘Sandmen’ because he didn’t want to be killed. Obviously, the basin in the lavatory was ‘a sign’ that Al Qaeda, `the base`, must be washed from the sin of seeking to bring war to the Earth to prevent it from progressing beyond the limitations of the 20th century, and into the 21st. Moreover, because of the scale of their crime, a bath mightn’t be sufficient to remove the scales from their eyes, or indeed their leathery wings.



 Strategically located about the TINI were bathroom scales. Perhaps Caley Cuoco, star of the US’ sitcom, The Big Bang Theory, would be the meat? Theory posited the serpent, Satan, would never escape its prison, but be `banged down`, as the warders in the Earth`s prison system say, before being `shot as a spy attempting to escape`, as the Nazis were wont to say of the `prisoners of war` (POWs), captured during Germany, Italy and Japan`s efforts to enslave the human race during World War Two (1939-45), after their first attempt in World War One (1914-18). My supposition was that the serpent was weighing things very carefully in its scales, and so far had rejected Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein`s Ba`ath Party program as `insufficient`. The President in Iraq was executed by the US army on December 30, 2006, for supporting Al Qaeda, `the base`, after 9/11, 2001. Ascension from a washbasin, though impossible, might prove difficult. The emergence of successor, Iraq’s Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, leading the rebel Independent State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), was a refusal to Wahash, because that was the family name of Syria’s President Bashar Assad. According to etymologists, ‘wahash’ meant ‘beast’, because Syria’s dictator was the ‘beast’, so he needed a washbasin to cleanse him from sin too. ‘Bidet’ was the code name given to the US’ deployment of B1s and B2s against ISIS which, from ‘B-Day’ onwards, shat and pissed on the insurgents from a great height; until they weren't Uncle Ian dependents anymore.



 With so many signs of that ancient serpent, Satan, littering the place, the Smart Board, wearing its solid silver tie pin, and making an appearance on loan from the 1965-9 US’ spoof spy drama, Get Smart, remained the teacher`s only friend from the realm of adapting technology, and Max’s fight for CONTROL against Mr Big’s KAOS, ‘Why should we take the word of a vicious homicidal psychopathic killer like you?’5 Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras designed to monitor the stud`nts were used by administrators to adapt the teacher by switching off Smart, and other technical aids, while the CONTROL agent was reduced to being a small bored Whitehall man in order to fulfil the exigencies of his contract: ‘Would you believe 25 CONTROL agents are converging on this building?’6



 On the understanding that Our Man in Dammam wasn’t the hero of BBC TV`s long running `scifi` show Doctor Who (1963-) but, like the Tardis, with pulchritudinous assistant Cake inside, the good doctor`s equipment would be miraculously translated into the TINI workspace for the faithful Muttawah, that is, robot dog, K9, would provide the realia for ‘The Doctor’ to instruct the Muzzlems in ‘Fetch’. Though bereft of a pastor’s ‘dog collar’, game instructions from the bored were for the muzzled to indicate where the bones of the Brafit M’Mumhad weren’t still being jumped on. Although Cake represents the desire for the equipment to appear, the TINI workspace consisted mainly of a generation of boys in arrested development unable to experience full immersion baptism in a washbasin, while the scales weighed them down, because of the `Falsie Brafit` of the `Slammer, that is, Saddam Hussein of the Ba`ath Party. `Ba`ath` means `resurrection`. Consequently, the `Falsie Brafit`, Saddam Hussein, supported Al Qaeda, `the base`, rather than the washbasin from whence all sins are washed clean.



 The piece of paper on my desk, not commanding the installation of the `printer driver`, meant that the `lesson plans` disobediently failed to print themselves. Without a key to the teacher`s room, it was necessary to have a TINI ID card with the magnetic strip attached for staff to open locked doors, or it`d be almost impossible for the printer to be driven, so that the `lesson plans` could obey orders, although the classrooms afforded plenty of opportunity to lament the absence of the TINI electronic key card, which would allow the teacher in, without having to then ask the stud`nts, ‘Can I leave? `Sit!` ordered a TINI, or a tube, or whatever. Bereft of electronic ID card to open the classroom door, the teacher would take orders from terrorists, wouldn’t he? Obviously the administrators and employers had thought so too. Certainly he was expected to provide the `printer driver` and the `lesson plans` by providing a printer, while the TINI were threatening to kill the teacher, so that they could sell it on their tubes as a slow motion AIDS’ snuff vid, or worse, if the printer didn`t materialize. `Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose`, I said under my breath, quoting drummer Neal Peart`s lyric from `Circumstances` by the Canadian rock band, Rush, and from the album Hemispheres (1978), with the cover featuring the two halves of an exposed human brain, and a `gay` couple celebrating male braining for the human race of `woman`s seed`.



