Shanghai Surprised

04/10/2015 16:14

Shanghai Surprised


Imagine my surprise when the normally parsimonious Chinese agreed to pay my airfare to Shanghai and guarantee to return me to pasture when the juice had been squeezed from the orange of my teaching capacities. A rurally idyllic perspective quite in keeping with traditional imagery associated with China, thought I, emboldened by remembered scenes of pop music diva Madonna and erstwhile beau, actor Sean Penn, careering through the streets there inside a rickshaw, while he tried to make sure that the locals didn`t get any mud on her in the film, Shanghai Surprise (1986), and crowds of onlookers held chopsticks and rice bowls romantically against a vast backdrop of grey skies and endless paddy fields receding off into a distance immeasurably quaint.



 Arriving at Shanghai airport meant the usual routine in which Mr Johnny English Teacher was assured he`d be picked up at the airport by someone holding a piece of paper with his name written on it, and somewhat overburdened, Johnny English, arrived to discover no one there. As usual, Mr Johnny Teacher`s phone was choc-a-bloc with messages from the local `phone company, China Mobile, advertising the huge benefits of purchasing a new sim card so that the Chinese network would be available to those `foreign devils` desirous of communicating verbally with the communist sponsors` generous tones. Anticipating being collected by the person nominated by the contact, who`d professionally located the operations` center in Buttapes, that is, the converted cupboard with WC installation, proudly called `Bide A Wee`, the ‘phone battery went flat.



 Johnny needed a `phone to make overtures to his Chinese captors. Battery flat, how will his flat mate heat water for her shower without electricity? He floundered, drowning in fear at being stuck in Shanghai at a major Chinese airport, without any possibility of speaking with the flat Chinese girls, whether battery powered or not, who`d been the `phones that had invited him to be there. Paralyzed by the `uncertainty principle`, much beloved of physicists like the quantum mechanic Schrödinger, who wanted to establish that a cat could be simultaneously both dead and alive in a box exposed to lethal radiation, the English Johnny went over to the door with the universal sign for `trousered` in order to do some technical research on the existence of electrical sockets from which flat battery `phones could be replenished so that they would give life-giving succor to the auditory system of data processing commonly known as human beings.



 Standing inside the convenience, English John observed that the plugs weren`t compatible with the `phone recharging equipment brought from Europe to Asia, and opted for a walk around the Shanghai airport environs outside the plane arrivals` area to locate a charger facility acceptable to the Europhone. Approaching a conveniently positioned `China Mobile` retail area, with the `phone battery recharger, it quickly became established that the `foreign devil`, that is, the John from England, would have to pay for a sim card, and a new `phone with a battery charger compatible with the Europhone communications` technology. Or, could John `Knee` Eng use the plug adaptor inside the unwieldy luggage he was perforce shouldering around the airport like a plumber with a few toilets in his native speaker`s ELT portfolio?



 Having discovered that the ATM machines were all in Chinese and so it was impossible to obtain cash to buy a sim card at an airport in China, John Neen `Glish opted to `go native` and, burrowing deeply into his conspicuously black holdall with the Hungriun flag neatly emblazoned strategically at unattractive angles, found a plug adaptor that might conceivably fit the holes in the WC and afford the Europhone an electric boost so that Chaw Ning Lish could `phone his employment opportunity. Soon fully adopted inside the WC with his newly Orientalized face looking back at himself from the mirror above the washbasins while the `phone recharged from the adapted socket and the busyness of the lavatory went on behind his back undisturbed, Shaw Nee Ing Lish `phoned his contact and was assured that he`d be met almost instantly by those who presumably were giggling behind their hands somewhere in the great Shanghai airport concourse.



 Standing and moving from place to place by turn, and with no cash for purchasing coffee and donuts, after an hour or so I received a call on the recharged Hungriun `phone ostensibly from Zou, who`d invited me to be there to be picked up by a representative of her company, and who hadn`t materialized when I arrived. Accepting, against my better judgement, that this was in fact Zou, I agreed to go with her to the accommodation supposedly expecting me after a two hour or so journey by Shanghai metro. I was assured that the room was close to a medical center, where I would be established as a non-AIDS carrier. When I looked from the window, I could see another airport. In the morning I passed muster, instead of mustard, and was on my way to a teaching assignment.



