Portrait of the English Language Torture as a Smelly Alcoholic Beggar Like Jesus

24/06/2023 16:18

Portrait of the English Language Torture as a Smelly Alcoholic Beggar Like Jesus


Many English language teaching professionals are used to signing contracts to work amongst the Moslems of the nations of Islam, where alcohol isn’t permitted,  which appears in the contract, alongside a dress code, and noises about appropriate deportment while working. Nothing objectionable there; however, when it’s a mixed culture, with multi-ethnic features, certain peculiarities begin to arise; contractually, for example: the ELT pros find themselves being inveigled into accepting that they’re smelly alcoholics to start with. Leaving aside the English pogrom, which is to assert categorically that there’s a possibility that you’ve been having sex with kindergartners, which you have to refute and prove false as allegations only, implying that the teacher is a beggarly drunk, with bad body odor (BBO), is but a drop in the ocean of insult, when it comes to negotiating contracts with the death camp orderlies, purporting to be providing English language trainers as a business opportunity.

 The concept of training is interesting; if the term business is dropped in favor of vampirism. It then becomes illuminating, as teachers are drained by the vampire, rather than trained, which allows the employee to gain insight into the nature of the activity, that is, death camp slavery. It won’t have escaped the notice of the profession that chalk and cheese is what schools are about, for example, the IT engineer that helpfully shows the educator how to connect their smart ‘phone to the overhead projector (OHP) in the classroom, using Bluetooth, is cheese to the colleague who politely explains that there aren’t any modern conveniences, and shows the new teachers from the Philippines and Sidcup the tin with the bits of chalk inside beside a blackboard. The doyen of IT will live and thrive, while the beggars with the tin will plod on until they dodder off the scaffolding and plummet to extinction.

 Cheese is the issue of course. Saying cheese with style in front of the camera, so that the employer can see the effect that the teacher will have on the boys and girls that come into the classroom environment, is the basic principle attending the selection process, as the end of the first quarter of the 21st century is approaching. Already the has beens, with their thinning hair, and knowledgeable air, are being targeted by Skype artists - and Zoom off somewhere - with the explanation that, although the plethora of tasks for the job applicant to complete would require a PhD in computer science and linguistics, ‘no experience is necessary’, because ideally teenage high school students is what the We Chat, Twitter, and tweet pedophiles want to use, as attractive bait to predatorily practice devouring the potential of kids with ‘big heads’, like cartoon Tweety’s in the Merrie Melodies Warner Bros. cartoons, and truncate the life possibilities of those with already fully developed intellects:


‘I am a little, tiny, bird. My name is Tweety Pie

I live inside my bird cage, a-hanging way up high

I like to swing upon my perch and sing my little song

But there's a tat that's after me and won't let me alone


I taut I taw a puddy tat a creepin' up on me

I did! I taw a puddy tat as plain as he could be!


I am that great big bad old cat, Sylvester is my name

I only have one aim in life and that is very plain

I want to catch that little bird and eat him right away

But just as I get close to him, this is what he'll say


I taut I taw a puddy tat a creepin' up on me

You bet he taw a puddy tat, that puddy tat is me!’1



 Although teachers are paid to speak with the students, they’re expected to stop speaking with them, as a matter legally enforceable; for example, this injunction from a contract’s ‘Code of Contact’, put together by a school in Wazakhstan, South East Asia, Escola Internazionale Enterprise, ‘Teachers must not fraternize with the students outside of school.’2 Filthy animals stick to the rubric, and don’t let us catch you out, or it’s the Wazakh (Polish, Slovak, Saudi, Sudanese, Japanese, etc.) policemen. Directed at supposedly trusted, well-qualified, experienced members of society, who, already regularly subjected to police checks, live as hunted prey in an undeclared persecution of those who’re close enough to the still impressible to speak about how concentrated juice live without having to be raped and diluted.