 Having to buy a white shirt to fulfil the dress code of the hiring company, Bqaiq afforded only a 45 collar in its largest size so, collapsing in choking apoplexy during a bite to eat at the TINI cafeteria, unable to swallow and vomiting, because of the constriction at the throat, the shirt issue was resolved by moving the button closer to the buttonhole, with scissors and a needle and thread, while the suit button still remained a difficulty. However, although wearing a traveling suit is mandatory, according to the strict rules applying to sartorial elegants recruited by employers, a second afforded a few hours thought to consider repairs. If buttons were taken from inside the now almost buttonless suit jacket, the smaller buttons functioning as inside pocket fasteners, could be used as the upper defunct buttons, while the remaining larger button was relocated as the lowest, so allowing the jacket to be fastened at the bottom, while ensuring that the look of a three-button suit jacket wasn’t spoiled. The result was a suit that could be taken to the dry cleaners, while I wore the other. The Supercar pin had won. The wallet was lost though, because it couldn’t be fastened inside the suit with the inside pocket fastening buttons.



 Menaced by the administrative staff for timesheets recording the teachers` presence and the stud`nts` absences, cry `Terrorist!` Everyone knows half the period allotted to teaching is taken up with attendance; late arrivals, and explanations from missing, or reluctant to attend, bodies. The latter half of the period allotted is characterized by a series of menacing encounters with stud`nts demanding to see the register, and threatening to kill the teacher if their name isn`t registered where they expect to find it on the `team sheet` for the CCTV game of `Beat The Teacher` organized by the educating institute`s administrative staff, and the teacher`s employers, who`ve advertised a coffee, that is, a teacher from the Church of England (CofE), which means they can play the caffeine game of rescuing the teacher from the coffin by bringing jars of decaffeinated that minimize the risk of high blood pressure, or even harder tax, for example, the Muttawah religious police coercing the westerner to pray ‘doggy-style’ on the mat woofing.



 Baptized in the CofE, though a card carrying pastor with the Indonesian Fellatio Church (IFC), and the Universal Penis Church (UPC), while being `confirmed` in my faith in Eastern Europe onions, preaching`s fraught with soccer hooliganism to try. Although Al Hilal’s a soccer team, Al-Lat, Al-Uzza and Manat weren`t. These goddesses of the Gran were the representatives of a single species of ‘woman’s seed`, so were multiple in bodily and spiritual terms, that is, a form of immortality preceding the human brains` development of those technological miracles that prolong life through science and medicine. Consequently, `football` is a woman’s team game where the objective is to ‘seed’ their own race, whereas soccer is twenty two brain damaged men, being watched by a crowd of brain damaged men, which is how the in-bred in homosexuality in pederasty  for war against ‘woman’s seed’ look, while they’re kicking her eggs about. It’s ‘aborting the egg' supported by racists celebrating the footrace`s inability to fertilize its own species. Men`s `game` of eleven against eleven, so demonstrating that they can function as teams, is a parody of the human race of `woman`s seed`. For humanity, it`s about going forward together, rather than competition, because God wins.



 The head of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, introduced the Hollywood Production Code (1930-67) which, like soccer, emphasizes ‘keeping the foot on the floor`, that is, women`s penis` invisibility as a step towards the extinction of the human race of `woman`s seed`, who’d never realize the goal with her head if her semen wasn`t visibly accepted: ‘Women, in love scenes, at all times … [should have their] foot on the floor (in other words, no love scenes in bed).'7 The Hays Code was abolished in 1967 when Barefoot In The Park was released with actor Robert Redford as Paul, and actress Jane Fonda as Corie, 'Does this pot come with instructions?'8 Paul and Corie Bratter are an idealized couple moving into an apartment overlooking Central Park in New York. The foot of Eve is the metaphor, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) The invisibility of the woman`s penis on film suggests Hollywood 'Babylon' didn`t want the head of the serpent rivaled by women sexually reproducing their own brains, `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Hollywood wants the whored of the brain damaged `beast` of Revelation and its children, rather than that Eve`s `foot` should be seen naked.