 Wondering who`d gotten the genuine accommodation that, presumably, had been arranged for the English PhD., and Certificated ELT professional, I travelled from Shanghai by train with a certain degree of trepidation and uneasiness; calmed only by the soothing tones of the MP3 player l always utilized during my excursions in foreign parts. The music invariably carried me along effortlessly ignoring a landscape teeming with muggers, and any murderers who`d seek to waylay the unwary traveler for a pair of headphones and some tunes, and so it was that I was able to journey on unintimidated by those who`d seek to take an Englishman `on the hoof`, as it were, by distracting him with fictional concerns.



 Observing from my seat, the huge skyscrapers characterizing the housing estates and, in Chinese terms, small conurbations, before the truly humungous Chinese cities appeared along the route of the train, I understood that the Great Wall of China was the product of a people used to success on a scale more than great. However, when I reached the skull I was to teach at, the water was undrinkable, and the basement apartment was covered in damp, green mold, which began to appear on my clothes, and would remain there until I was able to find a laundry in Turkey’s Istanbul that could remove the fungus from my shirts.



 The skull was, of course, the usual internment camp for suspected political dissidents, and espionage agents sent from the United States of America, and the United Kongdome and elsewhere, to speak to Chinese infants, and perhaps uncover secrets relating to the aims and ambitions of `red` China; insofar as those capitalist nations had concerns over these commonests` apparent desire for much bigger and more powerful aircraft carriers than the West. Labeling itself Commonest, `red` China remained true to the concept that `workers control the means of production`, which is what the German classical economist and Marx Brother, Karl Marx, argued in his comical work, Das Kapital, (1867), although China`s initial commonest leader, Mouse Tzedong (Satan), was a proponent of agrarianism, that is, the work of sociaslime began with rural peasantry, while urban conurbations represented the wage slavery of capitalist economics, rather than `ownership of the means of production by the workers`, which was Marxist Commonest, `Say Dong!`



 Mouseism was the perception that capitalism was slavery, so the So Feared Commonest of Rusher, which began with the October 1917 Revolution against Rusher`s involvement in the First World War (1914-18) against Imperial Germany`s attempt to enslave Europe and the world, was industrially centered, which resulted in revisionism and the reestablishment of slave economics by dictator, Josie Stalin, for example, before the Second World War to liberate Europe and the world from German Imperialism. However, the desire of the Chinese to build bigger aircraft carriers than the United States of America suggests a revisionist industrial centered Commonest based on host womb slavery in parasitism for war and death. Because the `workers` who `control the means of production` should be women, as civilization, culture and art emerges from their wombs, despite men`s parasitical depredations, which means that the production of huge aircraft carriers from the human species` futanarian womb is subversion by a capitalist revisionism that seeks the extinction of the human race in a form of alien racism imposed upon her by men of the `serpent`s seed` in Satanism.



 Naturally, it was difficult to obtain dialectical teaching materials in China, or even adequate directions to the classrooms, where the children were; lest some esoteric Oriental knowledge pertaining to international global security might be placed at risk. Consequently, smart chalk and a blackboard was the advanced technological mode available to the ELT pro, and a wet cloth, which though it wasn`t wet to begin with, could be made damper by recourse to a rusty tap. Pootering along to the WC, which was rapidly becoming the favored port of call for Johnny In Glish, who was by now used to being kept in a state of terror as the technology afforded to the teacher by the locals dwindled to non-existence in their desire to strangle the teacher`s voice, Mr Glish moistened the chalk mark removal equipment.