 Demonstrating too much savvy towards employers, who want the slave-like obedience of automata, isn’t going to assuage the ego of the adversary, who doesn’t want to be told that an HDMI feminine adapter for the VGA will connect the teacher’s laptop to the OHP, so that Junior Big Head Extra Special Unique Edition (the 3rd) student’s course book can be screened, but wants to point to the chalk tin and the blackboard, which is an approach reserved for thin aired gloops who have a knowledgeable hair, while the high school drop outs that bluffed a TEFL certificate in a two day haze of alcohol at a local hotel in Bromwich smoke something in shisha pipes while they’re waiting for whatever’s their bag with perhaps abiyah to pay too.

 Far be it for the ELT eggspurt to suggest that the active agent in the film is the equivalent of the protagonist in French-American woman novelist Anaïs Nin’s A Spy In The House Of Love (1954), but it’s a ‘knocking shop‘, where the purportedly unwashed, beggarly ‘alkies’, are jeered off the premises, as bollockless brownies without any points. Moreover, it’s in the interests of the proprietors to be the ‘studs’ on the farm, or to put in the boot with the studs if the air looks like it’s getting a bit thicker around the oldest stuffer. Arriving in Budapest, Hungary, aged 35 or so, for years before Putin ‘the boot’ was elected as President of the Russian Federation, and being in the fortuitous position of being able to purchase a betéti társaság, that is, a private Ltd. Co., post-Soviet Union and pre-Ukraine invasion, one’s bollocks were shot off on a tram near Kelenföld northern railway station; emphasized with the imprecation, ‘Sign here!’ A quarter of a century or so later, the ethnically unclean beggarly alcoholic impotent English language teacher is being jeered for being disabled, even if even if someone else pays, which they might, and it’s jabbed under his nose constantly: like coke.



 Post-Covid the old lag was inveigled into going to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, neighbor to Kyrgyzstan, where the rebellious sexygenarian was already a has been, for 300 US$ a month, and an apartment. When the electricity and water supply began to fluctuate to the extent that two weeks had passed without light, or clean clothes, it was evident that Prod Conch English Draining Centre, 14 Kakinokus street, Mirrorbad district, was implying that the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) specialist teacher they’d hired should be higher up on the gallows, as the hung amongst the locals were worried about the effect that the pleasant smell had been pennilessly having on the unshaven.

 According to Prod Conch English Draining Centre, local authority regulations demanded that the IMEI code of the sim card, provided by Brahma Couch for the teacher’s use in their work and life in Tashkent, be registered with the security agencies to ensure the safety of the invited guest, which meant that the laptop that the draining centre had insisted be brought by the torture became functionally useless within a few days of commencing employment, as the IMEI sim notified internet providers Ucell (us all your gear when we’ve made you destitute, so that u all c’n leave honey) of the existence of an unregistered IMEI code belonging to a functional Compaq CQ58 device. Despite assertions to the contrary, on the part of Climb Budge, all technical apparatus, connected with the sim card in use, had apparently to be registered with the surveillance apparatus of the responsive ministerium. The resourcefulness of the alkie beggar without any bollocks, but a deal of reputed pungency, resulted in the deployment of a Lenovo 3. 8 Yoga tablet, Marshmallow Lollipop, which thence linking the sim to the Compaq CQ58 afforded internet usage once again. However, demands from the extremist Ucell terrophone organization, that the IMEI code for the tablet be registered, led to the phone becoming remotely dysfunctionated. Dauntless, the indomitable ELT don put the Ucell sim into a Lenovo K5 smart ‘phone and, linking that with the Compaq CQ58, went on with the usage of the internet, before the K5 was rendered remotely useless (and still is) following upon the usual  IMEI code demands from Ucell.



 Unperturbed, although being denied access to his Tardis, ‘the Doctor’ sprang the sim with his ‘sonic screwdriver’ and, inserting it into an Alcatel modem, which was then USB portaled with the Compaq CQ58, internet usage went on apace; until the IMEI code for the modem’s absence was registered by the Ucell remote controller, and the lights went out, and the flat went, ‘Batteries!’ Protestations unavailing, after endeavoring to use the disabled sim in a UNIT (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce) ‘phone brought from Budapest, Hungary, with a Vodafone sim, only for the purpose of receiving the Austrian-based ERSTE bank verification codes, the remoter again disabled the ‘phone for failing to register its IMEI code. Found guilty of working without permission, the decrepit pensionable was hurled onto the street, without payment, for the final July month of his sojourning in the warmth of welcome.