 In the film, Hans Christian Andersen (1952), based on the life of the Danish storyteller, actor Danny Kaye sang in the lead role, `Look at the King! Look at the King! Look at the King, the King, the King! The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether. He's altogether as naked as the day that he was born.`9 The story is about a king who is led to believe he’s wearing fine clothes, whereas he’s naked, which is truth. Hollywood is Andersen’s tale, `The Emperor`s New Clothes` (1837), because hatred for `woman`s seed`, once discovered, can`t be concealed. Men and women are a single male brained transvestite wearing each other’s clothes in ‘TV war’ against ‘woman’s seed`. The Empire doesn’t have any clothes of its own.



 Leaving Dammam, where mam was presumably damned, Konk Fart airport`s security carefully x-rayed my luggage as it went through the check-in at Turkish airlines, and along the conveyor belt to the waiting plane. Unpacking from the Spam Am airlines tin after transit at Ataturk airport, Turkey, it was then waiting at the conveyor belt at Fairy Head airport, Buttapes, beside the children shouting `Cuddly toy!` As time wore on and the travelers got their bags, it became clear there was to be no second chance for the suit. Thoughts traveled back to Doha airport, Qatar, where a gentlemen`s outfitters, displaying several rows of suits, had been asked for three suit buttons, because a match for the single button that remained dangling from mine’s full complement seemed unlikely. The suit attendant, carefully inviting me to ignore the unreason, that is, presupposing that, if I hadn`t brain damage, he could give me some, said, `We have no suit buttons here.` Obviously, the presence, or absence of the teacher`s suit buttons, had been a matter of some international importance, and the green suit had disappeared between Konk Fart airport in Dammam, and Ataturk airport, Turkey. ‘If only the button had come off the jacket I`m wearing also’, I ruefully reflected, ‘the Supercar pin would have been saved.’



 Inside the bag containing the expensive sunglasses, and equally expensive spectacles, was the Supercar pin. As was a white summer jacket, bought in the 1990s at Buttapes’ Weak End City Centre mall, and infrequently worn; but carried lovingly as a memory of the mam who'd once worn it. As the stretch jaguar limousine pulled slowly away from terminaled 2, the thought came that cancelling the sim card for the T-Mobile internet modem would prove difficult, and inconvenient also. Replacing the electric shaver bought at Abu Dhabi airport would be costly, but not an insurmountable task. Two new pairs of non-western, that is, comfortable, shoes devoid of the heel, weren`t negligible acquisitions at the bottom of the child`s pink backpack bought in an emergency in Riyald, because the printer bought at the Riyald Gallery mall, to fulfil a role as Manager of Local Instruction (ILM) for Bullitz language skull, took up all of the space in the travel bag brought there. Although the `printer driver` instruction to the ether at the TINI in Bqaiq was now explicable as a demand that the printer be installed, the capture of the escaping shoes seemed to have been intended allegorically.  A comment on the pogroms implemented against the Chews who’d sought to escape slavery, that is, `backache`, during the diaspora, which took them out of the reach of Egypt`s Pharaoh, Thutmose II, and on to the Nazi ovens at Belsen and beyond, where they’d had to leave their shoes by the door of the oven as required. If the shoes escaped with their feet, it might be eons of sexual reproduction amongst the `chosen` people` of ‘woman’s seed`, before the homosexuals caught up with them for being deceitful, and began their ‘shoot-em-ups’. Tape records of Our Man's forthcoming pop music album, @ Apes, were irreplaceable. The track, ‘Ka-Ba-Akh’, which was interpreted as ‘Car Park’, and lyricized about ‘necking’, wasn’t seen on the track listing for Britney Spears’ upcoming album, 'My loneliness ain't killin' me no more. I … I'm stronger.’10



 People don`t know that the manufacturers of footwear in the West are the cripplers of the human race, that is, we`re not supposed to be able to walk in the shoes they make, while shoes without a heel are comfortable, and not the same as Clarks. However, not content with shoes, the foot fetishists had all my underwear too; presumably to sniff: although I always travel with a laundered selection. Saddened at the loss of socks, footwear and underwear, the mind was boggled at the loss of vitamins, which had afforded some assistance to someone who`d had several operations on his leg to assure him of some mobility, after being clattered in a soccer contest against Grey Felt Skull in ‘Ull when fifteen, ‘He isn’t Britney Spears’ dog, because she’s sun’s.’



