Shaking Heads At Europe And Hand It To The Americans

13/07/2015 04:32

Shaking Heads At Europe And Hand It To The Americans


The United Kingdom`s bizarre love affair with the United States of America continues. Once described as the US` aircraft carrier, the UK sits off the European mainland as a very small nation indeed when broken up into its constituent parts, which is what the British government in London keep trying to do, of course. Democratic moves towards an independent Welsh national Assembly, and Scottish Parliament, with the Irish still trying to broker a Union with the North that would take Ireland away from England, would leave the English nation as one of the tiniest on Earth. Across the `pond` of the Atlantic ocean is the United States of America, and South America as the nearest largest land mass off the West coast of England, whereas the European mainland is accessible readily; through ports like Bruges in Belgium and Calais in France. For some bizarre reason, defying logical explanation, the English seem to think that socio-economic security is derivable from an obscure belief in shaking hands across the water with the Americans, whereas it`s possible to walk across Europe to Alaska, which is the 50th of the United States of America, making friends as one goes: `I`ll ask her.`



 Although the Russian Federation is between the European Union and shaking hands with the United States of America, I`d rather be brave than drown; swimming across the Atlantic ocean in the vague hope that the Americans would throw me a lifebelt. Although the general feeling in the UK was that the Russians were beaten by the United States of America, the Russian withdrawal from Europe in the late 1980s, after being the occupying military force subsequent to the defeat of Adolf Hitler`s German Empire in 1945, ultimately resulted in conflict between Christian and Moslem nationalists, leading to Yugoslavia becoming the independent states of Bosnia Herzegovina (1995); Croatia (1991-5); Macedonia (1991-2001); Kosovo (1998-9); Montenegro (2006); Serbia (1992-5), and Slovenia (1991).



 President ‘Vlad’ Putin militarily reasserted control of Chechnya in the Caucasus, so maintaining Russia`s 'gate to the East' (1999-2009), and indicating what would be Russia`s response to breakaway Moslem Bashkir and Tartar movements in the Black Sea`s Crimea, and the ostensibly Moslem states of Bashkortastan (38%), with Ufa as its capital city, and Tartostan (34%), with its capital, Kazan, in the Ural mountains by the side of the river Volga, after the Wilayah-al-Qawqaz declared Chechnya an Independent state of Iraq in the Levant (ISIL).



 From the Gulf wars with Iraq, the rebel Syrian and Iraqi caliphate of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi emerged. ISIL claimed territories for Islam as far West as Northern Spain, during and after the 2011 collapse of the North African nations of Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia, when heads of state, Hosni Mubarak, Colonel Gadaffi, and Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali were deposed amid ISIL-inspired moves for change. There were political shifts in Bahrain, after 'Bloody Thursday’ on February 17, 2011, when police attacked sleeping protestors at Pearl Roundabout in the capital, Manama. In ISIL-beset Syria, Bashar al-Assad clung to power, and Yemen was at war with Saudi Arabia by 2015; as Al Qaeda took hold of Yemeni cities in the south.



 Russia`s harmonized Moslem and Christian populations suggest its role as a potential global savior, but Europe and America`s war of attrition with her has been going on at least since Alaska`s sale to the US by the Russians on March 30, 1867. As that tip of Canada facing Europe, where Canada is that part of North America`s unified land mass separated from the United States of America by a transcontinental national boundary, Alaska represents the remaining hope for rapprochement between futanarian Moslem women, that is, women with penis of their own, and the West. Covered in public, Western culture`s displays of standardized nude women are offensive to the four wife marriages of futanarian Moslems. On the West Coast of Canada is the city of Vancouver, and across the national boundary with the United States of America, is the West coast city of Seattle, while the capital of the movie industry epitomizing Western culture, civilization and art, is Hollywood, `Babylon`, Los Angeles, further along the West Coast in the United States: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)



 Babylon is a monster, because she accepts her womb slavery to war, which is why ancient Babylon lies in Iraq, where fallen Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, could see her ruins from his Summer palace at Hillah, before the March 2003 invasion by the US army, and his execution on December 30, 2006, for supporting Al Qaeda, that is, ISIL's terrorist group, led by Saudi Arabia’s Osama Ben Laden, and operating out of Afghanistan under the auspices of the notoriously misogynist Taliban regime there. Al Qaeda's hijacking of civil airliners to crash into the World Trade Center in New York on September 11, 2001, together with Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990, and reversed by the US army in 1991, was sufficient for US President, George W. Bush, to make the decision to depose Saddam Hussein. However, 'Babylon' is the name given to the modern district of Hollywood, city of Los Angeles, California state, on the West coast of the United States, where World Trade Center was released as a major film in 2006. In Babylon, U.S.A., even if futanarian Moslem women were free to go to Hollywood and change the big picture there, it`d be easier to incorporate the futanarian Moslem and Christian Republics of the Russian Federation into the European Union, and travel by bus to the United States, than to explain the withdrawn English, who might have to be open to futanarian imagery, rather than simply get rid. English interference, and withdrawal, is how Moslem Pakistan came to be separated from Hindu India, and is what England came to be recognized for in the several wars it fought alongside the Americans, when the British Empire began to collapse, and after the United States` dough boys arrived in 1917 to rescue England from the German Empire`s enslaving of Europe, which was still a part of Germany`s agenda when the United States began sending troops in 1941.



 The English are used to offloading, which is why they want to get rid of Wales and Scotland, and the responsibilities they`ve accreted over Ireland during their period of Empire. The European Union is something to join as a member state of a larger international group of self-helping nations, rather than an aspect of Empire to be offloaded, which is how the British approached their vestiges of Empire, and the Commonwealth of economically co-operating nations that replaced it, which included North America`s Canada, the second largest country in the world after Russia. Consequently, even the heart of the British Commonwealth is across the national boundary between the United States of America`s Alaska, which is opposite unbending Russia. The English in the UK would either have to make friends with Europe in order to speak with the British in Canada, that is, the second largest country in the world, after the undefeated Republics of Moslem and Christian Russia, or dig an escape tunnel underneath the Atlantic ocean: `I`ll ask her.` At the moment the Russians have more chance of being friends with the Americans than the English, because Alaska is the 50th of the United States attached to Russia,1 which has approved a Bering Strait crossing that would afford the unbeaten Russians the possibility of shaking hands with the British that the English so palpably don`t want, and that their obsession with leaving the European Union so obviates as a possibility for their own people, through rail links between London and New York, that it looks like national suicide: `Alaska some other time.`


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