 The teachers` enclave was on the third floor of a three storey building with an `OUT OF ORDER` lift, in Chinese of course, 失灵, to ensure that the educators maintained regime fitness. Although China couldn`t be considered hot, it could be murderously humid, and the providers of liberal Western values, through the medium of New Intochains, perspired enough to fill Liza`s bucket with the hole in it. In Pseudi Yarubeer boxes of tissues are thoughtfully provided by the administrators of the hothouse flowers, but in China the sweaty oik with the TESOL Cert. has to buy their own or drown. Later I`d marvel at the Turks, who`d have me live in Asia and take a ship to Europe where I had to cross a footbridge and climb a mountain in order to locate the language skull of the company I was to ply my trade at each morning around 9.00 am in Istanbul. `Thank God for the old ladies on the footbridge,` I`d chuff, as they proffered cellophane wrapped packs of five or six tissues for less than a Turkish lira (TL) in admiration at the passing of this, their Odysseus:


`To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the Western stars, until I die.` 1



 `Least said, soonest mended,` I chuffed on, hoping not to expire before my IELTS one to one, and `A stitch in time saves nine billion,` I quoted American science fiction writer, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), from his short story `- All You Zombies -` (1959), in the hope that some of the zombies might sew a button on for me. After leaving Buttapes with a 1960s TV 21 magazine Supercar pin holding my suit jacket together, because the plazzy button had shattered into a squizillion pieces at the last instant for no explicable reason, as I switched off the light to put the key in the door to leave my wretched abode, I`d walked the length and breadth of a Qatar airport mall asking for a needle and thread to no avail, and finally after arriving in Dammam I`d taken the buttons off the inside pocket of the suit to sew on as jacket buttons, before the Pseudi passport authorities and the Turkish airline contrived to steal suit and buttons by misappropriating the bag in which they`d been ensconced for my return journey Westward:


`Some work of noble note, may yet be done,

Not unbecoming men that strove with gods.` 2



 I taught TOEFL to a group of Turkish residents, straight from Midnight Express (1978), although there were several toe fulls to avoid the morning I endeavored to make it to the ferry at Kidikok in Asian Turkey for the crossing to Bikakok in Turkey, Europe. Despite the labyrinthine expeditiousness of the devil`s toenails, as their eyes snaked along in the paths God had ordained for the Fiat since the outbreak of the First World War, and the invention of Fry`s Turkish Delight (1914), which Michael Jackson and the Jehovah`s Witnesses believe signaled the end of the world, and God`s judgement upon it, the toe fulls weren`t sanguine enough about the safety of their souls at sea with John Knee Inglish, to offer Yours Truly a tow aboard ship:


`A life on the ocean wave,

A-home on the rolling deep!` 3



 In China it was metros and trains after Shanghai airport. Being told I`d be picked up followed by the usual rigmarole attending the arrival of the pick up after flying from Buttapes and making it to the coast of Asia opposite California, Los Angeles, I was taken on a three hour metro excursion with the promise of a medical the next day for work visa processing purposes and a train journey of similar duration to Wenjou city in Zheijang province where I`d be picked up. At Harley Street a doctor, doubtless working for Quinn of Marvel`s Suicide Squad, had raised a quibble over a supposed hiatus hernia that cost me a return flight ticket to Buttapes, and my employers in Pseudi Yarubeer close on 1000 GBP, so I was grateful to discover in Paychink, after another nightmare train journey across Asia, and a visit to the local medical center there for more work visa processing, that I was in fact healthy.



 I`d had my own medical supplies for nervous exhaustion and blood oxygenation stolen from me at Dammam airport along with the suit, that is, Ferrous Phosphate # 4 and Kali Phosphate # 6 homoeopathic remedies, which cost me upwards of 200 GBP to take with me. They`d been manufactured by Newer Uh laboratories at Marvel Fleet in Kong`s Town Upon ‘Ull, Yorkshire, but the factory had been shut down by David Cameron`s UK government, presumably on the grounds that St Peter thought they were `too good` for humans, who were waking up to what was being done. Having sacked half a million civil servants, whose families like as not were looking to be able to function in some way or other to the probable detriment of the Conservative government that had made them destitute (at least to their eyes), Tory policy seemed to have reverted to maintaining a population in extremis. A sick public is unlikely to give a ruling Party any opposition, which is what God told Eve in the Boble, after the serpent gave her the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’, which is death. Ephemeral humans die as slaves in `enmity` with the enslaver who`s poisoned them, because it doesn`t want healthy development and immortality for humanity born from host wombs without parasites:


`When Britain first, at Heaven's command

Arose from out the azure main;

This was the charter of the land,

And guardian angels sang this strain:

`Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:

Britons never will be slaves.` 4



 Satan, the angel, was turned into the serpent in Eden, because God`s plan was for the human host to be greater than the angelic, and Satan disagreed. Similarly, the human host at his `Last Supper`, She`sis, offered `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`, that is, acceptance of the human host, but his disciple Chewedass (Satan) betrayed She`sis to the Rumuns who took him to the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem and nailed him to a cross of wood where he died. She`sis` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven was a sign that the human host will not be damned by a parasite it perforce shares a womb with.



