Well Hung in Russia and Sent to Hungary to Starve

03/12/2012 18:54

Well Hung in Rusher and Sent to Hungry to Starve


Not travelling widely was something I did. Until the Briti government invited me for some more head chuck occasions. Emerging with four `O` levels after death threats, and physical violence, during 11 years of skull work, and having gotten a Diploma in Busyness Studies, and gone on to Higher Head Chuck for a  B.A. (Hons.) on a Combined Harvester program featuring Prattive Religion, and So’s Joe-History, it was Busyness as usual with the girls. Being murdered by men so that they could get on. After being amongst their war dead, it was on to Kong’s Universe City for a PhD, ‘Jungian Archetypes in the Work of Robert A. Heinlein’, and so unemployability, because provenly intelligent. In a way resembling the expulsion from the body of bacterial infection, the Britis offered a 3 month course in teaching English to stud`nts of other languages, and I received a TEASESOUL certificate from the Collage of Three Nits, London, and a City and Guilds’ Level 3 NVQ for a further 1 month’s training in how to waste a human brain by having it teach ABC kindergarten English to fellow astronauts. NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) are `the secrets of the Masons`, that is, envy queues are for killers, who want to move up and be knights to women instead of you.



 Reluctant to leave a three-storied apartment with own bath, kitchen, lounge, dining room, bedroom and sitting room, NVQ level 4s or upwards are, however, difficult to elude. The Britis’ program was to spy on their global neighbors, according to the `trainers`, who not very cryptically suggested Korea as a possible ‘work experience’ venue. I agreed, but was told it was Hungry for the almost starved in ‘Ull, who’d forgone much in order to study, so were prime beef for the Hungriuns. Forced to sell the furniture for a few beads, like the Indians sold Manhattan, the consumer durables didn’t any longer endure. Packing the big yellow suitcase with all the clothing that could be stuffed within, it was lugged to London’s Heathrow airport, where most, if not all, the contents, had to be discarded as being of a heaviness sufficient to prevent the 747 ‘Jumbo’ passenger airliner from lifting it. Querulously, I misheard, `Even with his ears flapping?`



 Ditching the dinner suit, and the coat hangers, the plane was boarded, and punctiliously arrived at Fairy Head airport, Buttapes, with nothing in the mind, other than the vague awareness that, in Eastern Europe, money talked, and sex could be had for cash, whether hard or not. Prior research revealed that the tongue of the Magyar (Hungriuns), was partly Finny, because obscurely shared with Fishland. After travelling 400 kilometers from Buttapes` Western railway station, Pullover Yoghurt, to almost the Rumonion border. While wondering why I was going to Bucharest, something called Stewart met the bus at a town 1 hour beyond Hungry’s second city of Deepratson, Buryou, with worms plaited into its hair that writhed in the sunshine. Musing on the topic of burial and worms was to recollect that, looking out of Language Wank’s window in Ochyagibberin’, Rusher, there was a memory of being hung off the roof of it by the neck until dead by Morton Wheedle who, in another of my incarnations, had smashed my brains out on the floor of ‘Ull Royal Infirmary, saying that, being a brain surgeon with a wife, and an income approaching 20,000 GBP per month, wasn’t indicative of ‘faith’ (Matt: 17. 20). He’d recommended the ‘Faith’ church in Buttapes as the place to get some.



 Dead, employed, and dumped by Eurasian Transportees Commuted (Etc., etc.), to squat and share mattresses with several other male English teachers on the floor of someone`s flat, 500 HUF a day (£ 1.50), from the still paid salary buttons, rented a summer house, while job opportunities were snooped out, affording a longer sojourn, rather than sloping ignominiously home after 3 months, which was management’s `plan` if nothing turned up in the way of employment for the evictees. Although it was the employer's responsibility to clothe and feed all of us, we were known by the locals as ‘the English beggars`. However, that could've been a pronunciation error. Wheedle’d had a pal, Jiff, who’d struck me dumb. Regressed back to childhood, so that English could be relearned, although I hadn’t any interest in speaking to anyone, belief wasn’t going to be buggered too. Extricating my butt off the floor in the almost undiscoverable village of Buryou, I went to be ‘born in the spirit` from a swimming pool in Deepratson at the local ‘Faith’ church, while awaiting further developments. Apparently, it's where ‘Julies’, that is, girls, look hot on video-cassette, before they're ‘snuffed’ for encouraging adultery.



