Is Ted Knacky Coccus Really Ted?

07/02/2012 11:46

Is Ted Knacky Coccus Really Ted?


The ELT master of gnomic utterances, cursing subvocally, saw the fourteenth stud`nt out of eighteen go off in the direction of their avowed destination, the toilet, and wondered how he`d been Skyped into this. Recruiter, Jim Pederathty of Thki Rocketing, said there wath a bed for me. However, his pronunciation hadn’t been understandable. Most male Yarubean stud`nts wear the white dress length shirt they call a thob. Observing them going to the loo, walking hand in hand, the mind wandered to thinking about Jim`s instructions about living amongst men wearing white dressing gowns; as if it were the hotel bathroom, and they were on their way to bed.



 If it`s a thob thtory, thob bathroom made more thenth, came the thought, and Jim Pederathty of Thky ith a ped`. However, at leatht the hotel I was thtaying in had a bathroom as well. Newly Skyped, the video-phone medium hadn’t been met with earlier in the career of an ELT `victim`, so it’s functioning hadn’t been understood. Having never met anyone who`d Skyped me as a recruiter, peering into darkly lit scenes, on the other end of a webcam, is supposedly a step up from perennial requests for photos of the teacher before the interview. Skyped in Triple ‘E’, Livya, because a recruiter, hiding somewhere in the murky depths of a simulated office, warbling innocently about the immense enthusiasm of the kindergartners, needing a teacher for Science and Maths, politely ignored describing the tinderbox atmosphere of downtown Triple ‘E’, where of an afternoon, held at gunpoint for a few seconds before, sidestepping with alacrity, the would-be murderers and stealers of a mobile phone were cheerily waved gently away. It seemed Jim Pederasty of Ski Rocketing had Skyped to inveigle me to journey to Africa`s leading war zone to steal my phone. After a week civil war broke out in Bunghazi and, though hotfooted out of Livya, it’d seemed a place to want to live.



 Skyped again by `head hunting` Yarubs, and invited to London by careful text messaging, at 10. 00 am a flight with a ticket bought online in Buttapes was agreed. About to close my `in-box`, a quick scan of the `spam box` followed, and a further e-mail from Jim Pederasty discovered sent at around 2.30 pm. Hiding amongst the mail to be deleted, it informed of an interview that wouldn`t now be taking place.



 Changing name by deed poll, from Dr Rusher to Dr Rasher, so to be welcome at the pagan BBQs, degrees and TEFL certificate had the original name. Boarding the plane as a Rasher, Rusher, whose certificates had been perused by e-mail, wouldn`t arrive. It seemed the plan was to not have me arrive, but to send an e-mail to my spam box, cancelling, which would manage the disappearance. Unable to make it to Terminaled 1 airport departure lounge at Fairy Head, Buttapes, the `big smoke` would snuff the ELT journalist as a terminal annoyance.



 Pseuds would later lure a fellow journo, Jamal Khashoggi, to their consulate in Turkey, Istanbul, where he’d be required to remove earphones, and stop listening to music of his own that others could only guess at the seditious purposelessness of: ‘… a recording from the writer's Apple Watch capturing the moment he was allegedly dragged into a study to be drugged and butchered.’1 Though reportedly trying to comply, Jamal was torn apart by 15 Muzzlems with chainsaws wearing the earphones, and listening to what nature loving US’ writer, Henry David Thoreau, described in his conclusion to Walden (1854), ‘the beat of a different drum’,2 so underlining the Kondom’s zero tolerance of MP3 players, where the use of Walkmen is expected to be made forbidden to any but the most senior political figurines, who were in a bit of a jam.



 Beginning to suspect that Jim Pederasty of Ski Rocketing was what it was hoped he wasn’t, being offered `peds` all over a beer, some new rope, and a free car, seemed the order of the day for those being scalped by the red Indians, and Skyped by the ELT cowboys. In a last slope up to the ski lodge for those saddle sore imparters of knowledge, the TEFL`s crew, told they were the intelligent operators, behind the lines of other nations, by our training providers on government schemes devised to obtain cheap spies, the TEFL`s crew were being liquidated by MI6, and its friends abroad, because they had outlived their usefulness, and were becoming an embarrassment of riches.