 Destitute,  without functioning equipment registered with IMEI coding, home bank rejected payment for a flight ticket, based on the ‘phone sim’s seeming inability to receive the code verifying the bank’s acceptance of the necessity of the transference of the monies to the airline company in order for the teacher to escape his Pilate. The ERSTE Visa debit card with its 16 numeric digit identification code was functioning, and the expiry date hadn’t been arrived at (**/**), while the requirement of the inputting of the three digit CVV code (***) had been met without obstacle. However, the six digit (******) M-pin code demanded by the George (Putin?) software, after the seven digit telebank azonosító (*******) had been entered, which the torture had had since 1997, before George was sent to plague us, and the more recent eleven digit (***********) ‘e-channel’ safety pin for the diaper, on the Lenovo tablet 3. 8 Yoga, Marshmallow Lollipop, and that led an existence independent of the laptop, where the transaction was transpiring, was being rejected. Despite the would-be flight ticket purchaser’s knowing the code off by heart, as it was the IMEI code for his electronic toothbrush, and that was subsequently proven upon his return, when the MVM electricity bill was paid by using the M-pin code with the same George app in the same way as had been attempted to pay for the airline ticket online.

 Nevertheless, the ERSTE bank ‘phone representative was adamant that a new four digit (****), safe T-pin code, which could correspond exactly to the debit card pin code, and might have too, if the torture hadn’t been too brain damaged, with resisting the virus of hell from Satan’s SARS’ flammable flatulence, to remember it, was required, and that would have been sent, if the communication’s device hadn’t been disabled by the Uzbek IMEI elite disablement SWAT team(s), detailed to monitor the Cambridge assistant examiner’s online marking. The torture, having stored the T-pin code on an MS Word.doc on his laptop desktop, the remote Ucell conscientious objector disabled MS Windows and called ‘Shutdown - r!’ Undeterred, the torture booted up an emergency Ubuntu installation, little knowing that the T-pin code on the MS Windows desktop would prove indispensable, and for a week or so Ubuntu facilitated the continuation of the IELTS program at Crime Gorge’s premises at 14 Kokinakus street, before IMEI considerations forced the Ucell comptrollers to shutdown Ubuntu activity also.



 Once the T-pin code was given over the ‘phone to the ERSTE bank rep it would have been, like with the Tracy islanders of International Rescue (IR) on TV 21’s Thunderbirds Supermarionation puppet theatre show, without any controlling strings attached, as with the wooden cross of the resurrected teacher’s icon, Jesus, according to Christian thinking, ‘All systems are GO!’3 However, despite the M-pin code being accurately input, the George app wouldn’t accept it; the T-pin code would’ve been acceptable, but was unavailable, and the flight ticket was unsold at 497 US$. Perturbable, after almost two weeks oscillating, between sitting in a bus shelter along the main road route to the airport, Islam Karimov Tashkent International, and Jum café, bar, and restaurant  there, unaware that ERSTE would continue their joint pogrom of ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the teacher, with the Uzbeks, back in Budapest, Hungary, by making their response to his complaint unreadable, by virtue of withholding the code to open the bank’s letter of reply, which ought to have been K****** (K-for- külföld, that is, ‘foreigner’, + D.O.B, but wasn’t), the adventurer upped sticks and wombled over to the British Embassy to see the Consul, Noddy, who unable to persuade Pig Ears, the banking aficionado, to release monies to purchase a flight ticket, practically suggested emptying all of the money in my account at an ATM machine to buy a ticket and get the hell out of Tashkent. Previously unaware that the hell was in Tashkent and it was me, 10, 000, 000 som were squandered where 5, 000, 000 would have been sufficient, and the alkie pastored swung out of Islam Karim with his kit bag on his spine.



