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Rhyme and Reason

07/02/2012 03:01
Rhyme and Reason   At Omoan`s Collage of Head Chuck Occasions, Rustidiq, I taught a course module to English teacher trainees, Children`s Literature. It was very popular largely because of its strangenesses: a favorite poem was ‘Humpty Dumpty' (1803):   `Humpty Dumpty sat on a...

Preaching to the Converted

07/02/2012 02:49
 Preaching to the Converted   To spoil our weekends (Thursday/Friday in the `Slammer) the management at Jizzy-Ra Academy, Riyald, Pseudi Yarubeer, insist that their teaching staff roll up at 10.00 am on Thursdays for 'training', which consists of one of us gabbling on for an hour or so...

Poe faced in Poland

07/02/2012 02:42
Poe-faced in Poland   Aboard the train in 2000 from Pullover Skirt, the Eastern railway station in Buttapes, to Soreass in Poe Land, after accepting a post teaching English language and British History in English, there was a couple in the same railway carriage. Asking what kind of books they...

Our Old Man in Omoan

07/02/2012 02:37
Our Old Man in Omoan   Teaching as part of a course programme inside an institution of Higher earning is, by and large, a boon to the incompetent. One is always given the least demanding module to teach, with nothing expected of you, and even less of the stud`nts placing themselves at your...

Accuracy v fluency

06/02/2012 21:23
Accuracy and fluency   Teaching good English is the key to functional literacy. By this I mean what is necessary in terms of language in order to obtain our daily requirements. The Englishman at home listens to his walkman, watches television, uses the internet, and says `Thank you` in the...

Bitchin` English

06/02/2012 19:56
Bitchin' English   Recent `improvements` in Arkaweet at Oxfudge Internal Nepotism (OIN, K, S), Khartoum, Sudan, include a stud`nt inspired move to replace the Academic Director with a talking bird. Innovations at a local Universe City where English words are screamed at audiences of upwards of...


01/01/2000 11:11
Concentrate   The British invented the ’Concentration Camp’ during the Boer war, but it was ’perfected’ by the Germans. What, exactly is a ’concentration camp’ for? Well, er…concentration. Simple, isn’t it? Well, er … no. Why were the Germans so concerned with those two concepts of the...
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