 Kong’s Town Upon ‘Ull had produced at its Newer Uh laboratories homoeopathic tissue salts, # 4 Ferrous Phosphate, and # 6 Kali Phosphate, that is, biochemical remedies for anemia and stress respectively, which were very useful as dietary supplements for the invalid in far climes, where there was little or no dietary similarity with what a human needs. The bureaucratic gnomes of the European Onion`s regulatory bodies had closed the Newer Uh factory to poison the self-treaters. I`d had to purchase inferior quality tubs of Dr Schuessler`s tiny tablets, for example, manufactured in places as far apart as Australia and the United States, so a great loss with regard to the several thousand in my pack that wouldn`t ever dissolve on the tongue.



 Musing on being directed back to class, by an officious TINI administrator uncaring as to whether the bored marker left at my previous class was needed or not, Marcel Proust`s great work, Remembrance Of Things Past (1913-27) came to mind. Like Margaret Mitchell`s novel, Gone With The Wind (1936), about the liberation of the United States` enslaved black workers from West Africa, it’s about the need to remember, and the desire to forget, because of our regret which, as the poet A. E. Houseman illustrated in `Blue Remembered Hills` (1896), we’ll always feel; unless Supercar takes us back in time to see our white jacket with mam stretching the inside of it out:


`Into my heart an air that kills, from yon far country blows;

What are those blue remembered hills, what spires, what farms are those?

That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain;

The happy highways where I went, and cannot come again.`11


 Having devised a password, and secreted my life`s work in the `Protected Folder`, which the software sellers on the internet assured me was a foolproof way of keeping private information from prying eyes, not for the first time I found that film scripts, articles, short stories and novels had been lifted by some technophile `geek` looking to eat my head as a chicken`s as, crept cowering in fear among the terrorist nations, the chicken’s head learned enough to write, so supplying the `geek` with more product. The latest pre-productions seemed to have been thieved by gangsters from the laptop ensconced in the apartment, connected to the internet through a Nob-etin modem. The TINI people had given me a security code for the wifi internet that wasn’t expected to work, and it didn`t. The hoodlums were looking to make it big for someone in Hollywood ‘Babylon’ on the strength of my pen, or perhaps the latest additions to my oeuvre had been appropriated by local nation state government espionage agents charged with helping some rich pop star`s kid find original material to improve his credit standing at Universe City. Intellectual theft was something that had happened to me in the UK, and on three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa; since I went to work in ELT. Seeing work very similar surface on the cinema screen, while agents and publishers reject their scripts and stories, is the money-go-round of writers. Parasites feed through terrorism masquerading as nation state surveillance upon journalists careering from plane to plane and airport to airport, clutching reporters` notes like banknotes, while the vultures circle the wounded human; anticipating rich pickings from whatever remains of the cadaver: after the hyenas have feasted.



 Inviting themselves to steal suit, and Supercar pin, isn`t assisting the writer`s `hajdu`, which is the name given to `artful non-fiction` by its major proponent, David Hajdu, Professor of Journalism at Columbia Universe City, New York city, USA. Although it may be entertaining for the criminals to place a heavy price on a printer, for teachers bereft of `lesson plans' they're a must for the fulfilling of their obligated duties in order to receive the remuneration they need to pay mortgages and put their kids skull through. Expecting the printer to be installed in Bqaiq, Dammam, which the teacher bought to help him in Riyald with his Bullitz work, gangland wants to see itself characterized in artful `hajdu` non-fiction, and published by some rich `beast` oiling their palms after suffering another gush to the head.


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Team Unteaching

11/01/2014 14:53

Team Unteaching


Team teaching is big in the countries of the world that want to learn English, or do they? In places as disparate as Cartomb, Sedan, and Triple ‘E’, Livya, Yours Truly has encountered the phenomenon of team unteaching, where the classroom workload has been divided between a native speaker and a non-native speaker; usually reading and writing for the native and listening and speaking for the non-native. Having obtained the TEFL certificate from the devil board of examiners, team unteaching was obviously the next occult phase of teacher training for the experienced professional plagued by demons wanting to glean information from the expert and teach instead of Yours Truly after possessing themselves of his knowledge and dispossessing him of his livelihood. At the SUK in Riyald, Pseudi Yarubeer, Yours Truly was team untaught when given responsibility for reading and writing while another teacher had listening and speaking as his responsibility. Sojourning in the sunshine for a semester or so, Yours Truly wintered in his accustomed abode before sallying forth after signing a contract to teach once more at the Pseud`s SUK. Cooling his heels at the local desert oasis, the Azidzia hotel along Abbadaziz street, an entire semester passed by without Yours Truly being called to the Seud for anything other than a perfunctory interview about the teacher`s happiness on his arrival. Beaming joyously, Yours Truly advised the board of the SUK that his cup was brimful and it was beyond nice to be once again in the hearty bosom of the Muddle East`s premier head chuck occasional establishment.