 In Dammam my sunglasses and a spare pair of spectacles, made in Buttapes` Józsefváros (Joe`s Castle) - look, if you will, for the statue of 19th century staunch ‘Coholic, Count Zichy Nándor - were stolen after Turkish airlines found it impossible to put a luggage ticket on my bag, so imagine my surprise when one of my Turkish TOEFL stud`nts in Istanbul working for Ronair said that he could give me a pair of reactolite spectacles; because his relatives were opticians! As a science fiction writer, my suspicions were that the readers were trying to write my life as a script for a commedia not unlike that of Alighieri Dante (d. 1321), who described circles in hell for ‘Coholicism at the beginning of the 14th century. If the criminals stole enough of my life, I guessed the theory went, I`d never escape their circle: `Thou shalt not kill!` (Ex: 20. 13)



 Theft is murder, as God probably intended his prohibition should be interpreted, which is why the prohibition against theft is equal with the law against murder, `Thou shalt not steal.` (Ex: 20. 15) If the criminals steal enough of your life, it`s murder by degrees, and I have enough degrees as a PhD English `major` to understand that; although the murderers don`t seem to be able to: even if they`re Masons and know they`ve 360 degrees to their circle. An individual`s life isn`t a comedy for the illiterate, or `fair game` for the killer, which is why God`s Boble contains the story of the first murderer, who killed his human `brother`, because he`d invented cooking, and was Abel.



 Unconsciousness of being murdered as a disabled individual is still murder by degrees in order to maintain human slavery. The automobile hasn`t improved in a hundred years, since the first mass produced Ford model T came off the Detroit, Michigan, production line in the United States of America in 1908, because motorists are still using their feet on a Mason`s treadmill for the enslaved host wombs of the human race. Women without testes won’t pass the MOT of the cars’ traitors. Homosexuals don’t want women to have a penis, and any pedestrian observing the highway can see that they’re still after her, man.



 In the 8th century collection of folktales, 1001 Nights, Aladdin’s  flying car’s headlamps appear when his genius awakes, but the hero`s wife succumbs to a pedlar`s blandishments, `New lamps for old!` The genie doesn’t awake from Aladdin’s new lamp. The flying car isn`t in the future, but in the past, because the slavers of the race want its feet on the treadmill. Now the traffic jams are the carpets, and they don’t fly, while in Pseudi Yarubeer four wives are permitted, so the slaver has pets in its car.



 Bob Guccioni, the owner of Penthouse (1965-) magazine for adult males, which featured nude pictures of women, died in 2010, but the Penthouse Pets live on, that is, the car Pets. Although the USA claim to have won the Crazy Golf war with the help of Rusher`s `Vlad` Puttin’, the fiction maintained by misogyny is that women only put out, that is, they don`t put in, which Guccioni`s Penthouse Pets maintain, because its pages don`t feature women`s cocks. Consequently, the USA lost the Crazy Golf war to Rusher’s Puttin’, because still no one knows what goes on in the Moslem families with four wives, whereas if Penthouse featured car Pets that fucked each other, everyone would know, and the USA would be victorious for the human race. The fact that they don`t want women to be seen with their cocks in women is a sign of the aliens` defeat of the human species. They`d rather B1.