 I’d understood the banking system. It was PIN the tale on the donkey. They were in with the retailers. If the customer could be made to withdraw money from an ATM machine, there’d be a fee, and the airlines, for example, where a cheap ticket could be had online at a discount paid for by an instantaneous debit card transaction, would help the travel agent, as a retailer, if the donkey had to withdraw money, whilst abroad, to pay for their ticket at the counter in cash, as the ticket could be hugely in excess of the discounted price obtainable from the companies competing in a free online market. If this customer hadn’t been animal when he got off the plane, he’d been reduced to the animal level when he boarded again, with tickets of £3,000 for a flight out of Tashkent to Budapest being nothing to raise an eyebrow over quizzically, so far as bank and retailer are concerned, as long as it looks as if the donkey couldn’t pin the tail on itself, because the bank wouldn’t let go of its ‘Monkey’,4 or at least not before the representative of the alien traffic controllers had given themselves a chance at transmitting their mutated simian immune deficiency, SIV-related flying SARS UZ virus,5 to a person they’d made homeless in the middle of a global pandemic and left on the streets of Tashkent, UZ, to be homosexually raped, and die looted from AIDS, as some foreign Jews’ related ethnicity the ‘Zbekis had myopically cleansed themselves of; with a brusque efficiency not unlike that of a soccer manager, during a staff clear out, telling a player he won’t be returning after he’s ‘a loan’.

 As a privately contracted individual isn’t a loan, but alone, the sanctity of the teacher’s independent decision-making, with regard to his/her contracting of their own expertise, is what the law should be designed to uphold. As for the slave trafficker, to teach the undeclared slave that the slaver isn’t reneging on paying, when the loan period is up, is the entirety of the enslaver’s educational intent, with regard to the torture’s rights, whereas the expert in Business English has the teaching to think about; as well as the draining center’s apparently proposed need for a post-graduate PhD degree in Business Administration to assist the torture’s understanding of the contract.

 The English language teacher as Jesus was what had been discovered in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where the archetype of the teacher was revealed to be that of the community scapegoat. While Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, was the teacher that the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, wanted to torture, because of his teaching, ELT pros were simply teachers that the students and administration, and whoever else wanted to torture, for actively promulgating Jesus’ teaching,  ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’ (Mk: 12.31) Given that, it’s important to understand that Jesus was executed by the Romans, then occupying Jewish Palestine, during the reign of the Emperor Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 C.E.), because the founder of Christianity, which Christians believe supersedes the Jews’ Old Testament of the Bible, that is, their Torah and Talmud (history and law), was born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen.

 It’s evident from Jesus’ betrayal by his disciple, Judas, who finding the Messiah with a woman putting the perfume spikenard on him, introduced the spy canard that the ‘perfume’ should be sold to raise money for the disciples, who in the modern era correspond to badly smelling beggarly alkies, despite Jesus’ protestations, ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6) As Judas’ philosophy correlates with host womb slavery for women, it’s hardly surprising that Jesus was taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem, where he was nailed to a cross of wood, and died there. However, Jesus’ experiencing Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures that of women’s seed. Born of his mother, the Virgin Mary, she’s depicted crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, because of a promise the creator, God, made to the woman, Eve, in the paradise of Eden, that her ‘seed’ would prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.’(Gen: 3. 15) It was the angel, Satan, that was turned into a serpent by God for rejecting God’s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic. As women are a race physically independent in potentiam of men, symbolized by Jesus’ birth, born uncontaminated by male semen, called futanarian, and capable of self-fertilization, their brainpower is more human than that of the serpent’s seed, that is, male semen, which affords the possibility of escape from death through medical science; as well as colonization of the planets amongst the stars as women’s seed.