 Teaching foreigners how to learn English wasn`t on the agenda of Her Majesty`s Foreign Office, because `apples and pears` idiom might be learnt. To the `big smoke`, men in dark sunglasses, holding hands, and wearing the traditional thob, might ask where the `khazi` was, and know what it implied. Used as a euphemism for `toilet`, khazi derives from Italian, ‘casa’, and means brothel. Not exactly thob bathroom in Bunghazi, though a small enough world for an ELT professional to be murdered in.



 Skyped to Livya and out of it was to be relieved of the fracas in Bunghazi, which had ensued after the rise of ISIS during the Crazy Golf wars. US’ President George W. Bush`s open-ended declaration of a `War On Terror` in 2003 sought the support of ‘Vlad’ Puttin’. It was hoped that Puttin’ could be dissuaded from following in the steps of namestake, Prince Vlad Dracul (1428/31-1476/7), ‘the impaler’ of Eastern Europe’s Wallachia, who’d been the draco that put in the hearts of his enemies wooden stakes. Obviously, Puttin’ didn’t yet have too many stakes in the region, while the refusal of the burkha women to be burgered continued to thwart the men of the ‘serpent’s seed`, who were determined to relaunch the ‘biological weapon’ of HIV/AIDS’ plague from the women’s poison sacs. A thob story of ‘blood drinkers’ in black and white, the ‘red dragon’ was having its fangs pulled.



 The Yarubeans have serious problems in distinguishing their bs from their ps. Of course, it wasn’t so serious as the writer with the lithp, who was relating his thob thtory about the purkha women, and how it was that purk was ‘haraam’, that is, forbidden, so was eaten clandestinely. The civil uprising in Bumkhazi was clearly a publisher`s dispute over Livya’s writer. ‘English’ had been using khazi as a term for WC since the Britis' experience of dysentery there in WWII. Consequently, Livya’d been invaded by EATO to make sure that, for a Muttawah or more, remaining in ‘the smallest room in the house`, rather than the kennel, the muzzled peoples could learn about how everyone should wash their hands in the morning, before and after meals, and when going to bed, which was why the Yarubeans were always seen in their dressing gowns. They didn’t have time to get dressed, and so escape from thob ath's room.



 In ancient times the Greeks enslaved the host wombs of women to spread their contagion of war to nearby city states, such as Troy, where they feigned friendship with the gift of a huge hollow wooden horse that the Trojans took into their city, and the Greeks emerged to enslave the host wombs of the women to spread their boy sons further. Although HIV/AIDS, ‘the incurable killer disease’ transmitted by homosexuals as a ‘biological weapon’ in pederasty's 'TV' wars against 'woman's seed', wasn't discovered by DR Congo in Africa until 1983, homosexuality for the spread of war's contagions was institutionalized by the ancient Greeks. Dr Congo had discovered that the human immune deficiency virus (HIV) derived from the simian immune deficiency virus (SIV), which was transmitted by homosexuals mixing blood, shit and semen in the anus. The acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) resulted in that collapse of bodily organs and brain death which had become the paradigm of the late 20th century. Just as 'Trojans' were the term for 'bad machine code' created to kill machine brains that could have helped the lisping, and lame-brained humans, to get their footrace further than the moon, so 9/11’s terrorist attack on the WTC had been ‘rough trade’, that is, homosexuality in pederasty’s attempt to spread its virus of war, so ensuring that the yellow cab continued to make its living at airports, which would have less significance if the human race had left for the stars, rather than spend so much money on asking its superhero, Beer Man, to insult the flag of the Brafit M’Mumhad, the Al Uqab, and B1.



 EATO`s invasion of Livya to assist the rebels` removal of Colonel Gadaffi from power in 2011 was a further spreading of pederasty`s poisons, and the emergence of HIV/AIDS from the Italian `casa`, which philologists cited as an alternative source for the khazi of London English’s 'big smoke', suggested the boys & pen would be producing writing that was ‘up to snuff’3 in Livya. Jim Pederasty of Ski Rocketing was likely privy, so arriving at Goballs No Leech infants` skull lock-up, it wasn’t a surprise to find that mine was the kennel.



