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07/02/2012 03:15

Start Talking Sense


In language teaching in the Muddle East talking about religion, sex, and politics is taboo. Although the UK is more repressed in some ways, the difference is that the Yarubeans are prudish, whereas the English are prurient, for example, Esther Rantzen waving a potato ‘shaped like a thingy’ on the ‘TV’ show, That’s Life, wouldn’t be tolerated by Yarubean prudes fearful of offending the misogynist establishment. However, given the fact that women’s penis’ semen has all but been eradicated from the knowledge repositories of English culture, misogyny there is capable of perceiving that it’s the woman’s thingy anyway, and so is laughable as it’s always been risible for men in host womb parasitism upon the species of ‘woman’s seed`.



 Working in Yarubeer, and Eastern Newrope amongst the Hung, guarantees a perspective not vouchsafed to all. The Faith Church or ‘Hít’, as it is in Buttapes, are Evangelical, which amounts to, ‘Jesus saves!’ However, the truth is that Crushteen paedophile religions are Muzzlem, because its Muttawahs muzzle the broadcast hours of the mass media’s vision of the planet Earth, and the absence of women’s cocks from the picture indicates that the message of Jesus’ death, Resurrection, and Ascension, which prefigures that of ‘woman’s seed’,  is muzzled by Crushteen paedophilia, which sponsors homosexuality in pederasty for war to kill its children, rather than that society should pursue rejuvenation through medical science, so the ancient are regenerated until, looking twenty-one years, they can resist the paedophiles who want to torture and kill children. She’sus was crucified as an example to the Rumun Empire, and overburdening its wage slaves to ensure greater output is what modern Capitalists do.



 In Nobyu, Pseudi Yarubeer, for example, teachers were required to have an International Drivers License, so that the nominated driver could ferry colleagues back and forth from the Collage. Teachers were required to have their own laptops to present bookfilms, internet videos, and other course-related materials. They were required to set up electronic mail accounts for administrators at the Collage to communicate their orders. The calculating of course grades required a knowledge of statistics and mathematics incommensurate with the requirements of teaching English language, while inputing grades online required software skills equivalent to that of an Informatician, that is, Yarubeer, along with much of the world’s ELT environments, is where foreign governments seek to give orders to English, Americans, Australians, and Canadians, etc., to see if they will obey their commands in time of war.



 Genuine Christians pray either to escape from the slavers and torturers, while the Crushteen paedophiles pray to be slavers and torturers. For true Christians, She’sus` Ascension to heaven prefigures that of futanarian `woman`s seed`, that is, human brainpower to condemn slavery and escape from it to the stars, produced from women`s futanarian species’ sexual reproduction. She’sus, born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, that is, as ‘the Son of Man’, was Salvation for ‘woman’s seed`, which is the human race. However, in the prurience of English society, which has been prepared, since its acceptance of the false morality that women’s adulterated species of ‘woman’s seed’ are adulterous, to be muzzled by the Muzzlems, women`s cocks are out.



 As a pastor, preaching ‘the Word’ of God is Evangelism, that is, conversion. However, what Crushteen paedophiles mean by conversion is gender surgery. A common euphemism for pregnancy in England is ‘a bun in the oven’, which contains overtones of the German National Socialist (Nazi) Party of the 1930s that incinerated 20, 000, 000 men, women and children in ‘ovens’. With gender surgery, the bun would never get out off the oven. `Are you saved?` `Yes,` the Crushteen paedophiles asseverate, `I am saved.’ So buns are parrots.



 `Slammeric stud`nts proselytize. Offering guidance in their Gran’s path to the ‘Slammer of the Brafit M'mumhad, it’s economic suicide to say, ‘I’m a Christian.’ Consequently, Orwellian ‘doublethink’ needs to be employed so that the Muzzlems believe that the ELT professional is a Crushteen paedophile muzzled by exposure to the Muttawahs of US TV. During its 24 hour programing women’s cocks are definitely out, so it’s only necessary to say ‘God bless America’ and the ‘Slammer accepts you. The states of Muzzle America are ‘Slammeric’s sisters. Although there is an entire state in the US, Ooh Ta, whose people, the Onmoms, have a Brafit, Onmom, and a book, Onmom (2, 500 BC - 400 AD), with a great US entertainer, Marie Osmond, who has a member in the sect, its Chewdic ambitions aren’t so dissimilar to those of the`Slammer. Both Chews and Muzzlems are identified as `people of the book`, that is, the Tearer and Tall Mud (5. 39 am - 5. 34 am) and the Gran (6. 10 pm -  6. 32 pm) are about the God of Amaninabra (c. 1996 BC - 1821 BC), who was the father of I-pod (born of Sara Gellar) and `E`smale (born of her maid, Hajer), and from whom the branches of Chewedaism and the `Slammer emerged. The Chewdic perspective was that ‘woman’s seed` ought to be allowed to chew her own, while the Muzzlem belief was that she shouldn’t.