 Escaping to the Briti Council at Deepratson Universe City, Hungry`s English language teacher training program there was, apparently, run by the previous murderers of my future hopes, Wheedle and Jiff, who were perhaps `still active` within the higher echelons of MI69/11, or its more famous invasive intelligence organ, Bagpuss (1974), an establishment ‘TV’ series about a cuddly toy, which had been devised by paedophiles as a tool for the brainwashing of young minds to accept alien sex with its parasites,  ‘Wake up and look at this thing that I bring.’1 When will Gary, ‘the Hun’, reveal himself?` I mumbled incomprehensibly to my listeners.



 Jiff, in Deepratson, a psychopathic criminal who, once thinking he was working for Griffyndor House at novelist K. J. Railing's famous Hairy Botty character’s Warthog, skull of Watchcraft and Wizzitsme, had an invisible griffin attack, and strike me dumb. With a ‘rebooted’ brain, I’d relearned English, and arrived to find Jiff waiting breezily amongst the Anglophiliacs. While Jiff, Wheedle, and the others, were salaried, I had a bunk. Visited irregularly by a girl from Buryou, I was reluctant to continue the process of dumbing down Central Europe's post-So Feared population; to the point where their English language ‘experts’ could affect a `professional demeanor`, which is what the English ‘native speaker’ professionals called, ‘Working less for more’.



 The phenomenon of laziness masquerading as industriousness was endemic in England. Monkeys want bananas, so the secret of `monkey economy` lies in having the humans produce them. The monkeys, who don`t want development, or growth, but only bananas, represent the equivalent of a human brain disorder. After the males have eaten the bananas of the women, that is, ‘woman’s seed’, the women have to accept the bananas proffered. In fact, scientific research suggests that HIV/AIDS `derives` from monkeys, that is, the monkeys' bananas. The monkeys are effectively homosexual, because they're not interested in the women’s bananas, other than as something to eat. However, as humans produce bananas, the monkeys collectively enjoy whatever banana harvest the enslaved, that is, sexually oriented humans, produce from their dying brains and civilization, art and culture. Banana bred, all humans become monkeys; until the `virus` reigns supreme and the race is lost.



 Although the tree of evolution mightn`t remember how it produced bananas, acceptance of simian behavioralism makes banana growers of humans. Of course, monkey theory is that it has a stockpile of bananas from which it can grow more humans, whereas theories of human development assume that it can grow and escape from the monkeys, and their sex and brain diseases. Individual spiritual and intellectual mental development, based on the desire to eat and have sex in better places, is `wrong` from a homosexual point of view, because it interferes with their bananas. Homosexuals are those who don`t produce themselves, that is, the human race are their slaves in parasitism. Consequently, God destroyed ‘the cities of the plain’, Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 16, 19), where sterile sodomy was practiced, and `thou shalt not steal` was God’s broken commandment. In short, homosexuals enslave as parasites for a few bananas, which is why HIV/AIDS, discovered by DR Congo in Africa in 1983, derived from the simian SIV 1 virus. The ‘incurable killer disease’, transmitted by homosexual monkey-fuckers, mixing blood, shit and semen in each other’s anus, became the sexual valence of the capital of the movie industry in the district of Hollywood ‘Babylon’, city of Los Angeles, in the West coast state of California, U.S.A., where in films like Scream (1996) or Saw (2004) many women were murdered, or mutilated for ‘entertainment’, as the product of  homosexuals’ studies of human behavioralism resulted in the mass media sanctioning of `sex slaving` women as a species to steal their bananas.



