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Hungry in Hungry

10/04/2013 10:43
Hungry in Hungry   I am often asked if I enjoy teaching, and the answer is as emphatic a no as I can manage. I do it for the gloriously intense feelings of superiority to those unfortunates who want to know how to spell 'I', because no one will employ me to stare at the wall from a prone...

Poe faced in Poland

10/04/2013 10:18
Poe faced in Poland   On the train in 2000 from Keleti Pályaudvar, the Eastern railway station in Budapest, to Warsaw in Poland where I`d accepted a post teaching English language and British History in English, I found myself in a railway carriage with a couple I remembered meeting before on...

The Further Adventures of Dr Rusher

10/04/2013 09:55
The Further Adventures of Dr Rusher   The quest for giving stud`nts marks for nothing at all goes on apace. Firmly ensconced with the Jizzy Ra International Academy of Riyald, Pseudi Yarubeer, the candidates greeted the good doctor with the legend on framed vellum parchment ten feet high that...

Magicians or Teachers

10/04/2013 09:21
  Magicians Or Teachers   There`s a concept of man in relation to the externality called 'Mu'. Everything that exists outside the individual is, potentially, a part of his/her 'Mu'; or, to put it another way, what appears in one's experiential domain is for us and, in a very real way, the...

Barack, Obama `Presidential Speech`, January 22nd, 2013

27/02/2013 08:43
Barack: `We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense.  And for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken - you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat...

The TEFL`s Screw

28/01/2013 19:16
The TEFL`s Screw    Having spent almost twenty years teaching English as a foreign language, which is obviously `the work of the TEFL`, I`m not perturbed at the notion that my footsteps are devilled by employers and stud`nts alike. Of late, I`ve spent time in Pseudi Yarubeer at the `best...

A Word From The Cutting Edge Of ELT

22/12/2012 17:09
A Word From The Cutting Edge Of ELT   Upon the frosted plate of the glass doors of Bull language skull in Triple ‘E’, Livya, engraved was a cued black 8 pool ball. Obviously a reference to the US’ eviction of the Iraqi army from Kuwait in 1991. It wouldn’t be long before there was another run...

The stud`nt is always More Intelligent than the ESL Teacher: The Scale of Values Applied at Riyald’s Konk

03/12/2012 19:14
The stud`nt is always More Intelligent than the ESL Teacher: The Scale of Values Applied at Riyald’s Konk   The Konk Pseud, Riyald, reputedly the major Universe City in the Muddled East, used a `traffic light` system to evaluate its ESL Preparatory Year Program (PYP) teachers, in accordance...

Well Hung in Russia and Sent to Hungary to Starve

03/12/2012 18:54
Well Hung in Rusher and Sent to Hungry to Starve   Not travelling widely was something I did. Until the Briti government invited me for some more head chuck occasions. Emerging with four `O` levels after death threats, and physical violence, during 11 years of skull work, and having gotten a...

Can can

09/07/2012 20:52
Those who can can, and those who don`t want to teach.
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