 The car looks like a snake that`s been beheaded as it wends its way along what pop singer, Chris Rea, called `The Road To Hell` (1989), which again suggests that the Golf war for oil to put in the tanks, was won by the Yarubeans, that is, the Konks of the Muddle East have persuaded the West, and Rusher`s `Vlad` Puttin’, to put their noses on wheels, rather than sexually reproduce brainpower from the `seed` of women. The Yarubs ahead in their 4WDs and four wives were rich in oil, so could afford to hide the truth about `woman`s seed` from the West, beneath the burkhas of their women, while the West degenerated into `TV` transvestism, wherein men and women reproduce as `the beast` of She`sis` disciple John`s apocalyptic Revelation, a vision of the future of a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes for `TV wars` transvestite `action`: `The dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth to devour her child the moment it was born.` (Rev: 13. 8) Eventually, human reproduction will be so poor that it won`t be discernible, and hell`s wars will have been found at the end of the road for the race of the West, while the Yarubeans yet still prepare to unveil their humanity:


`On your journey cross the wilderness;
From the desert to the well:
You have strayed upon the motorway to hell.`5



 Pedestrians are what slavers like to see amongst their circles in hell`s tradmills, which is why Oedipus` name means `swollen foot`. The ancient Greek dramatist, Sophocles, wrote Oedipus Rex (c. 429 B.C.) about a man who inadvertently kills his father, Laius, and then unknowingly marries his mother, Jocasta. Oedipus blinds himself after feeling horrified because he`s broken the incest taboo. The drama ends with Antigone, Oedipus` daughter, guiding his footsteps away from the city of Thebes. Oedipus` fate represents unconsciousness, according to `the father of psychoanalysis`, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), because Oedipus isn`t within the family circle, that is, he doesn`t accept that host womb slavery in parasitism is what men are for, which is why he`s pedestrian: `What goes on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon and three in the evening.` 6



 In answer to the riddle in Sophocles` play, Oedipus` answer is, `Man.` Having answered correctly he is afforded the opportunity to go on into Thebes and marry the widowed queen, Jocasta, and as a blind man with a cane, he`s a prototype of murdered humanity, that is, he`s a disabled pedestrian enslaved in unconsciousness by a writer`s tradition, which is that the characters aren`t conscious of the author`s intentions. Antigone is Jocasta`s daughter denied the possibility of sexual reproduction with a woman, because she`s been taught to have mercy and so guide her self-blinded father`s footsteps onward. In fact, Oedipus` self-blinding isn`t a tragedy, because the women can then see each other. However, Oedipus` tragic nature is that his self-blinding is a last desperate act to keep the women apart through Antigone`s mercy upon him, which is women`s nature. Men`s nature is to host womb slave the species of human futanarian `woman`s seed`, so the incest taboo isn`t to prevent men from having sex with their daughters, mothers, and sisters, but to prevent the single race of women from reproducing, which would leave men without a host womb. Humanism is the perception that women can bear men, but from their own `seed`, whereas men want slaves.



 Faced with a writers` collective seeking to prevent Yours Truly from progressing unhindered, the ELT Facing It 2 Gether Pre-Intermediate book loomed larger at the Istanbul Language Centre in Kidikok than otherwise it might have done. Were these people the faceless writers` collective seeking to write themselves over the writer`s meanderings and so make a palimpsest of the traveler`s travelogue? In the movie, Face/Off (1997), the Asian killer had transformed himself to look like Nick Cage`s character, Caster Troy, who`d then taken John Travolta`s face and given Travolta`s character, Sean Archer, Nick`s, which meant that, because the good guy looked like the bad guy, it was only possible to get a good look from the killer. When Mr Wriggly Ugly Boobs invited me to go to Europe from Asia every day by boarding a ship in Istanbul, Turkey, I knew I`d been Shanghaied in China. I was being accused of being Cage, GB, that is, Face/Off`s Asian was suspected of being a former KGB agent retrained for the Crazy Golf war by `Vlad` Puttin`, and the Asian was me, which effectively meant I was John Travolta dancing with the uneducated:


`Feel the city breakin' and everybody shakin'

And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.`7



 Language skulls are notoriously tight fisted, and penny pinching institutions that don`t want their equipment to be used, because it costs money that they don`t want to spend; as it`s a busyness for them, rather than a head chuck occasional establishment run by a government administration that wants a head chuck occasion for its citizens. Consequently, teachers who seek to employ the paucity of technology, and the scarce materials they find for what they need, are accused of being spies, because the authorities don`t actually want the skulls to educate, but rather provide a cheap unofficial program for slaving internationals, who`re exterminated without recourse to local technology and medical science, which their home nations also denied to them in order to slave. English language teachers aren`t really expected to teach, they`re pressed to perform wonders illustrative of their nation`s cultural excellence, while the fiction is that the management are appreciative of the efforts made despite the financial constraints under which everyone camply concentrates.