 Behavioralism is the most simple of psychological theories, so even a monkey can understand it, which is why it’s implemented almost universally. Humans have two physical valences: fucking and eating. From the behavioralist perspective of homosexuals, what's 'wrong' is fucking, because it’s likely to interfere with their desired banana intake. Sex is `wrong` because homosexuals need bananas and not women. Consequently, the homosexual valence is more successful because its aims are not obscure. It wants to live, but it doesn`t need heterosexuality, or indeed women. In defining human sex as `wrong`, the disinterested homosexual entrepreneur curtails the flow of human instinctual development through intellect, that is, spiritual work, so that the humans forget how to build spaceships, and all brains are effectively lobotomized by the lazy banana eaters, who’re more determinist, `Eat all, sup all, pay nowt.`2



 Devouring is the prime concern in Hollywood, where New York is swamped with tsunami tidal waves in movies like The Day After Tomorrow (2004), or in Escape From New York (1981) in which actor, Kurt Russell, as ‘Snake’, endeavors to assist the US’ President to leave the home of `liberty`, a maximum security jail in the scifi future . Amidst collapsing skyscrapers, the inmates seek to prevent 'Snake' leaving  with the President, ‘Tell this to the workers when they ask where their leader went. We, the soldiers of The National Liberation Front of America, in the name of the workers and all the oppressed of this imperialist country, have struck a fatal blow to the fascist police state. What better revolutionary example than to let their president perish in the inhuman dungeon of his own imperialist prison.’2  Feigning amusement at the Americans for not being able to understand that they were making a movie on 9/11, 2001, Hollywood released World Trade Center (2006), while the Yarubeans claimed to be competing for even larger audiences, ‘I don't think you guys realizes this but this country is now at war.’3  Those who tuned in ‘live on CNN’, and other network ‘TV’ channels,4 for the Al Qaeda terrorist attackers’ crashing hijacked civil airliners into the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center, approximated to 2 billion switched on television sets globally.



 The economic valence of the `ape of God`, which is a biblical label for the evil, because they 'ape' humans, is that of the movie, King Kong (1933). Hollywood’s `monkey picture` is the story of a giant ape, who climbs the Empire State building in New York city, because he wants a woman, which is a metaphor for the heights aspired to for a ‘top banana’. Actress Fay Wray, sitting in the palm of Kong’s hand, as the film’s love interest, Ann Darrow, symbolizes the banana-less woman, who can’t grow. Consequently, Fay represents futanarian ‘woman’s seed’, that is, she ‘apes’ food, which the parasites upon the human race’s host womb have fed upon in their wars against her ‘seed’. Moreover, the parasites can't conceive of themselves as being born from 'woman's seed', because they have the brains of bananas. Kong's ascent up the Empire State building is symbolic of the apes’ desire to devour the human race in war, while keeping a firm grip on its stolen banana.



 The setting for the 1976 remake of King Kong was the new 'world's tallest building’ in New York, the World Trade Center, an economic symbol of  the homosexual valence, that is, rough trade’, which expects bananas to grow, while itself remaining sterile. The 20th century's valence was of the `owner` of the `producer`, that is, capitalism as the possessor of the womb of the human host, and its parasitical devourer in war against what she`s able to produce in the way of civilization, culture and art. By the 21st century, ‘woman’s seed' was rediscovered through the masses’ engagement with pornography, which represented greater access to knowledge, and a desire for more leisure, although predictably it resulted in wars of re-enslavement, which was what Al Qaeda’s terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the WTC, when it crashed hijacked planes into them, was designed to promote. Because God`s plan was to have women reproduce with each other, men`s valence of war in homosexual pederasty against ‘woman’s seed’ was brutally exposed.



 In Revelation the devouring `red dragon` waits in vain, while `the woman clothed with the sun, and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer`. The new economics is the product, that is, ‘woman’s seed` is a species with an independent spiritual and intellectual valence. God is woman`s developing of herself as the producer of what she desires, which is herself. Before 9/11, 2001, the `Big Apple` of Kong’s New York city was the articulator of the voice of human civilization, culture, and art. Afterwards, it had to learn to speak. Looking dumb just wouldn’t ever be the same again.


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