 When a woman was brought to him allegedly caught in adultery, Jesus said, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ (John: 8. 7) As women are a separate species, they’re adulterated by men, rather than adulterous, which is why the taking of Jesus’ mother, the Virgin Mary, bodily to heaven, is called the Assumption, and was made Christian dogma by the Roman church’s Pope Pius XI in 1950. Moreover, Jesus’ giving of bread and wine to the disciples, at what came to be known as ‘the Last Supper’, before his crucifixion, as symbols of his body and blood after his death, Resurrection and Ascension, became tokens in the Communion of the church, by which the petitioners received, from the officiate, Jesus’ promise of heaven, after death. However, Jesus’ officiate role at a Cana wedding, where the name of the town serves for the name of Palestine, before the Jews’ arrival, from their period of slavery to the Egyptian Pharaoh, Thutmose III (1485-1431 B.C.), where Jesus turned water into wine, is reminiscent of another episode from the narrative of his life, the New Testament of the Christian Bible, in which he met a man on the road near the town of Gadarene, ‘My name is Legion.’ (Mk: 5. 9) Jesus, perceiving that the Roman legion of demons had possessed the man, cast them out into a herd of pigs, that is, swine, that promptly ran off a cliff and drowned, and so were swine into water, symbolic of what the Roman legions represented for the Jews in Palestine; pig slavery.

 In Christianity, churches are where the people are collected as congregations, that call themselves flocks, with shepherd dogs, that is, their pastors wear ‘dog collars’, as the shepherds which guide, as sheep, their believers, who’re assured, by their participation in the receiving of the bread and wine of Communion, that they won’t be preyed on, that is, the Roman wolves won’t host womb slave and butcher them for meat, which is the danger the founders of Rome, raised by wolves, Romulus and Remus, according to tradition, represent. That the human sacrifice, Jesus, is called ‘the lamb of God’, supports the English language teaching professional as butcher’s meat hypothesis.

 The religious angle is that of blood sacrifice; perhaps a sublimation of the vampire’s draining of blood to assuage its thirst for the life force of the victim. Manifested amongst the Moslems of the nations of Islam as halal meat preparation, blood is drained from the slaughtered carcass of the animal to make it fit for ‘human’ consumption. Not according to Jewish religious experts, however; such as Dror Ben Ami, whose 2015 observation in the Jerusalem Post on Jesus’ sacrifice was, ‘Paul of Tarsus never said that the animal sacrifices of the Jews didn’t remove sins. To the contrary: he agreed they removed sins. The point Paul of Tarsus was trying to make was that the blood sacrifice of Jesus was a more effective way to remove sins, because it was only needed once, whereas Jewish blood sacrifices needed to be repeated year after year.’6  As English language tortures are a rare breed, prepared to go to communities across the world for experience and environmental variety, they’re ideal blood sacrifice animals; if that’s how Christians are defined by Roman Catholicism.

 The Moslems of the nations of the Middle East and elsewhere came in the 7th century after Jesus’ teaching, when the angels of God, according to Islamic tradition, dictated the Koran (610-30 C.E.) to the Prophet Mohamed, which permitting four wives to the Moslem marriage, afforded the possibility for women’s seed to reproduce within the Islamic family. Prior to Islam, the worship of Baal, a bull god, was predominant in the region, and the shrine of Abraham, the Ka’ Ba, in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where the Haj pilgrims go, dedicated by Abraham’s concubine, Hajer, and her son, Ishmael, forebear of Mohamed, whose brother, Isaac, by Abraham’s wife, Sara, founded Judaism, has the stock footage shoe of a bull at the entrance to the stock cube, where they’d meat,  and the super beef would have bred.

 Hajer was ‘the Egyptian woman’ of the Bible, whose role as Abraham’s concubine is used by Judeo-Christianity label Islam illegitimate, as Mohamed is a descendant of Ishmael. However, as ‘Ka’ is spirit in the ancient religion of Egypt, and ‘Ba’ is soul, the Ka’ Ba represents women’s seed, as Ka plural is Kau, while Ba is Baal, that is, a bull has many cows. In Canaan, before a part of it became Jewish Palestine, after the Jews arrived from their slavery in Egypt, worshiped alongside Baal was Baalat, whose city, in what was also known as Phoenicia, was Byblos (now on modern Lebanon’s coast). She was the female bull, that is, the futa, so had the Bau of her ships. In the English nursery rhyme, the cow (Kau) ‘jumped over the moon’,3 while the ‘dog laughed’, Bau, because it’s the shepherd dog of Christianity, that is, the pastor with his dog collar, who thinks he’s the souper (food supervisor), although the dish, who are the futanarian women as the cow (Kau), have run ‘away with the spoon’, as the planets are colonized by the food; an Aryan (Indo-Iranian) race. For the cow is sacred to the Hindu religion of India, whose Vedas (c. 1500-900 B.C.), the beliefs of Hinduism, according to tradition, were written by super beings, apauruṣeya, who weren’t necessarily human either, as  their many armed gods, goddesses, and demons, resemble spiders, that is, they too were bred and wine to the breeders, who’re animals that eat humans; so that they can be ‘super’:


‘Hey diddle, diddle!