 The term `camp` is often used of homosexuals to describe the over exaggerated behavior of `TV` that disguises human sexual reproduction between women and her own `woman`s seed`. Masquerading as concern over children`s head chuck occasions, camp `TV` explains to the viewer that everyone dies of decrepitude, whereas any medical scientist would observe that immortality and youthfulness is well within the scope of human endeavor. Consequently, camp `TV` is for pederasts and paedophiles, who ghoulishly applaud death, because then they can have children. Exaggeratedly, the `death camp` guards display the busyness concern of homosexuals, while the pederasts and paedophiles wait to prey on the kids after the teachers have died in the attempt to educate adults.



 The instantaneous transmission of CVs by e-mail across the globe means that an individual`s entire cultural heritage is placed under scrutiny by Ministry`s of the Interior as diverse as those of Paychink and Triple ‘E’. While I was in Istanbul, the Turks were bombing the Kids into submission, which is the nation Saddam Hussein was executed on December 30, 2003, for allegedly using poison gas against, and Kidis extends into Iraq, Iran, and Turkey, which has the largest population and land mass of that international people:


`Whether you`re a brother or whether you`re a mother

You`re stayin` alive, stayin` alive.`



 As petitioners to join the European Union, Turkey is perceived as an ally of the West, but Saddam Hussein was executed for warring on the Kids, whereas ELT professionals are encouraged to perceive the wagers for war on the Kids, that is, the Turks, as friendly towards Western Europeans, which doesn`t seem obvious. Any casual listener to Turkish pop music`s Yildiz Tilbe, `Anma Arkadaş` (Do Not Make Mention Of She), can`t help but conclude correctly that its singers ghoulishly mourn the death of the women whose lives they were responsible for, `You thought the one who left will come back.`8 Nor does it appear likely that an ELT professional`s CV in the hands of a Turkish language skull manager is a security asset from the point of view of the human family. Bombing the Kids into unconscious submission is a figure of what happens to populations with national governments. ELT professionals and their families are thus a type of Kid, who represent intelligence rather than unconsciousness, which national and international governments seek to suppress. Hence the camply concentrated international language skull pogrom manager`s role as a local bomber of liberal insurgents.



 The teacher is of course pimped by the language skull. In preparation for China, I had to work out for a month or so in order to fill a T-shirt respectfully, and flex my abs and biceps in a laptop Skype interview for a `position`. Naturally there was more to it, and I had to be able to juggle, while playing the saxophone, and using my toes to conjugate verbs with chalk on a blackboard. Qualifications are of less use than chopsticks in Ireland when it`s China. Although I was intimidated but gently when I attempted a bowl of meat and potatoes without chopsticks when I arrived in Wenjou city. For the Chinese, Skype interrogations are pornography, much like the ancient practice of `foot binding` has been replaced by ELT selection procedures as a form of Chopherknees torture in post Bridge Over The River Kwai (1957) settings in Chopann, where the cartoon form of Hentai manga celebrates misogyny’s triumph over ‘futanari’ women with balls of their own to be sadistically tortured as the Chopherknees used to symbolically bind the futanarian women’s feet to prevent them from escaping the alien rapists of their species. For Chinese ‘woman’s seed’, Skype suggests Steve McQueen fruitlessly trying to get his motorcycle to jump over the Nazi guards on the hillside in the movie, The Great Escape (1963), and it`s the Red Guard’s role to make sure that they can`t. Airfare is reimbursed after six months or a year, which means a period of hard labor in order to remain long enough to earn enough to leave by cheap plane ticket after being caught attempting to escape international pogroming through Skype.