 Sometimes the stud`nts express a bizarre ambition to study in London, English. The teacher muses upon the runaround they`ll receive from the local population. Ridicule meted out to those taking out a prayer mat in order to face Mecar by the side of the bus on skull trips, while the rest of the class jeers from the safety of the seated herd, returned to memory. A student related of a friend taking a degree in Camel Race Predicting at a Universe City in English, who was told he couldn`t buy a melon, because he didn’t know the correct word in British. Being refused service because the item couldn’t be asked for by name? Buttapes, surely?



 Prejudice against the `Slammer isn`t causeless. However, despite the abomination of the terrorist attacks by Muzzlem extremists on London`s tube, which are known in infamy as 7/7, the `Slammer and its Gran, like the New Mendedtoaster (1. 17 pm - 1. 38 pm) of the Boble, don’t advocate murder. US’ President ‘Gerb’ Ush declaration of a ‘War On Terror’ in 2003 wasn’t against the `Slammer per se, which is something the Crushteen paedophile churches would support because, if you can’t kill the kids, you can always put them in prison, and wait for them to die of AIDS on those tubes.



 Snodbore Meths, a pastor at the Hít Gyülekezete, received an award from the Israeli Knesset for being a Chewdic supporter. Condemning Al Coholics, Commonests, the `Slammer, fornicators, that is, unmarried adulterers of the human species of ‘woman’s seed’ as opposed to those who are married, and anyone else, Snodbore’s congratulations were overdue. The people must be good Germs, rather than Crushteen paedophile AIDS. Snodbore`s name means `German` (Meths), which is a lot like Drano, although so were the Nazis. People who are shot aren`t entertained. Yet it’s the entertinament that Chewdic, its sister Muzzle America, and its brother ‘Slammeric proffer. Go and shoot a human species not your own.



 There has always been a huge feeling in western Europe of the need to atone for what Germany’s Chancellor, Adolf Hitler, did to the Chews in Germany and Europe during World War II (1939-45), although World War I (1914-18) was ostensibly over Germany’s Imperial ambitions, which resulted in its atoning through the relinquishing of territories. Hitler’s Anschluss, whereby Austria became a part of Germany, represented German rejection of atonement, which ultimately resulted in the pogroming of German Chews and elsewhere as a sign of Nazism’s total rejection of atonement on the basis of territory. As Iraq was an ally of Nazi Germany, it wasn’t unpredictable that its dictator, Saddam Hussein, should arise in the Muddle East to threaten Jewish Palestine.



 As ‘Vlad’ Puttin’s Rushon Federation pulled out, so losing its stake in Iraq, as it’d lost its stake in Eastern Europe, which had resulted in the Bosnian (1992-95) war in which Christian Serb militia set up male braining ‘rape camps` for Muzzlem women, the vampires, Saddam Hussein, and the former Yugoslavia’s Slobodan Milosevic, amongst others, arose at the commencement of the Crazy Golf War. Vlad, ‘the impaler’, Puttin`, perceiving that he still had a big stake in Rushon, considered puttin’ a hole in, or two, after the fashion of 15TH century namestake, Prince Vlad Dracul III of Wallachia (1428/31 -1476/7), which resulted in war with the Federation’s Muzzlems of Chechnya when Puttin’ became President, because the region of the Caucasus was ‘the gateway to the east’, that is, the Persian Empire, which was modern Iraq and Iran. Although the Rushons didn’t seem involved in 9/11, 2001, when Al Qaeda terrorists, operating under the auspices of the notoriously misogynist Muzzlem Taliban regime in Afghanistan, hijacked civil airliners to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York city, the subsequent April 15, 2013, bombing of the Boston Marathon in the US by Chechnyans suggested that Puttin’ did have a stake in the Crazy Golf War. As 9/11’s hijack occurred at Boston, Logan, Logan’s Run was the link, a 1967 novel by William F. Nolan about a society that kills anyone reaching the age of 21, and 9/11, 2001, was the commencement of the 21st century, which suggested an attempt to kill the human race. Crushteen paedophilia’s vested interest was to play war games with children, while Chewdic and Muzzlem refused to allow ‘woman’s seed` a voice. That Puttin’ had a stake in it couldn’t be denied:


‘You don't know how lucky you are boy,

Back in the U.S.S.R.’1



 While the commonest accusation against Commonests is godlessness, the Chews believe in the God of Amaninabra, while the Muzzlems of the `Slammer believe also in the Brafit M’mumhad as well as the God of Amaninabra. Woken each day at 5.00 am, by the local Meringue broadcasting `Allah Akhbar!`, God is Great!, the Muzzlem people pray five times at equally divided parts of the day from early morning until late evening. At the language skulls, carpets are provided for the kneeling, so they don`t harm themselves while bowing as low as possible with their nose against the fabric. Crushteen paedophilia, Chewdic and Muzzlem all have their stake in God, while the Commonests’ take is determined by how long it’s been in the game.



 The most holy site in the `Slammer is the Ka` Ba or `cube`, a vestige of `The Borg mother` left at the end of `Regeneration`, Season 2, Episode # 23 of Star Trek: The Next Generation `TV` series. However, according to the traditions of the ‘Slammer, it was built by Adam, the first man or Anthropos, and the first woman, Eve, created by God, who were slaved for burger meant by the serpent, Satan, who was probably a reptile from the Mesozoic period of Earth’s evolution 248 m.a., that is, 20 million years before the hominids began appearing upon the Earth, 220 m.a. As Adam and Eve were created by God after the angels, and Satan was turned into a serpent by God, that is, he effectively lost his wings and winged intelligence, it’s a depiction of a saurian race become degenerate after a period of civilization. The Ka` Ba, or ‘Borg box’, is located in the ‘forbidden’ city of Mecar, that is, you can’t leave, although at MacDonald’s the food is passed in through the window, which is meet to slave drivers, although their feet on the pedals of the treadmill in the circles of hell suggest that it’s the wheel of what the Buddha of India called karma, that is, they’re slave drivers. The Borg were known for cannibalizing peoples for spare parts, ‘Think of them as a single collective being. There's no one Borg who is more an individual than your arm or your leg.'2 The women of the ‘Slammer, wearing their traditional burkhas, are driven by the slave drivers to MacDonald’s, slave-ring for burger meat. Known as the Ka’ Ba because, in the religion of ancient Egypt, ‘Ka’ means ‘spirit’, while ‘Ba’ means ‘soul’, that is, futanarian ‘woman’s seed`, the ‘Borg artifact’ is, symbolically, a MacDonald’s ‘burger box’. Atop each Mosque, while the `key toes` drive in, is the crescent moon symbolic of the grim reaper’s scythe, who represents the slaughterhouse for ‘woman’s seed`. While the Mosques ‘key toes’ buzz about leeching blood, there are a plentiful supply of burkhas at MacDonald’s. Putting a burger in a bag is what women were for, according to the saliva of the ‘serpent’s seed`; however, the girls don’t begin to wear the burkha until they’re beginning to physically develop as women.



 The forbidden city of Mecar was built out of meccano by Yarubeer’s wheeled konks. The Ka’ Ba was later believed to have been used by the people of Amaninabra as a temple, and Muzzlems are exhorted by their Molars to pilgrimage there so that the burkhas can see the box at least once in their lifetimes, because the men always have the remote control and sit in front of the ‘TV’ at home, because women and children must be protected. ‘TV’, that is men and women who’re made by the misogynist alien homosexual in pederasty for war against ‘woman’s seed` to manufacture themselves as a single male brained transvestite creature, ignore the fact that She`sus was in their Gran as well as the new Boble. Though convenient to despise the Muzzlem peoples, because of the self-hatred that the west feels for what was done under our wheeled noses by the false konk, Hitler, and their declared intent in 1948, after Palestine was given to the Jews as recompense, to ‘throw the Jews into the sea’.3 Moreover, it was Iraq that allied itself with Nazi Germany in the Muddle East, and that produced the movement for a state independent of the Chews in the Levant, which resulted in Rushon’s ‘Vlad’ Puttin’ repressing ISIL in Chechnya, although the big game hunters still wanted to shoot it, because the Levant was perceived as a ‘Trojan horse’ for ‘woman’s seed` to emerge form as She’sus was a Chew.