 Amongst the educational equipment to be gleaned from the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) is the knowledge that the human psyche is comprised of four functions, which in undifferentiated form are associated with eye, ear, nose and mouth. When actuated, that is, differentiated into conscious functionality; eye, ear, nose and mouth are associated with `Sensation, Thinking, Intuition and Feeling` respectively. Carl Jung calls these the four functions of consciousness mediated by the central conscious awareness he and other psychologists refer to as the ego. In English Language Teaching (ELT) the four functions of Jungian psychology, that is, `Sensation, Thinking, Intuition and Feeling` (Jung 1921), are represented by reading and listening, and writing and speaking, where reading is associated with the eye or `Sensation`; listening is associated with the ear or `Thinking`; the sense of smell is `Intuition`, that is, imagination and writing, and `Feeling` is associated with the mouth or speaking. Because team unteaching usually focuses upon two of the four functions, that is, reading and writing, which are `Sensation` and `Intuition`, or listening and speaking, which are `Thinking` and `Feeling`, removing the teacher from the responsibility of teaching two of those is a means of handicapping the functionality of the teacher.



 Before my happy stay unmolested at the cheerful Azidzia hotel along Abbadaziz street for an entire semester of contractual fulfilment without making an appearance at the SUK, I was immensely relieved and brimful of gratitudinousness towards the kind Yarubeans who`d allocated me the role of substitute in their head chuck occasional machinations. The last time Yours Truly had been there he had been responsible for reading and writing, `Sensation` and `Intuition`, but had lost two of the functions necessary to the individual teacher, because of the team unteaching program. Signs of team unteaching were everywhere at the SUK. Huge lecture halls full of my fellow untaught agog at the plethora of seminars and workshops on team unteaching surfaced each day while Yours Truly endeavored to maintain functionality as a human. At the end of a semester riddled with skulking and apologetic demurral whenever the subject of team unteaching came up, Yours Truly left the SUK with but two functions instead of four; `Sensation and Intuition` (eye and nose) thanks to his tenacity on behalf of the stud`nts, who wanted to learn reading and writing. Gimping on but one leg instead of two, Yours Truly had returned to the SUK as per contract for a further semester, but team unteaching had decided to remove the other two functions, `Thinking and Feeling`, that is, ear and mouth, which symbolically represent the capacity of the teacher to teach listening and speaking, in the belief that, although deaf, dumb and blind, Yours Truly, the TEFL exponent, would still be able to smell good. If he could intuit the whereabouts of the shower who might know where the bathroom was. Gimping through Riyald airport on his way home, Yours Truly could but reflect on the warmth of the sun and the omnipresence in Pseudi Yarubeer of `kapsa`, the traditional chicken and rice delicacy of the Yarubs, which still smelt good, even in the imagination, when the functionless teacher returned to his wintering abode and a more homey shower.



 TEFL teachers beware of the team unteaching, because team & TEFL teaching often don`t agree with the goal and ambitions of the teacher insofar as it doesn’t want to be a Crushteen paedophile, but is concerned to rid itself of both devil and demon teaching, which interferes with the development of the stud`nts as well as that of the teacher in the classroom. Team & teaching is lauded to the skies by Crushteen paedophile institutions concerned to promote their own non-native speaking professionals at the expense of your own career, and education teems with unprofessional Crushteen paedophile back biters and back stabbers who will seek to embroil the perfectly adequate teacher in team unteaching activities that have little or nothing to do with either the stud`nts` progression towards passing the required examinations, or assisting the ELT expert to pay the mortgage, and put the kids through school by remaining in employment, rather than being wasted in interminable seminars and workshops, led by team unteaching glitterati from outsourced big name corporations with highly qualified personnel paid to assassinate good teaching because dumber paedophiled stud`nts make life easier for whatever remains of the teaching profession after the team unteaching has been to teem & teach at your place of work.