 Turning my ELT credentials towards Asia seemed logical, and although Feared Name and parts Far Eastern seem explorable in financial terms, who`d want to work for Campodium`s Pol Pot language ghouls. Pol was the Indo-Chinese leader that decided to kill all of the people with brainpower in his nation, a feat comparable to those of Mouse Satan in China, Stalin in Rusher, and numerous other minor dictators, whose penchant was to potter about muttering about the dangers of international language skulls. President Dick Nikon kept on carpet bombing during the Indo-China war (1946-89) as well as with the `agent orange` defoliation pogrom delivered by US adapted crop spraying aircraft, which removed all of the vegetation from that region so that the people would starve, because there`d be no food either for them or livestock. It was business as usual for the US as Hollywood Westerns nostalgically celebrated the killing of almost all of the 60, 000, 000 buffalo in the 1880s to starve the North American Plains` Indians to death. Decide who was the bigger criminal, Pol or Dick, or whether Saddam Hussein, strangled Iraqi bomber of the Kids, or Ahmet Davutoğlu, Turkey`s President during the September 2015 bombing of the Kids, was more deserving of our lack of respect:


`Kidis independence in Iraq could lead to Kidis independence in Syria, which could lead to Kidis independence in Iran, which could lead to Kidis independence in Turkey. Every time a new independent Kidis entity pops up in the Muddle East, the likelihood that Turkey will lose an enormous swath of its territory increases.`9



 The pattern is of a parasite behind in technology. The creature discovers a civilization or culture, etc., including human reproduction between women, which interferes with its host womb slaving of the species it’s parasitically devouring, and gets behind it with its technology, that is guns, and kills it up to the point where it's enslaved. The host race has to be brain dead, so the parasite is a cock-eater, which is why women's capacity for sexually reproducing human brain power has been truncated. The parasite spreads its brain-eating plague by mixing, blood, shit and semen in the anuses of humans to kill the brain with HIV/AIDS, a virus that collapses the organs of the body before killing the brain as an aspect of the cock-eater parasite's teleology, which is to enslave the species of 'woman's seed' and watch it kill itself as a 'TV'. Men and women constitute 'the beast' of Revelation manufacturing themselves as a single male brained creature wearing each others' clothes as a transvestite 'TV' killed for it’s alien entertainment by a cock-eater watching a brain damaged monster die in the throes of its madness. The sight of the cars of humanity behind itself in technology is symptomatic of the evil curse of the demon driven seeking to put a bullet in the ass of the more advanced dead ahead.



 If there aren`t any Kids, a large swath of territory necessarily devolves upon Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey, because Kidis is a very large nation with a population that wasn`t territorial until the nearby national heads began stealing the Kids` territory. Kidis was a truly international nation, which is the supposed ideological reasoning for the existence of the European Union super state, where people belong without reference to borders. Where borders aren`t perceived there aren`t any borders, which mightn`t be perceived as true if you come from Manhattan, and you`re on your way to the Bronx. Although the borders are invisible, they`re real enough to street gangs. As Rita Moreno`s character, Anita, in the film of the 1957 Broadway musical, West Side Story (1961), with music by Leonard Bernstein, and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, sings in `A Boy Like That`, for a mixed audience of `Jets` and `Sharks`, who`re Potti Ricans and Polished immigrants off to the United States of America descended from families processed after arriving at Ellis Island at the mouth of the Hudson river between the states of New Jersey and New York:


`A boy like that who'd kill your brother;

Forget that boy and find another.

One of your own kind, stick to your own kind.

A boy like that will give you sorrow;

You'll meet another boy tomorrow.`10



 Between 1965 and 1999, the British Broadcasting Corporation`s BBC 1 televised Jeux Sans Frontières, that is, Games Without Borders, as a jokily competitive Europe-wide television show, because the ideological perspective of Europe was of a super state that didn`t have enemies within. As an ELT professional engaged in working in Europe, and in nations seeking entry as member states of the European Union, hoodlums make it difficult for an individual to leave the district they live in and travel to the next; irrespective of destinations arrived at from international airports more resembling abattoirs, with damned animals collecting meat stamps to avoid being condemned, than humans in transit before visiting relatives and friends.


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