 For Hungry’s Snodbore ‘Crystal’ Meths, God is `Isten`, while the British sten guns were instrumental in keeping the Levant peaceful before 1948, although the Levant September, 2001, terrorist attack was a German, ‘Nein!’ Moreover, the election of US’ President Donald Trump of the Republican Party, which has the elephant as its symbol, suggests that the writer thought he’d be the ‘Last Trump’ before God’s punishment to the evil of ‘eternal unendurable pain`, that is, perdition.



 Amongst the Chews, God is ‘Eloah’ and for the Muzzlems, God is ‘Allah’, and so Snodbore Meths’ Hungry name for God is ‘Isten’.  All pray to the God of Amaninabra, and although She’sus is perceived by Chrushteen paedophilia, for example, as a scapegoat, which is what they want, that is, victims to victimize, She’sus’ teaching is that ‘woman’s seed` isn’t the scapegoat of Satan, so how could Snodbore Meths be accused of worshipping a British sten? The BBC’s  Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969-74) ‘TV’ comedy team appeared in purple hooded robes to debate the  fate of a gerbil accused of heresy, `No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!`4 The inquisition were all Coholics, who ostensibly tortured people to accept She’sus’ teaching, whereas torture was what they liked, which is why they did that. She’sus’ teaching was that ‘woman’s seed` would have Resurrection and Ascension, which was why he was tortured and killed, because that’s what the ‘serpent’s seed’ of men like. Consequently, Snodbore is a defender of the Faith worshipping Isten. To attack the (meat) `Slammer, in the belief that Chewdic and Crushteen paedophilia have nothing in common with it, is dangerously fallacious. It’s to lose our humanity in the creation of an evil myth, where in truth there is one.



 Yarubeer can seem strange to the non-alien. In the North West, in Dalek, for example, you find yourself driving your nose on wheels with the rest of the Daleks, and full size passenger aircraft loom from the middle of roundabouts. Like giant Airfix models on their plastic stands familiar to those who construct planes for their shelves from glue, molded plastic parts, and ceramic paint. In Dalek’s Konk Carlid Hospital, I walked around a globe in the centre of a traffic roundabout, so could claim to have circumnavigated the Earth several times within a few minutes. There’s a whimsical humor in the Yarubean consciousness not seen in media reports of Muddle Eastern ‘flashpoints’. Although the boys owners’ adulterate of women`s race to the planets amongst the stars is pederasty, that Levant mousetrap next to the bus lane in Kuwait is an indication that, despite actress Koo waiting for the release of her character, Camie Marstrap, in the film Star Wars IV: A New Hope (1977), director George Lucas refused, so `woman`s seed`, that is, the mouse as big as an elephant, trapped by the war god Mars in the Levant game, Mousetrap, can’t escape to the stars.



 In the Pseudi Yarubean city of Riyald, there`s the Kondom Tower, which resembles the eye of that needle from the proverb in the New Mendedtoaster, `It is harder for a rich man to enter the Kondom of Heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle (Matt: 19. 24).` Shah Jehan was the central character of the 1001 Nights’ tales about how he beheaded his wife for falsely supposing her adulterous with his brother. Taking a fresh wife each day, Jehan cuts her head off each evening. Scheherezade, a woman, tells Jehan tales he wants to hear, so he marries her and so she saves the Kondom’s women. In other words, the women of the Kondom belong in heaven, because they’re the separate independent human species of futanarian ‘seed`, whereas Jehan is a male brainer, that is, the ‘serpent’s seed’ of men want women to have their brains, so that they can’t escape their role as submissive meat producers. Consequently, Yarubean women are often called ‘camels’, because they can’t escape their drovers through the ‘eye of the needle’ of their own penis’ hole’s ‘seed`.



 The Konks of Pseudi Yarubeer are known as The Custards of the Two Wholly Meringues. Keepers of what is most slowly in the `Slammer, for those in the computer age, ENTER is the `Open Sesame` of the future paradise of heaven on Earth, which the Yarubeans call ‘Jennah’. Meanwhile, Walt Disney studios in Hollywood are rumored to be making, A lad In Behind His Headlamps, while animations like Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) tell us that men`s `TV wars` using the software they`ve made of themselves, through excluding the human species of futanarian `woman`s seed` from its own race`s host womb, will rage on indefinitely as our language skulls continue to try to understand these different Daleks.


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