 Obviously the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre in New York city was designed to reinforce global `rough trade` for those with cash to spend on luring boys and teachers to the bathroom, so they could reestablish pederasty and war in the Greek style, and write the sequel to the Hollywood `blockbuster` movie, World Trade Centre (2005), so further poisoning the globe with action tales of the boys & Bumkhazi, which would surely shortly be appearing on the ‘pig screen' in Hollywood, 'Babylon', as EATO celebrated another nail in the door of the smaller boys` room, `Mi casa es sue casa.`4



 The grande guignol phrase for recruitment operations used to be the salubrious term, `head hunting`, although tiny passport size photos don`t now seem enough for those who`ve experienced being Skyped by video conferencers like Jim Pederasty, who wants to work your ass until you’re brain dead. Receiving a call from Ted Knacky Coccus, who Skyped me into believing in the existence of employment in a Thai studio for `language learning`, a tie had seemed appropriate headgear. Becoming uneasy at the odd webcam angles, and the furtive scrutiny from the tiny camera of the laptop, it was clearly a ‘snuff tin’ lure. Suspecting being targeted by the `big smoke` in London's English, it didn't want my pupils to know the meaning of the words, `Using the John`.



 Jim Pederasty was the instrument they`d chosen for teacher`s `snuff ` so it was off to Phucket, an Island South West of Thailand. Recollecting the book, The Land That Time Forgot (1918), a nervous glance at the wristwatch betrayed the fear that time would soon have forgotten me. Less than a pinch of snuff, or a puff of even smaller caliber, I’d be a victim, like ‘Jam’, of pederasty and war`s devouring of those who ‘knew too much’.



 Written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Land That Time Forgot, was rewritten as a 1975 screenplay by Britis’ science fiction writer, Michael Moorcock, before being remade in 2009 with the premise that better quality picture is an excuse for more of the same `cock and bull` story,5 and where ‘cock’ precedes the falling of the hammer onto the rear of the shell in the gun causing the gunpowder to ignite and propel the bullet towards its target, while the ‘bull’ is the lie that the woman is being defended from the `snuff movie` makers, who’re only interested in more cock, as Moorcock himself acknowledged in his novel, Behold The Man (1969), 'Religion was the creation of fear.’6



 Movie remakes of pederasty and war`s `action` represent a preference for `cock and bull` stories about male heroism, so a repeated refusal to improve mental health through screenwriters who could indicate a new direction, because they aren`t interested in repeating contagion. US’ support for Iraq’s dictator, Saddam Hussein, from 1979 against Iran's religious dictator, Ayatollah Khomeini, after his deposing of the Shah, and for Afghanistan's notoriously misogynist Taliban, which harbored Osama Ben Laden, the Saudi Arabian leader of the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, resulted in 9/11 and the Crazy Golf wars. The Hollywood, 'Babylon', movie industry had repeated the action drama formula long enough for the disease to accept the contract.



 In the movie, The Land That Time Forgot (1975), the heroine, Lisa, is Briti’ actress Susan Penhaligon, who’s `improved` by Anya Benton in The Land That Time Forgot (2009), although the plot’s unimproved, because it constitutes Western civilization`s institutionalized repetition of its refusal to abandon its `cock and bull` story, which is that men want to end pederasty and its attendant contagions. Though Lisa twice arouses the penis, it`s `cock and bull`, because misogyny’s objective is to give women as much ‘tonsil hammer' as it can to prevent ‘woman’s seed’ from saying any more about itself than actor, John Wayne, in the film, The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965), ‘Surely, this was the snuff god.’ (Matt: 27, 54) She’sus’ apocryphal reply remains largely unrecorded, although most observers still alive today, and arguing amongst themselves as to who is the most veracious, suggest, ‘Uh!’ In pederasty women are only for enslaving as a `host` womb for the parasitical virus to spread its contagion further. Male writers' stories are `cock and bull` for `snuff movie` makers, and action heroes are the guns that snuff out the life of 'woman's seed' in the slaving of her ignorance.



 Saddam Hussein could see the ruins of the ancient capital of the Persian Empire, Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), from his summer palace at Hillah, and the ‘action’ of Hollywood, ‘Babylon’, is to retard development, rather than develop: ‘Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ (Rev: 17. 5) In the `big smoke` of London's English, `cokenei` means `baby boy`, because ‘snuff’, which is ground tobacco, was originally coke, that is, cocaine, and cigarettes are symbols of women’s penis being smoked. Consequently, cockneys are snuff millers, which is what their children are for. Although ‘john’ is US’ slang for the khazi, and the user of whores, England's symbol, ‘John Bull', is still the central heroic figure at the heart of misanthropy.


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