The cat and the fiddle,

The cow jumped over the moon;

The little dog laughed

To see such sport,

And the dish ran away with the spoon.’7



 In chapter 53 of the Koran, that is ‘The Star’ sura, an-Najm, النجم‎, there’s a reference to al-Lat, a member of a trinity of three goddesses, for whom Indian novelist, Salman Rushdie, had a fatwa declared upon him, that is, Moslem religious extremists demanded his execution, for drawing attention to them in his The Satanic Verses (1988), as evidence for women’s seed. The sura describes the notion that women are for men only as ‘bizarre’. References to the three goddesses, who were probably futanarian women who bred, were suppressed, although the name of Al-Lat is preserved in the association of Baalat with the Ka’ Ba, that is, Ka’ Ba Al-Lat, as for the cognoscenti Islam is a breeding program only for them:


‘Have you considered al-Lat and al-Uzza?

And Manat, the third one, the other?

Are you to have the males, and he the females?

What a bizarre distribution.’ (19-22)


 The concept of the elect would, then, refer to those of the slaughtered sheep who are supermen, in the sense of being superior to the food, which elitism figures largely in the memories of First World War (1914-18) soldiers, being ordered by their officiates to walk at a slow pedestrian pace towards the German machine guns, so that they could be massacred in an orderly manner. Of course, no one would suggest that leaving a teacher without water, or electricity, for two weeks, and refusing to pay 300 US$ salary owing, so the teacher would have to pay out everything from his savings in his bank account to leave Prod Conch English Draining Centre, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, was butchering an animal as a blood sacrifice by an elitist human officiate, but it smells of alkies, beggary, and torture. Moreover, with a gas oven still functioning, the torture had still been able to cook food in Asia, where the supposedly unbeatable United States’ army had been defeated in the Vietnam war (1955-75), against those they called ‘gooks’, by the Chinese, who’d halted the Americans’ military campaign against Indo-China, as the Vietnamese were in their ‘back yard’, and the US was interfering with the shoots of a new growth. In Cambodia, before it was invaded by the Vietnamese in 1979, Pol Pot was the leader of the Khmer, who were notorious for the ‘killing fields’,8 as photo journalist, Dith Pran, called Pot’s ‘food fight’, depopulating a third of the country to establish an agrarian economy, without intellectualism, so that the food could grow more peacefully before the next harvest.

 Although the German Nazis of WWII (1939-45) thought of themselves as Aryan ‘supermen’, that is, übermenschen, building ‘ovens’ at Belsen concentration camp in Lower Saxony, near the town of Bergen, Northern Germany, and elsewhere, to incinerate the bodies of the dead Jews they’d worked to death as ‘aliens’, the story was similar to that of Cain and Abel, the able brother of the Bible, who made an offering of an animal on a flaming altar to God, who was pleased, because cooking was an improvement on the fruit offered by Cain, who promptly killed his brother, but didn’t cook and eat him, because he wasn’t apauruṣeya, as the Hindus called breeders, that is, like the futanarian race of women’s seed, able Jews aren’t food: an Aryan race, and its leader Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist (Nazi) Party’s ethnic cleansers, after being democratically elected in 1933, weren’t Godly either, that is, Aryan soupers, because they were only cooks. God is pleased with food that cooks well, but doesn’t want the food to eat. Although at least His ape’ll continue to show a neck that’s clean to the skull nose; so as upset avoid. Cannibals don’t like inflammatory noises coming from the foot chained, so the food is taught that it isn’t.


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