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Poe faced in Poland

07/02/2012 02:42
Poe-faced in Poland   Aboard the train in 2000 from Pullover Skirt, the Eastern railway station in Buttapes, to Soreass in Poe Land, after accepting a post teaching English language and British History in English, there was a couple in the same railway carriage. Asking what kind of books they...

Our Old Man in Omoan

07/02/2012 02:37
Our Old Man in Omoan   Teaching as part of a course programme inside an institution of Higher earning is, by and large, a boon to the incompetent. One is always given the least demanding module to teach, with nothing expected of you, and even less of the stud`nts placing themselves at your...

Accuracy v fluency

06/02/2012 21:23
Accuracy and fluency   Teaching good English is the key to functional literacy. By this I mean what is necessary in terms of language in order to obtain our daily requirements. The Englishman at home listens to his walkman, watches television, uses the internet, and says `Thank you` in the...

Bitchin` English

06/02/2012 19:56
Bitchin' English   Recent `improvements` in Arkaweet at Oxfudge Internal Nepotism (OIN, K, S), Khartoum, Sudan, include a stud`nt inspired move to replace the Academic Director with a talking bird. Innovations at a local Universe City where English words are screamed at audiences of upwards of...


01/01/2000 11:11
Concentrate   The British invented the ’Concentration Camp’ during the Boer war, but it was ’perfected’ by the Germans. What, exactly is a ’concentration camp’ for? Well, er…concentration. Simple, isn’t it? Well, er … no. Why were the Germans so concerned with those two concepts of the...
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