 Life at the Azidzia hotel oasis on Abbadaziz street wasn`t fun but it was comfortable. I had a bath of my own that was peculiarly Yarubean because it had a seat for a woman to sit and bathe her child while the bath itself was far too small for a human, but it cost me an additional 1000 SAR and I was willing to pay, as the shower is never reliable in the Muddle East, but then the shower at home aren`t very pleasant either if you want to live without one.



 My first hotel had been the Al Hamra, which means `red`, presumably because I`d been an orange the last time I`d left the Konk Pseud Universe City, where the big nose rules on petrol driven wheels. In the `traffic light` assessment system for examining teachers, green was for those teachers who`d been seen at a sufficient number of seminars and workshops to be awarded a license to continue with the team & drive a class of stud`nts into the examination room. I was an `orange` because I`d yet to master the team & drive a group of stud`nts on from the e-podium waving my ruler as a symbol of office and showing them I was with the smart board by tasking them with the meaning of the projections.



 According to Jungian psychology the stud`nt learns by developing their functions mediated by the soul or anima, but although one function is superior and two are auxiliary and ancillary, the fourth is inferior or contaminated by the stud`nt`s feelings of inferiority due to what Carl Jung terms the shadow component of the psyche, which is usually present because of projections whereby the teacher; for example, is perceived as a no good half wit because the stud`nt is. Whatever the teacher projects from the board to task the stud`nts is there for what Jung terms shadow-recognition, that is, in completing the tasks, the stud`nts achieve functionality and individuation, which is individual growth of consciousness through self-actualization. By differentiating the four functions of consciousness associated with eye, ear, nose and mouth, that is, `Sensation, Thinking, Intuition and Feeling`, in the course of solving problems relating to reading, listening, writing and speaking, the stud`nts become entirely self-sufficient and aware as adult humans that the teacher is a fokwat.



 Staying at the Al Hamra, red hotel, wasn`t a good augury if you expected to make it beyond life as an orange, I felt, so I left for the Azidzia after the first month because the company paying the salary of Yours Truly made it optional for employees to keep up the rent or debark for fresh climes. The roadworks between the location of head office and the red hotel meant that a taxi was required if the couple of hundred meters between hotel and language institute were to be negotiated successfully in under an hour. Built on what seemed to be a dual carriageway, the red hotel afforded one convenience store and a laundry, before the logistical brain of the ELT professional had to be brought into play in order to map out a course of action that would permit of the barber and bank, with least expense and mileage for the veteran linguist used to having his back broken in various public and private transports in and about Riyald, because of the interminable raised bumps in every road placed there to slow down Yarubean racing drivers in 4 wheel drive General Motors` pick up trucks wanting to break their land speed records.



 The bath at the Azidzia helped ease the vertebrae, but was too small to stretch out in, so I had to place my feet against the wall far up it while I soaked in some soothing crystals. Having been at the Azidzia before, I knew I could cross the road on Friday, the day of rest in Yarubeer, because the traffic was too busy to cross on any other day of the week, but no! The local authority had built a wall across the dual carriageway and so I had to take a taxi to the other side now if I wanted to have the laundry done, which meant a huge circle of almost three miles before I could be redeposited outside the hotel frontage at 6 GBP for the taxi and 3 GBP for the weekly wash. Walking against the traffic at the side of the road to do the weekly supermarket shopping was a chore but the hardy travelling ELT journeyman knows to keep it simple.



 A box of oranges, a big roll of salami and a half dozen loaves of bread keep body and soul together. A barrel of water for the room can be had from hotel service, and extras are coffee and sugar for energy, with a wifi internet provided by the hotelier if you`ve a laptop, and a mind to use it. My recommendation for newcomers to Pseudi Yarubeer, who need to find their feet before going on, is don`t be a tourist. If you have a place to stay and you`re alone, find what you need close at hand and, if you need to venture further afield, keep your hotel address with you at all times, and have the address of where you want to go with you for the taxi driver, because few speak English and rides about the city aimlessly can seem endlessly expensive and fierce arguments with local taxi drivers are life endangering. Arriving at the Al Hamra, the red hotel, as an orange, I got the green light to leave Pseudi. `Still life with the old orange jet!` I mumbled as I boarded the plane that would jet me home, or was it, `Still life in the old orange yet.` I strapped myself in with the safety belt provided and waited. The old orange was just about ready to jet off, I thought, seeing there was still life in me as I attractively ogled the giggling stewardess.




Jung, Carl Gustav Psychological Types (1921) Vol. 6, The Collected Works, Princeton Bollingen.

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